Rambling on the Eve of the Eve of Pitchers and Catchers

During the slowest six weeks of the sports year, hearing “pitchers and catchers report today” can warm up the coldest of bodies on a blustery, snow-filled day in the Midwest. These days players spend half of the winter at their Spring Training homes so reporting has lost some of its luster, but the fact that […]

Rambling as the Cubs Convention Begins

Welcome to the opening of baseball season!  The Cubs Convention (#CubsCon) begins today.  And it also marks the beginning of seventh year I have been writing for the best Cubs fan site on the information super highway. I say this every year at this time, but if you have never been to CubsCon before, and […]

Rambling About the Cubs on the First Friday of 2013

As we open the page on 2013, I would like to echo Neil’s sentiments regarding all of the fabulous readers and posters on Chicago Cubs Online.  I would also like to thank Neil for his unparalleled commitment to this great website and what it represents.  If you only knew the amount of time he gives […]

Rambling While Waiting on Anibal

Christmas is ten days away, the stove is boiling and I am toiling. The signing of Josh Hamilton appears to have amped up the heat this winter and those waiting to sign are going to get it moving soon. So, let’s just get down to the BRASS TACKS and go on a little rambling adventure […]

Rambling on the Eve of the Meetings

Hello again, everybody. It’s the Friday before the Winter Meetings!! That simmering stove you have been hearing it about to start smoking really quickly. I mean, for other teams that is. The Cubs have already made two monumental signings. Nonetheless, baseball news really gets a breakneck pace next week. So, let’s get down to the […]

Rambling While the Mercury is Dropping

The day of thanks is upon us. The stockings are itching, the gravy is flowing, and the cold wind is blowing. As winter settles in on the greatest city in the world, Chicagoans prepare for their first cold blast in close to two years. Skipping winter last year was nice, but I doubt Al Gore […]

Rambling as The Boys Enjoy the Cali Sun and Fun

A bunch of the boys are whoopin’ it up in the desert made famous by Frank and his friends. A rollicking happy place where the scotch flows and the golf courses never end. A land of breathtaking mornings and gorgeous nights. A world where the stars shine brighter than spotlights. And finally, and most impactful […]

Rambling From … Is It April Yet?

Long, arduous, never-ending, horrid, tough, stomach-churning … I could go on with words and phrases that quickly sum up the Chicago Cubs’ 2012 season. As we all think, ponder, discuss this season, I am stuck focusing on next season. While a week and change may be left, next spring is all that matters to me […]

Rambling As It Is Almost Over

Well, hello again everybody. It has been awhile since I shared my ridiculous and random stream of consciousness with everyone. My sincerest apologies. Life got in the way as a trip to Ireland, and that pesky thing called a “work conference” prevented me from rambling about all things Cubs including a great weekend in Pittsburgh […]

Rambling about the Cubs from, well …

… I don’t even know anymore. It’s Friday. It’s the summer. It’s the CCO. So let’s just get down to the brass tax and do some rambling …