Fan Goggles or Forecast Guru

Happy Monday, CCO Readers, and I hope this is the week Jim Hendry finally gets his final roster set for Spring Training, so we can all stop speculating on the “who” and start focusing on the “how”. As in, how do the Cubs get to the World Series in 2008! Today I ask that we […]

Christmas Presents

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the holiday season is often a time of gift-giving, and this year the presents were varied for many of the members of 2003 Division Champion Cubs. Remember Matt Clement? Good ol’ Matt will, unfortunately, be back at the Northside this year, but adorned in Cardinal red with his new […]

Predictions, Please….

A special thanks first to former Cub great Greg Maddux, for winning the game that clinched the division for my beloved Chicago Cubs. How fitting, but even more sweet because I predicted it may happen, and because the Padres (and Rockies) wound up winning just enough games, but not too many games, to ensure I […]

Actions Over Arrogance

The big guns at Wrigley have been firing regularly all September. Alfonso Soriano, Aramis Ramirez, and Derrek Lee have all been hitting with the kind of power we expected from them back in April. None of them are showboating, selfish superstars….they do their business, and when they succeed, they act like it was supposed to […]

The Final Twelve Games

With only twelve games left for our 1st-place Chicago Cubs, which of these two schedules sounds the most appealing to you? Schedule 1: Cinncinatti, Pittsburgh, Florida, and Cinncinnati again, with 2 days off. or Schedule 2: Houston, Atlanta, St. Louis, and San Diego, with no days off. Being the intelligent CCO Readers that you are, […]

The Month After September

It was a fun ride while it lasted. Trash-talking at work is always easier when my beloved Cubs are in 1st place. Now I, along with the rest of the Cubs Faithful, get submerged back into the anxiety-ridden no man’s land of 2nd place in the month of September. We are not just starting the […]

Don’t Get Cocky

I am not sure if you can blame the latest cold streak on overconfidence, but there must be a good explanation for the freefall since the Cubs first received a taste of 1st place. If you were ever sweating the wannabes known as the Brew Crew (or as I affectionately refer to them: the Cheese […]

Twists and Turns

This has certainly been a roller coaster of a ride for the Chicago Cubs through the All-Star break. At times the team looked inept at the plate, in the field, and out of the bullpen. Yet, for over a two-week stretch, the Cubs were the hottest team in baseball. The new fine manager, Lou Piniella, […]

For Real?

Not since the mighty swings of Mark Bellhorn have I been so enthused by a 20-something second baseman in a Cubs uniform, as I am currently with “Mighty” Mike Fontenot. Sure, it has only been 70 at-bats, but this guy is playing more like Ryne Sandberg than Ronny Cedeno. Perhaps due to the spark provided […]

Where My O At?

Most teams in major league baseball would love to have two established productive power hitters, such as Aramis Ramirez and Derrek Lee. When Lee went down with an injury, an already questionably built Cubs team went down in flames in 2006. A healthy Lee, by himself, practically assured the 2007 club of being improved offensively. […]