Report: Rusney Castillo Could Decide on a Team Next Week

The Cubs are one of the many teams interested in OF Rusney Castillo. The free agent outfielder worked out at Wrigley Field ten days ago after the organization sent at least five scouts to watch his workout July 26 at the University of Miami.

Jesse Sanchez reported Wednesday that Castillo’s private workouts were coming to an end. Castillo was expected to narrow the list of teams down to the highest bidders “in the coming days.”

According to a report Friday afternoon from Joel Sherman, Rusney Castillo reviewed the offers he received with his representatives Friday and will trim the list of teams to a handful over the weekend. Castillo could decide next week and sign with a team.

PrintSherman added that the contenders interested in signing Castillo have a sense of urgency to get him under contract before the end of the month to be eligible for the post-season. Plus, having him signed next week would give him a couple of weeks before the minor league season ends.

According to Joel Sherman, non-contenders are in the mix for Rusney Castillo as well due to the fact draft pick compensation is not tied to him. Sherman indicated the Yankees, Tigers and Red Sox are considered “major players” for Castillo.

The Cubs are believed to be intrigued about Rusney Castillo’s upside and he is within the age range of players that would fit within the front office’s long-term plan. Castillo is 27 years old and is believed to be looking for at least a contract similar to the one Yasiel Puig signed with the Dodgers (seven years, $42 million).

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  • BillyFinT

    Never heard him, I found out he lived in the shadows of Yoenis and then Leonys (Why Cubans got such a long name? What’s wrong with Jesus or Jose?). Both National Team stars were above Rusney, and both star players aren’t the best disciplined Major League batters at the plate. Then you wonder how Rusney will hit? Well, int’l baseball fans probably didn’t hear much of Puig. He proved the Cuban league Nationale stats not well-descriptive of his talent to adjust for playing as a star.

    With the Cubs Down the Farm crowded with position players, and many infielders will end up converted to play the outer green, Rusney will be a luxury, not doing much good to improve the team. Then again, there was Puig, and wasn’t that more than luxury?

    Focus on Lester, fellas!

  • SirGladiator

    Hopefully if this guy is a worthy talent we’ll step up and get him signed. There’s never really any such thing as too much talent, so assuming that the FO feels he’s got what it takes after studying his workout and the tapes and everything, let’s get it done!

  • Theboardrider

    I’d excited to sign him. I’m all in on the Cubans these days. They seem to overachieve and be better than advertised. Add him to outfield with Coghlan, Soler and Alcantara were set there for next year. 3 starters and a 4th guy, if all are good then we will figure out where to put them an somebody can get regular rest. With Soler and Coghlan having injury history it can’t hurt. Alcantara strikes me as a guy like the energizer bunny. Small, compact, fit…probably can play and play without too much injury.

    And it give us flexibility to see where Bryant works best. Between he and Russell coming soon, someone is headed to outfield, and my guess is Bryant. And I won’t i over it again but I see Olt as a factor. If Rusneh hits .270+, with good defense, OBP and 10-15 HR, his contract and age are a pretty good deal. At least at the numbers were hearing. But I could see price going up with all these wallets in on him.

    I would imagine Chicago would appeal with Soler, his countryman, coming up. But probably not as much as Boston with Cespedes. If they are any type of friends, I’d imagine that’s his first choice. In fact, I see him in Boston. But we’ve got an outside chance.

    • SirGladiator

      I think your logic about which teams would most appeal to him is accurate, but from what I heard (and who knows whether it’s right or not) he’s more interested in the money than anything else, so right now I’m just expecting him to sign for whoever makes the best offer. If we make the best offer and he signs somewhere else then oh well, at least we’ll have done the best we could do. I’ll feel a lot better about that than if we lose him because we just didn’t make the best offer. Hopefully we’ll make the best offer, get him signed, and he will turn out to at least be the next Cespedes, maybe even the next Puig!

      • Theboardrider

        Like your style Sir! I think teams will all he a set limits that are similar. Cubs and Sox I think will go lil higher.

      • mutantbeast

        Im betting Soler power will be the “next Puig”. If anything, I betting Soler will be better. Kieth Law and BA prospectus think Soler has a higher upside.

        • Jeff in Az

          Soler was a “big fish” he just came to the major league system at the same time as Cespedes so he wasn’t the big star that season. If I remember correctly though the scouts were higher on Solers Potential and that word “5 tool” was thrown around.

          I think we all forgot about Solers potential and became deflated after all the injuries. But to now see how young he still is and starting to realize that potential, I think he will be “the man” who adjusts to the majors the quickest and makes an immediate impact like all the other Cuban outfielders have done.

    • BigJonLilJon

      Am sorry to say this, but I say let him go some where else. For the money it will take to sign him, he may ne a 270+ 10-15 HR guy?? Outfield is going to be crowded soon with Soler, Alcantara ,Bryant/Olt even before we talk about the Coghlan’s et al we already have, then the 2nd wave of youngsters coming.
      From what I’ve read, he doesn’t seem worth it. Now…. if Theo wants to sign him for the express purpose of flipping him in a trade for a #1 SP…. Then I could call it a savvy move.

      • Theboardrider

        That could be it, but we’d never know. Given the quality of team after him; with the intent of getting him on field for 2014 playoffs. I think he’s scouted well and could be pretty glld. The numbers are affordable for a guy his she. Sign him, then see who is best. I love Coghlam but many think next year he will regress. If so we could move CC. Or Castillo himself, or even Alcantara or Soler. Doubt it’s one of them, but it Castillo become “mini-Puig,” then we have an asset to trade for pitching, whether he or another.

        Cubans have excelled. He’s 27 and contract isn’t crazy. Teams like Yanks, Sox, Tigers are hot for him to play in 2014 playoffs. See if we can bring him in. Maybe he becomes Zach Wheeler or Syndegaard by midseason?

      • Eugene Debs

        You can make it a little less crowded and go ahead and keep Olt off any list of future outfielders.

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