Gammons Does Not See the Cubs and Mets Making a Deal

Take Peter Gammons off the list of national baseball writers that feels the Cubs and Mets would make perfect trade partners this off-season. The Cubs are scouting the Mets system and might be interested in acquiring one of New York’s young pitchers, like Noah Syndergaard. And from all of the reports from the New York media, the Mets are interested in one of the Cubs talented shortstops.

While reports from New York indicated the Mets would not be willing to trade one of the young arms for Starlin Castro, but maybe Addison Russell, Peter Gammons does not see the two teams making a deal.

Peter Gammons discussed the Starlin Castro and Mets rumors on High Heat with Christopher Russo. And the Hall of Famer spoke the truth about Castro’s value as well as pointing out that the Cubs and Mets simply do not match up well on a trade.

PrintGammons found it ridiculous that the New York media interviewed Starlin Castro and asked him if he wanted to become a Met. Gammons does not think the Cubs would take one minor league pitching prospect, like Noah Syndergaard, for Starlin Castro and the Cubs would not be willing to deal one of the other shortstops straight up for Syndergaard either. It would take a lot more from the Mets to make a trade work with the Cubs for one of the shortstops. And when asked if Jacob deGrom for Starlin Castro, straight up, would be enough, Gammons responded, “deGrom and who else? What All-Star game did deGrom pitch in?”

“The two teams do not match up well for what the two teams like in trades,” Gammons said. “I just don’t see it happening.”

Peter Gammons brought up the deal that was discussed last winter between the Mariners and Mets that would have sent Brad Miller to New York for Jon Niese. Gammons thinks that Brad Miller becoming a Met is more likely than the Cubs trading either Starlin Castro or Addison Russell to New York.


The perception from the New York and national media is that the Cubs have to make a deal for pitching and will use one of the shortstops to do so. But the Cubs are in a position of strength and are not being forced to trade one of the shortstops. Jed Hoyer explained last week the front office has had discussions about ways in which to get all of the prospects on the field together, if the players make it to the majors.

Peter Gammons hit the proverbial ball out of the park when he said that just because a player is on a Baseball America prospect list it does not mean that player is going to perform in the big leagues … and Starlin Castro has.

In five seasons at the highest level possible, Starlin Castro has a career slash line of .285/.324/.408 with 161 doubles, 29 triples, 50 home runs and a .732 OPS. And he already has 833 hits.

As the report from Comcast SportsNet pointed out, Starlin Castro has performed at the Major League level on a daily basis, not in the minors, plus Castro is 24 years old and will not turn 25 until next March. Starlin Castro was rushed to the majors and lost developmental time that would have allowed him to learn the game in the minors instead of under the spotlight of playing in the Major Leagues.

Starlin Castro is the Cubs shortstop as both Castro and Jed Hoyer reminded everyone who cared to listen last week.

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