Phillies Pulled Cole Hamels Back from Waivers

As expected and reported Thursday night, the Phillies pulled LHP Cole Hamels back from waivers and he will stay in Philadelphia for the remainder of the season. Ruben Amaro Jr. cannot send him back through waivers this season.

The Cubs will not be able to trade for Cole Hamels this season.

According to a report from Paul Sullivan, the Cubs tried to work out a deal for Cole Hamels but could not come to an agreement for the southpaw.

The Phillies were reportedly seeking multiple top-tier prospects in return for Hamels and the Sun-Times reported Amaro was interested in one of the Cubs shortstops, which would have been Addison Russell, because Starlin Castro and Javier Baez would not have cleared waivers.

PrintAccording to a report from the Tribune, the Cubs and Phillies were never close on a deal.

The Cubs are believed to be the team that was awarded the waiver claim on Hamels. And that is significant for the team moving forward. While it was highly doubtful the Phillies would have done it, by claiming Cole Hamels the Cubs had to be prepared for the Phillies to let Hamels, and the guaranteed $96 million owed to him over the next four seasons, go for just the waiver claim and the payroll relief.

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