Phillies Reportedly Not Interested in Trading Hamels, Adding Pitching is a Priority for the Cubs

The Sun-Times reported late Thursday night a deal with the Phillies for Cole Hamels was not going to happen. And the front office will likely have to go the free agent route in order to add a top of the rotation starter to the pitching staff. “The Cubs have the projected payroll flexibility to handle a Hamels-like contract and depth of attractive prospects to deal – but no desire to spend volumes of both on one player” according to the report.

And Bruce Levine reported late Thursday the Phillies are not interested in trading Cole Hamels.

According to the Sun-Times, the Phillies “sought one of the Cubs’ touted young shortstops in any package for Hamels.” With Starlin Castro and Javier Baez on the 40-man roster and the likelihood of either one of the two clearing waivers being slim-to-none, the Phillies had to ask for Addison Russell. Todd Zolecki reported the Cubs would have to meet the Phillies demands for Hamels, which would be “multiple top-tier prospects.”

PrintMultiple reports indicated Thursday the Cubs were the team that was awarded the waiver claim on LHP Cole Hamels. If the reports were accurate, the Cubs and Phillies would have had until Friday to work out a deal for Hamels.

Ruben Amaro Jr. sees Hamels as the Phillies ace moving forward and a key piece to the rebuilding process that will take place over the next few years. In other words, Amaro had no desire to move Hamels, regardless of the return.

One of the Sun-Times’ sources indicated the Phillies “were considered one of the most unrealistic teams to deal with, despite making several veteran players available to would-be contenders.” Amaro knows he cannot tear the team down and not get Major League talent back in order to keep the team as competitive as possible at the big league level.

The Cubs are one of the few teams that have the prospect currency to pull off a trade for Cole Hamels. As Buster Olney put it, the Cubs “are potentially a great, great match with its army of prospects.” Olney feels the Phillies should look into trading Hamels because by the time the team is ready to contend again, Hamels would “be on the backend of his contract with diminished value, like Cliff Lee is now.”

If the Cubs were indeed the team that put the claim in on Hamels, if nothing else it signifies the baseball department has the means in which to add a top of the rotation starter to the roster, possibly as early as this off-season. And the Cubs are reportedly prepared to make a “nine-figure investment in a frontline starter.”

The Cubs had the money for RHP Masahiro Tanaka until the Yankees came in with a higher bid and priced him past the value the Cubs placed on Tanaka. LHP Jon Lester is believed to be high on the Cubs list and will hit free agency at the end of the season.

According to a report from Comcast SportsNet, “the Cubs are shopping for a No. 1 starter and will pay market rate. They’re looking beyond just sign-and-flip guys and back-of-the-rotation depth. They want someone who can take the ball for Game 1 of a playoff series and perform on a cool October night at Wrigley Field.”

Friday should be an interesting day for the Chicago Cubs, even when the Phillies officially pull Cole Hamels back. The Cubs are still working on a deal to acquire RHP Jacob Turner from the Marlins.

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  • RynoTiger

    if the Cubs and Phillies don’t reach a deal and the Phillies pull him back off waivers, then they can’t put him back on waivers again can they?

    • Neil

      No, he cannot be sent back through. He would remain with the Phillies for the rest of the season.

      • TheWrongGuy

        Yeah I don’t think the CUBS and Phillies will pull off a deal. I think the Phil’s were more hoping C. Hammels would go past the CUBS and reach either of the LA teams as both are looking for SP’ing.

        • Theboardrider

          Sorry Phil’s, you’re not getting my Addison Russell. Don’t want to see Hamels for 3 years, then head downhill. Meanwhile, Addison Russell become Barrl Larkin with power jn Philly for the next 15 years.

          Stick with the plan. Horde bats, sign FA’s. Acquire YOUNG pitching only in major trades, and keep the Turner’s and Doubronts of the world comkng. Throw them at the wall….

          • mutantbeast

            Indeed Board. NONE of my top 5 guys for Hamels. Hes too old, starting to run into injury problems, etc. Maybe 3 mid tier guys like Hernandez and Vogelbomb, but thats the limit.

          • Theboardrider

            The only way I give up any of our top guys that are above AA. Would be for a guy like Kershaw. Mid 20’s and a total stud.

          • JasonPen

            I’d give them Russell for Hamels if the Phillies ate a decent chunk of that contract…
            We didnt have Russell until a month ago…

            With the improved lineup next year and a possible rotation of:

            That would be a team that could win the difficult NL Central for sure.

          • Theboardrider

            Where’s Hendricks though? He’s possibly ahead of Arietta…

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  • cubfaninsocal

    If i were a player (wish I was!), and I saw this amazing story unfolding in Chicago with the Cubs, with all of the collective desire to see the team go all the way (I really think everyone inside themselves roots for the Cubbies), I would want to go there and be a player on the team that makes history…..I would want to be traded to the Cubs and be a part of that special history in the making….because the team that does it will be written about and go down in history for all time.

  • BigJonLilJon

    This deal was a shot in the dark from the beginning. Was a great idea on team Theo’s part, but the Phillies had no intention of letting him go for less than a kings ransom, if at all.

  • SirGladiator

    Make no mistake, we’re still in the drivers seat. Noone else was interested in Hamels, only us, that means that whatever pipe dream asking price they imagine, is going to have to come crashing down to reality. They want Castro ‘and’ for the Cubs to pay Hamels’ salary, that obviously isn’t going to happen. Hamels obviously wants to be traded here, and can apply further pressure to the Phillies management in the off season to make the deal, if he chooses to do so. We hold all the cards, the Phillies are bad and getting worse and need to deal, we’re their only partner at this time, obviously things could change between now and the off season but unless it does they’re going to have to be a LOT more reasonable, and hopefully we can do a mutually beneficial deal after the season is over.

  • bmoneyy20

    The deal can be completed with Russell as the centerpiece if the Phils face reality. Prospects are great, but eventually you don’t keep them all, you use them to infuse the big league team—– I understand these guys are supposed studs—-think KC Royals couple years ago. If it is Russell and couple minor pieces with Phils maybe eating some money, you do it 10 of 10 times. Hamels is a top 10-15 pitcher in MLB, with a set contract (no surplus value, but good value) and years of control. With pitching being scarce and expensive, you might sign Lester/ Max/ Shields, but there are no guarantees, but you could have one a 1b and go and sign lester. Lester/Hamels is a fantastic 1-2.

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  • Red

    If “Amaro had no desire to move Hamels, regardless of the return,” then why the fack would they put him thru waivers???? Wasting my facking time with idiotic sports shat

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