Kris Bryant Just Keeps on Hitting and Hitting and Hitting Home Runs

After an adjustment period two weeks ago, Kris Bryant has a hit in each of his last 12 games and is batting .364/.533/.788 over his last 10 games with two doubles, four home runs, nine walks, 14 strikeouts and a 1.321 OPS. And he hit home run No. 16 for Iowa on Saturday night.

With his 16th Triple-A home run, Kris Bryant tied Joey Gallo, once again, for the minor league lead in homers. Between Double-A Tennessee and Triple-A Iowa, Kris Bryant has hit 38 home runs this season.

After posting his worst numbers of the season in July in which he hit .300/.402/.590 with eight doubles, seven home runs and a .992 OPS, Bryant is batting .385/.568/.808 in eight games this month with two doubles, three home runs, eight walks and 10 strikeouts for a 1.375 OPS.

PrintSince the Triple-A All-Star break, Kris Bryant is batting .321/.462/.655 in 25 games with 16 walks, 28 strikeouts, seven doubles, seven home runs and a 1.117 OPS.


Theo Epstein reiterated Friday that the team has no plans of calling up Kris Bryant to the majors this season. Bryant has had an excellent first full season of pro ball and still has not played 162 games in the minors since signing with the Cubs last year.


Kris Bryant Spray Chart – Aug. 10, 2014 – Daren Willman

Kris Bryant has played 153 games since last July in the minors … and in those 153 games, Bryant has hit .340/.435/.691 with 47 doubles, two triples, 47 home runs and a 1.126 OPS while driving in 129 runs.

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  • Theboardrider

    He’s going to be the next big thing in MLB. Although I think Soler could give him a run for his money.

    Was glad to see Schwarber had a great game last night! Hope he starts to turn it around consistently soon. He’s finally ran into some adjustment period and it’s probably good for him. Hanneman was hot out of the gate in Daytona, and now he’s slumping a bit. Rather start bad and get hot then vice versa. But I still believe both will be good.

    I think someday soon Hanneman will be starting somewhere in our outfield.

    • J Daniel

      Long year for Schwarber especially with all of the movement he has gone through. Not sure how many of would have done at that age with as much as he has done.

      • GaryLeeT

        Besides “in a league of his own” Bryant, of course.

        • Theboardrider

          Well he was only at Arizona, Boise and Daytona last year wasn’t he? Then Back to Arizona for fall ball?

          • GaryLeeT

            That’s what I am saying. He went just as far, in a shorter amount of time, and dominated at Daytona.

          • Theboardrider

            Indeed he did.

          • Tony_H

            Bryant took a month off after the draft as he didn’t sign right away.

            Bryant 36 total gms
            AZ 2 gms
            Boise 18 gms
            Daytona 16 gms

            Schwarber so far 51 total gms
            Boise 5 gms
            Kane County 23 gms
            Daytona 23 gms

      • Theboardrider

        Thats a good point.

        Bloomington to Arizona, to Boise, to Kane County, to Daytona all in a span of about 3 months. For a guy that’s played in Bloomington for 3 straight years.

  • Theboardrider

    Again, just making sure everyone knows about this handy page for keeping up in real time with all the Cubs minor league teams. It’s much more convenient than 7 different tabs all trying to load at same time.

    • Theboardrider

      Posted this twice now with no reply. Anybody benefit from this? Or am I just last to know!?

      • GaryLeeT

        Had that book marked since April. But thanks anyway.

        • Theboardrider

          Thanks Gary…just curious if it benefit anyone else.

      • AaronOR

        I have it bookmarked too, actually just bookmarked it shortly before you posted the link the other day.

      • SirGladiator

        Thanks, that’s a very useful page!

    • Vivid_Reality

      I did not know about this, thanks!

  • SuzyS

    With this being Bryant’s first season of pro ball…I have absolutely no qualms about leaving him in AAA until next year….It’s a long season and quite an adjustment for anyone…no matter how he’s raking.

    • Theboardrider

      Agree. I think the totality of factors makes it a prudent choice. And yes, Scott Boras is absolutely one of those factors to me.

    • GaryLeeT

      I am sure the Hall posse will agree, but I don’t. If he was slumping I might get on board with that. But right now he’s actually picking up steam, and playing his best ball of the year. Are we supposed to suspend belief, and not believe what our eyes see?

      • Theboardrider

        The contract and Boras is a big factor. But I do think its a collection of them. Don’t see a negative from it though. Or I would be advocating for him to move up. A guy in his first full year not making it to MLB, I don’t think there is a possible argument for how it’s a negative. Would be cool to have him, but tough to find a problem with him not coming.

        • GaryLeeT

          The negative is not getting the MLB growing pains out of the way, so he can produce more quickly.

          • Tony_H

            He doesn’t have growing pains.

          • GaryLeeT

            You certainly don’t have to comment to please me, but that was exactly the kind I like, and you should too, because there is no way I can argue against it.

          • Tony_H

            I’m sure you know by now, I really don’t try to please you with my posts.

          • Theboardrider

            I will admit. I post what I want. But if they please people I certainly am myself pleased…:)

          • Theboardrider

            That one occurred to me too but I discounted it because he doesn’t ever seem to have those growing pains. I have no doubt he’ll hit slumps in MLB a bit, but I don’t think it will be prolonged and I think his adjustments will com fast and often.

      • Larry Schwimmer

        Yes…Gary…suspend belief :) And be open to the fact that while it’s not a horrible idea to bring Bryant up — it’s a better idea for player development and financial reasons to let him finish up his year in the minors.

        • GaryLeeT

          Financial yes, development no.

    • Larry Schwimmer

      I agree Suzy. The mystery to me is why so many of my fellow CUB fans are in a rush to have BRYANT come up? Or, why a number of them are sure that the reason why THEO doesn’t want to bring him up is because of financial considerations.

      Bringing up BAEZ dispells the notion that financial considerations are the basis for how the CUB F.O. makes player decisions. Bryant has work to do on his defense and he ought to play at least 1 year in the minor leagues just to get more polished in other respects as well. I’ve heard THEO say that if the CUBS were in pennant contention, he might be more open to bringing him up. Having said that — I think the financial consideration is good secondary reason to wait on BRYANT. After all, he’s a client of that “money-mongerer,” Scott Boras. That just adds to the “rightness” of THEO’s decision. Next April/May is soon enough to see BRYANT for my taste.

      • GaryLeeT

        Actually, bringing up the lesser developed hitter Baez over the more advanced Bryant, blows that position up.

  • Theboardrider

    Pierce Johnson could end up in Chicago before CJ Edwards. But I think Corey Black will be first from AA now. I expect Corey to be up during the season next year. I think he’s going to be very, very good too. I’ve said, if he was 3 inches taller, he’d be a top prospect and everyone would be talking about him.

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  • JasonPen

    “After posting his worst numbers of the season in July in which he hit .300/.402/.590 with eight doubles, seven home runs and a .992 OPS”
    Those are hall of fame numbers. Its awesome that those are his “worst” numbers of the season-

    • calicub

      Absolutely disgusting… Clearly he’s not ready.

      • VBCubs

        If they played a full 162 down in the minors, Bryant would be on pace for 53 HR’s and 134 RBI’s, and he’s hitting .341 and has a .448 OBP. Filthy. I think he’s up in September if he gets around 45 homers before the end of the month.

        • SuzyS

          Nope. Bryant might be ready for the Cubs…but the Cubs are not ready for him.
          3 things. 1) Cubs are still angling for the highest protected pick possible.
          2) The Cubs gain an extra year of control by bringing him up sometime next spring…against Boras this is absolutely a consideration…and it affords the Cubs the opportunity to stagger the 6 year control issue between Baez, Alcantra and Bryant over 2 years instead of one.
          3) The Cubs are going to need the roster spot to “save” another player from the rule 5 draft.

          • VBCubs

            This is true, and probably the smartest thing to do, but who knows what’s going to happen.

          • Theboardrider

            Great points Suzy. I posted an assessment of reasoning as to why some have been promoted and Bryant has not. I didn’t include #1 or #3 off your list and they both make a ton of sense. At this point, I definitely want the highest pick possible! But I’ll take wins and momentum too. I’d imagine Theo, Rick and the rest of the guys would take either result at this point.

          • Rich Cooper

            This os exactly why Brant althouth he may be ready will stay at AAA Iowa til May 2015 or thereabouts. Desiring staggered control for players makes it easier to resign as many as possible. Just commonsense an using club control to advantage. No need to hurry in a non- playoff season.

  • Theboardrider

    I posted this on previous talking live thread. But it’s more appropriate here and I’d like to hear more feedback on it. Just so everyone hears my crazy possibility…


    I would bet all the tea in China that Russell spends a long career for the Cubs. I think Theo is enamored with his talent. He’s that type of guy. Basically a 5-tool player (maybe not quite speed to be a tool), and he will take a pitch and work the count.

    Honestly, and this is way out on a limb here….

    Would everyone be totally shocked if Bryant was the guy to be traded? It just occurred to me and I said no way, then thought twice. He’s the biggest prospect in baseball. If traded he would bring a king’s ransom of top pitching-probably a MLB ready guy that is a young proven stud with upside (like a , and maybe a top AAA type guy too.

    I know it’s unlikely. But if we got pretty much two proven TOR guys I could see it. Perhaps 2 guys like Shelby Miller and Gerrit Cole.

    • Theboardrider

      I think a return like that would be a lot. But I think many people around baseball believe Bryant could be an MVP. I actually think it would take more than just Shelby MIller and Gerrit Cole. Probably also a couple younger and also very highly thought of arms. I realize this would be unprecedented for a guy still a prospect, but Bryant is as ‘can’t miss” as they come. And he’s likely to dominate the league for 10 years. Much less risk than any pitcher, whether he’s proven in MLB, prospect or even a recent Cy Young award winner.

      • bpot92

        Unlikely is generous haha. Its unprecedented to give up one hitting prospect for two top arms that have one year of experience and have flashed potential let alone to have more added on to the package. Plus Bryant is the exact type of guy Hoyer and Theo are looking for. High Character/HIgh Upside players who work counts but can do damage. Even the Cardinals gave out one massive contract to Pujols before saying no way to the second one. If the Cubs offer at or above market value in say 2 years and buy out only 1-2 extra years to leave him at say 30 years old, Boras might do that. I personally think Almora is someone they might trade. Doesnt walk much but is still a valuable prospect right now. If he finishes the year strong then it may be a good time to trade him. Otherwise I think they wait until the deadline or next offseason to evaluate what they have.

        • Theboardrider

          You’re most likely right. My scenario is probably like 5% at best. He is the type you break out checkbook for. An I agree he’s a Theo type player. But I think if a team has a plethora of young pitching IE: Marlins, they could value a Bryant type more than two pitchers. You never know. But Theo’s price would be ridiculously high. And it should be.

          Almora I agree with. I ranked our prospects as I see in order of likelihood to succeed. I had Almora below Bryant, Russell, Soler, Baez, Tseng, Edwards and Schwarber. I’ve personally got Almora in the second tier with McKinney, Johnson and Underwood. Some of that tier is just due to age for me. McKinney and Underwood could both be as good as any, along with Almora, or they could never make it. Although most put him with the top guys. I think his ceiling may be higher than some of them, but I think he’s a bit more the way we’ve viewed Baez, as in hit or miss.

          I could see Almora traded at some point. But I’d prefer they wait until a full 8 players in field is figure out. Sign FA’s and maybe trade if an incredible guy is available at deadline. Sign FA’s, ride Arietta, Hendricks, Turner, and wait on Tseng, Black, Edwards and the younger guys.

          • SirGladiator

            I honestly don’t think I’d even trade Bryant for Kershaw at this point. Bryant is an all-time great waiting to happen, I can’t imagine what a team could give up to make me want to trade him. A guy whose ‘terrible’ month involves hitting 300, this guy is going to win so many MVP, home run, and batting titles, this is somebody you sign to a long term deal at whatever price it takes, and you keep him his entire Hall of Fame career.

          • Theboardrider

            Love the assessment Sir! And I totally agree. So before anybody says you’re overstating or anything, know that at least I agree 100% with you! Not that my but in in a strong future prediction is unprecedented. :)

            I wouldn’t trade any of them. Wait until we have our first 8 guys that we think can win a title. It shouldn’t take long. By end of 2015 we should see Russell, Black and Bryant. Outside shot at others.

            I want Russell up so we can see of Baez, Castro and Russell who is best. I think if we were to eventually trade someone it would be Castro, but I prefer to keep him at 3rd or corner outfield if Russell beats him out at SS.

            Then once Almora, McKinney, Schwarber and that wave are ready we can consider who we can afford to trade. But I would wait on them.

    • paulcatanese

      Yeah, I read the post on this before. Bryant will not be traded, at least not because of Boras being his agent. Here’s why, the Cubs have dealt with Boras before. And think about this, if they were worried about Boras they would not have drafted Bryant in the first place and paid the money they did to get him.
      I hope that’s the scenario that follows, including not trading Russell, too valuable to do that.

      • Theboardrider

        Boras wouldn’t be only reason. Just a factor. Similarly to why Bryant isn’t being called up now. It is there, but won’t be drivin force behind decisions.

    • GaryLeeT

      Great outside the box thinking! I find it ten times more enjoyable to read and think about than comments that safely echo the Theo and Jed company line.

      • Theboardrider

        Thanks Gary! I thought it would be provacative and give us something to talk about. One thing about trades an Tbeos regime, expect the unexpected. Almost all of them have caught is somewhat off guard in some way. When the idea occurred to me an I dismissed it, I then thought that it’s just the type of crazy thing nobody is expecting that could occur. Who knows? I think a lot of it is opportunistic. When something he likes comes along and there’s a chance to get it, he will surprise is all. Nobody in their rigt mind saw the Shark trade going down as it did.

    • DWalker

      IF and only IF, the market for FA Aces disappears, I could see it. With the piggy bank they can bust open right now between income, savings and cost controlled team, there is no reason to trade for a TOR guy right now as long as at least a couple guys are hitting the market each year the next three years. IF all the prime candidates were to be off the market, then I actually could see such a trade. Seems really unlikely, but IF a team had the pitching like that, or even if a three way trade could be made to get the pitching, its not totally outside the realm of possibility i guess.

    • Rich Cooper

      This is purely my opinion, but as things stand now there is no way this happens. He is the most consistant run producer on the club. Also he is the only true reliable person we have from the left side. Alcantara is an ok switched from. The talent coming is mostly right handed so I’d hold off on getting read of Rizzo. Pitching can be bought in the free agent market.

      • Theboardrider

        Not Rizzo. You misunderstood. Never Rizzzo. He’s going to retire as a Cub.

  • Thomas D

    I’m thinking Theo and company are waiting till next year so maybe we can have a rookie of the year added to the rest of the hardware we will get and when was the last time we had a rookie of the year

    • Theboardrider

      Will Baez still qualify next season?

      • mutantbeast

        No he wont Board. He will have more than 45 days on the ML roster.

    • John G

      Geovany Soto – 2008
      Where is he now?

      • GaryLeeT

        His wake & bake days on the DL are over, and he just got reactivated.

  • BillyFinT

    Prediction 2015: Call up Kris in June, sign him a 7 year extension with 2 club options while double the price to Longoria’s initial extension. Sign Lester to 5 years plus 1 club options.

    Prediction 2016: Run for the World Series.

    Prediction 2018: Ricketts run for governor if the Cubs won it all.

    • Theboardrider

      Nice! I will add a wild card chase next year. Narrow miss though.

  • Steve Struck

    Woohoo! I haven’t been this excited since the start of game 6 in 2003!