From the Wire: Cubs Select Contract of Javier Baez from Triple-A Iowa, Option RHP Blake Parker to Iowa

The Cubs made two roster moves Tuesday prior to the opener of the three-game series at Coors Field. The Cubs selected the contract of INF Javier Baez from Triple-A Iowa, added him to the 40-man roster and placed him on the 25-man active roster.

Javier Baez is in the Cubs starting lineup for Tuesday night. Baez is playing second base and hitting second behind Arismendy Alcantara and in front of Anthony Rizzo. Baez is wearing No. 9, the same number he wore with the Smokies last season.

With the latest round of roster moves, the Cubs 40-man roster officially stands at 40 players and all 25 spots on the active roster have been filled.

To make room on the active roster for Javier Baez, the Cubs optioned RHP Blake Parker to Triple-A Iowa. Parker was recalled from Triple-A Iowa prior to last Friday’s game, along with INF Chris Valaika. Parker was actually sent out last week when the Cubs recalled LHP Chris Rusin after the record-setting marathon game against the Rockies.

PrintThe Cubs were able, by rule, to recall Parker before the minimum ten days required for a player when he is optioned to the minors after LHP Felix Doubront was placed on the 15-day DL.

Kyuji Fujikawa’s rehab assignment has expired and he is with the Cubs in Denver. The Cubs are not expected to make the three necessary roster moves to activate Kyuji Fujikawa from the 60-day DL before Tuesday’s game.

The Cubs have been committed to a 13-man pitching staff and eight-man bullpen for a majority of the season. The team is expected to make the necessary roster moves in order to add a reliever to the active roster.

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Quote of the Day

"Pitching is the cornerstone of most championship teams." – Roger Craig

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  • Larry Schwimmer

    Neil (or any other maven on this site :) Is it likely that the reason that Scheirholtz was not “Df’d” because at this point there’s no need to reduce the roster? What is your guess? Thanks.

    • Tony_H

      Yes. They are very likely trying to trade him or someone else so they don’t have DFA someone. Sending Parker down buys them another day.

    • texcubnut

      I would think, as Tony stated, they are buying a little more time, but because Fujikawa’s rehab assignment has expired, he’ll be added in the next day or two to get their bullpen ba ck up to the numbers they want and, at that point, Schierholtz will be DFA’d.

  • John G

    WOW!! —- No. 9
    Now I am really stoked. The same number that was worn by my very first Cub hero. Hank Sauer.
    Same number worn by another of my favorites, Randy Hundley.
    AND ….. tada…. The same number I wore when I was on the Cubs in Little League.
    Move over Ernie….. Okay, that’s going a little too far.

  • redlarczykg

    Dumb question. Are the Cubs going to lose a year of control by this move with Baez, as apposed to bringing him up in June 2015?

    • Chris K.

      Depends on the super two cutoff time. But because the season is more than half over. Probably not.

    • Cub Fan Bud Man

      If he stays on the MLB roster all next year, yes. There has been a lot of talk about the Cubs signing him to a long term contract like Rizzo and Castro which would mitigate this a little.

    • Tony_H

      Yes. If he stays up he will be a free agent after 2020. If they had waited until late April, it would have been 2021. He won’t be a Super 2 after 2016 and will begin arbitration after 2017.

      • Vivid_Reality

        It depends how you look at it really. Yes they are technically losing a year but only because they are bringing him up a season early. They’re really only losing a few months from when the service clock rolled over this season.

        • Tony_H

          Actually he was suppose to be up earlier this year, likely trying to time Super 2. So he is a little late in coming up which is well after Super 2 status should be.

      • Ryan

        On this topic, some insight from Keith Law today during his Chat Wrap when asked about this if you guys didn’t see it:

        “The “service clock” thing is just a misunderstanding. There’s no difference in future free agency or arbitration between a player who enters next year with 75 days of service and one who enters it with 0. There are some minor roster differences, such as carrying the player all winter on the 40-man (Baez wasn’t there before) and the risk of him getting hurt in March and going on the MLB DL instead of the minor league one. But this service time complaint of Cubs fans amounts to repeating a phrase they’ve heard but don’t understand.”

        Also when asked (paraphrasing) how Baez is different than Patterson by one Cubs fan:

        “Patterson never had any clue at the plate. Baez makes better adjustments than Patterson ever did, and the bat speed is off the charts – he can hit anything. He may strike out 30% of the time the rest of this year, but that’s not going to be a career-long issue.”

        • Tony_H

          That is why I have said if they plan on Baez being the Opening Day 2B, there is no difference in calling him up now. Same with Soler, who they likely don’t plan to be on the 25 man roster on Opening Day, so they will wait until September.

          • Tony_H

            The reason to wait on Soler is if they make sure he doesn’t get a full year of service time in 2015 even though he has a 9 year contract, they actually gain 1 more year of control (Year 10) with him. If he is playing above his contract he will go to arbitration anyway, but that extra year may help them come up with a new contract.

          • Eugene Debs

            Year 10. Sigh.

            Let’s call him up when he is ready and hope all of the additional future revenue and recent payroll savings can provide Mr. Soler a fresh new contract 6 years from now. If he’s ready, let’s put him on the field regardless of clocks.

            For goodness sake, we have nearly zero future payroll obligations, $20 million supposedly banked, we reside in a top 3 market, and Soler is signed for several more years, so he is a cost-certainty. That screams “bring him up when ready.”

          • Tony_H

            LOL! I doubt they think he is ready yet. He will get a September call-up (most likely) and will go to Iowa to start next year. Of course this is barring he doesn’t dominate, then it won’t matter.

            FYI – This is Year 4, so it is the normal young player trying to gain a 7th season of control.

          • Eugene Debs

            I agree on their opinion of his readiness. He is still relatively young in terms of at-bats. I like him though, and think he’s close. His performance suggests he’s as close as anyone.

            I just hope we can get past money and service time always being such a major (and the last 3 years, we’ve all talked about it far more than fans should have to) consideration.

            Be cautious, sure, but if we are going to skip on free agents, we still need to put our best team on the field. Very soon, that “best team” should include Soler.

          • Tony_H

            We may skip on FA’s because we kept some this year. Most likely position to see someone new is C, likely through trade more than FA.

            I enjoy the money and service time talk and following it as I am sure many others do as well. It is a lot better than not understanding the why in some moves that all teams make.

          • Eugene Debs

            Fair enough!

          • Redlarczykg

            Boy ! I’m glad I asked the dumb question! I just wish I understood all the answers!

          • Tony_H

            Not a dumb question at all. As Ryan posted from Keith Law, most fans just repeat things they have heard and don’t truly understand how everything works.

    • Eugene Debs

      Let’s all just enjoy that he’s being called up and wish him the best. Let the front office worry about service time and contracts.

      The rebuild can now finally be seen on cable television.

  • Tony_H

    Classy is right.

    Bruce Miles ‏@BruceMiles2112 46s
    Theo Epstein began talking about Baez by giving hat tip to Jim Hendry, Tim Wilken, scouts and others for drafting Baez. #classy #Cubs

    • GaryLeeT

      Why don’t get that kind of reaction every time I hat tip Hendry?

      • J Daniel

        Because you are not Theo …

        • GaryLeeT

          And I don’t walk on water….