Rambling about the Cubs from, well …

… I don’t even know anymore. It’s Friday. It’s the summer. It’s the CCO. So let’s just get down to the brass tax and do some rambling …

Rambling from Something Deeper than the Abyss

After a week off, thanks to life getting in the way of a good rant, Ramblings are back and better than ever. Well, hopefully these are at least decent. Basically, I just hope you enjoy them a little bit. Or more. So let’s go …

Rambling on a Deadline

Well, after an extremely quiet week, I am not sure what to ramble about … any ideas? The team looks different, I am not sure who is going to pitch, and well, the last two months of the season shall be interesting, as it is going to get ugly … very ugly. So let’s get […]

Rambling While … Serenity Now, Serenity Now!!

No need to blow smoke, let’s just go.

Rambling from … DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK!!

No, seriously, don’t. While 14 out of 19 has been a blast to watch, when the Cubs brass does the right thing, the two best pitchers will be gone while pitchers like Casey Coleman and Chris Volstad could be pitching every fifth day. And when that happens, ain’t no comeback coming. With that out of […]

Rambling Near the Beginning of a Much-Needed Break

Even though the Cubs experienced a rough go last evening, they have won seven of the last ten, and enter the weekend series against the Mets with a chance to end the first half on a rare, but welcomed, positive note. Then again, they could get swept. Either way, the second half of this season […]

Rambling Two Years from Now

Sure, I can sit here and regurgitate the news of the week as I normally do, or, I can try to change it up, get a little creative and try to have some fun. Because talking about the 2012 Cubs is just too hard, and I do not want to do it right now. So, […]

Rambling While Waiting on the Future to Begin

In a week that saw the Cubs come close to claiming half of the BP Cup, many other things were happening. Is Dempster hurt or is Theo just keeping him healthy for the impending trade? Can LaHair really play the outfield? Is Soriano as quality of a person and player as he seems? What can […]

Rambling with Some Strong Baseball Nausea

This is bad. It is rough. It is almost too much to take. Calling the Cubs atrocious might just be an insult to the word. The Cubs are 4-19 in their past 23 games, and things are not going to get better any time soon. We are into June, and at a staggering 19 games […]

Rambling While Theo Still Hasn’t Made a Pick

Fresh off a 3-game sweep of the Pacific Coast League Padres, the Cubs head out to San Francisco to start a weekend series with the Giants, and all anyone wants to talk about is the impending trade of the best position player on the Cubs. Before Cubdom debates the merits of one Starlin Castro, I […]