The Daily CCO: What a Deadline It Was and Cubs News and Notes

Thursday will be remembered as arguably the busiest trade deadline day in the history of the game. And oh what a day it was.

It all started with the Red Sox dealing Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes to Oakland for Yoenis Cespedes and a competitive balance (Round B) pick in next year’s draft and ended with David Price being dealt to the Tigers in a three-team deal with the Mariners. The Mariners acquired Austin Jackson in the three-team blockbuster that saw Drew Smyly, Nick Franklin and Willy Adames end up in Tampa.

The Cardinals landed John Lackey and Corey Littrell for Joe Kelly and Allen Craig. And Boston acquired Eduardo Rodriquez from the Orioles for Andrew Miller.

The Marlins and Astros pulled off a six-player deal that sent Jarred Cosart, Enrique Hernadez and Austin Wates to Miami for Colin Moran, Jake Marisnick, Frank Martes and a competitive balance draft pick to Houston.

The Yankees acquired Stephen Drew from the Red Sox and Martin Prado from the Diamondbacks. New York sent Kelly Johnson to Boston and catching prospect Peter O’Brien to Arizona in the two deals.

PrintThe Indians cleared a path for Francisco Lindor by sending Asdrubal Cabrera to the Nationals for Zach Walters. The Mariners traded Abraham Almonte to San Diego for Chris Denorfia. Gerardo Parra was traded from Arizona to Milwaukee for Mitch Haniger and Anthony Banda. Oakland acquired Sam Fuld from the Twins for Tommy Milone.

And the Cubs sent James Russell, Emilio Bonifacio and roughly $1 million to the Braves for catching prospect Victor Caratini.

The Cubs ended up making two deals leading up to the deadline and three during the month, plus sending Darwin Barney to the Dodgers for RHP Jonathan Martinez. LHP Felix Doubront was acquired from the Red Sox for a PTBNL or cash Wednesday. But the big deal was done on July 4 when the Cubs sent Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel to Oakland for Addison Russell, Billy McKinney, Dan Straily and a player to be named later.

According to Baseball America, the Cubs acquired three of the top eight prospects dealt in July: Addison Russell (1), Billy McKinney (2) and Victor Caratini (8).

Jed Hoyer indicated Thursday that the Cubs might be done and the Sun-Times reported deals for Edwin Jackson, Nate Schierholtz and Carlos Villanueva could be made during August. All three players will clear waivers.

Jed Hoyer said players will start going on waivers Friday and the team will be prepared to make deals if anything presents itself.

Chris Valaika

The Cubs are expected to make two roster moves prior to Friday’s game, and one of those moves could be adding Chris Valaika to the roster. Reports are suggesting the Cubs will add Valaika to the 40-man roster and call him up to the big leagues.

Chris Valaika has played all over the field for Iowa this season and has hit .278/.344/.423 with 21 doubles, 10 home runs and a .768 OPS. Valaika is a right handed hitter that can play first, second, shortstop and third base.

The Cubs have not announced the roster move.

Arismendy Alcantara and Chris Coghlan

Arismendy Alcantara and Chris Coghlan gave back to the community this week and showed there is more to baseball than is what played between the lines.

ArismendyAlcantaraArismendy Alcantara and Clark joined the Cubs on the Move Fitness Trolley for a stop at the Hendry D. Lloyd Elementary School. Students participated in warm-up drills and split into groups for different activities, which included wiffle ball at-bats with Arismendy Alcantara and Clark.

ChrisCoghlanChris Coghlan visited Advocate Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn. Coghlan handed out Cubs hats and giveaways, posed for pictures with patients and their families and signed autographs.

CubsFitnessCubs on the Move Fitness Trolley visits are part of the Cubs Charities’ 100 Gifts of Service, which represents a yearlong program featuring Cubs players and associates engaging in community service in celebration of Wrigley Field’s 100th birthday season.

This Day In Cubstory

1987 – Andre Dawson went 3-for-4 with three home runs and five RBI in Cubs 5-3 victory over the Phillies at Wrigley Field. It was Dawson’s fifth multi-homer game of the season on his way to being named National League MVP.

1983 – Joe Carter collected his first big league hit off Steve Carlton. The Cubs lost 2-1 to the Phillies at the Vet.

1983 – Cubs released Junior Kennedy

1967 – Cubs purchased Don Young from the Cardinals

1963 – Ellis Burton hit a home run from both sides of the plate in a Cubs 12-11 win over the Giants at Wrigley Field. Cubs scored six runs in the eighth inning to tie the game and Ron Santo doubled and scored the game winner on a Jimmy Schaffer single

1947 – Cubs signed amateur free agent Bob Kelly

1939 – Bill Nicholson hit a homer off Kirby Higbe in the fifth inning in his Cubs debut. The Cubs topped the Phillies 6-2.

1927 – Hack Wilson hit safely in his 26th consecutive game. Wilson singled and tripled in a Cubs 6-5 win over the Phillies at Wrigley. Wilson’s streak ended the next day.

1905 – Frank Chance is named (elected) Cubs manager. The Cubs won four pennants and two World Series titles with Chance at the helm.

1894 – Bill Dahlen collected three hits, scored three runs and drove in three runs in a 26-8 win over St. Louis at West Side Grounds. Dahlen extended his hitting streak to 38 games. Dahlen hit safely in 42 straight before his streak ended on August 7.

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Quote of the Day

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way of playing the game." – Babe Ruth

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  • calicub

    First Red Sox/Yankees trade in something like 17 years. Was pretty surprised to see that one.

  • calicub

    The price for Price was pretty mediocre IMO. Makes what the front office got for Garza and Shark all the more impressive.

    • No Baseball In Indiana

      I agree about the Samardzija trade but I have a feeling the Garza trade will be a lose, lose deal when it’s all said and done.

      • daverj

        Maybe, but so far Ramirez looks like he could be a top set-up man or closer for the next 5 years. And that assumes Edwards ends up being nothing.

        • Craig York

          I think Edwards, and Ramirez will make this trade a certain win. I also think Grimm will be ok, and Olt may be used as a trade chip in the offseason. I think the Cubs definitely won the trade.

          • Theboardrider

            Agree. Can’t write Olt off. With his AAA success now, there are plenty of teams that would love a chance with him if Bryant and/or Russell blocks his path.

          • texcubnut

            I have to consider the Garza trade as ‘can’t lose’ from the standpoint that Garza was just a 2 month rental. If the Cubs wanted to, they could have resigned Garza this past off-season and chose (wisely) not to. Don’t think for a moment that if Texas could negate that trade that they would in a heartbeat. Will any of these 4 players help the Cubs in the long run? Time will tell. I think Neil Ramirez certainly has the chance to be productive major league player.

            I used to think the Cashner for Rizzo trade was possibly a bad one for the Cubs but not anymore. Rizzo has proven to me he is a great hitter and clearly is a baseball stud. I loved Cashner and watched him many times as a high school pitcher and closely followed his career at TCU. So I was somewhat biased in favor of Andrew……..but I was wrong. The only trade this FO has lost was a minor one. ( Ian Stewart/Casey Weathers for Colvin/D.J. Lemehieu) The only major mistake this FO made was the Edwin Jackson signing. Nobody’s perfect, but Theo and Jed have done a very good job.

          • Theboardrider

            Agreed. Grimm is pretty good, Ramirez looks like a stud, Edwards is still on pace to be our future ace, and Olt still has a very bright future from most ratjonal viewpoints. Everyone is doubting Edwards because of one small injury. Wasn’t serious at all from the info released.

            The Lamehieu trade is the only one is really take back. He’s proven he can play. But where we are now, with the guys we have. If things go 70% of how we hope there wouldn’t be a place on the field for him in 2 years. So yeah it wasn’t great, but if that’s our worst trade, were in the side of the angels.

    • Theboardrider

      Absolutely agree. Our return was clearly better than Price. You could argue better than Lester’s as well but Cespedes would be a nice addition right now.

      • daverj

        Given that Cespedes is a free agent after 2015, Russell and McKinney were a much better haul for a team that is rebuilding.

        Which would you prefer: (A) 6 years of mlb control over each of Russell and McKinney or (B) 1 year and 2 months of Cespedes?

        • Theboardrider

          Oh I agree. I wouldn’t trade places. Especially with McKinney. I think he could be a real gem. Guess I’m trying to play devils advocate to anticipate the disagreement. Because if someone says they prefer Cespedes and do all to resign they’re not necessarily wringZ. Just a preference. I want the prospects all day long right now. Guys that will be good for us in a season or two but will just be hitting prime in 4 or 5 years.

      • Brian

        I would agree too. I would imagine Oakland dangled basically the same package to Tampa for Price before turning to Samardjia. Unless Tampa really wanted a pitcher in return. But then again they could have then flipped Russell for a pitcher later. It was a very confusing haul they got for Price. I’m just glad the cubs jumped on the return.

        • Theboardrider

          Could be. But from what I hear, read and infer it seems like Theo and Beane are pretty good buddies. They discuss and are on the same page about a lot. I coukd see discussions between them getting to places they wouldn’t get with anyone else. I also think Theo has had his eye in Russell for a while and he was a specific point of interest.

          That said, Friedmann is cut from much the same cloth at Theo and Beane. The 3 of them all play from the same book. But I don’t know if they are as good of friends.

          I’m not sure that deal would have happened for anyone outside of Theo. Just my opinion.

  • calicub

    So passes the 2nd most exciting time in each of the rebuilding Cubs’ seasons. And now for the offseason…

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  • BillyFinT

    Great share with the Children’s Hospital, Neil. Good to see Coghlan and newcomer Alcantara bringing smiles to where it’s needed most.

    • daverj

      Love these posts that we can all agree on!

  • Theboardrider

    Chris Coghlan seems like a really good guy. Hard not to root for his success….

  • stu_studdly

    Not being sarcastic but can someone please help me to feel better about yesterdays trade. We’ve been hearing a handful of teams wanted Bonifacio and a handful of teams wanted Russell but the best deal on the table was for a teams 8th prospect and us sending a million dollars? (I know that’s pocket change but nonetheless). I know we need catching depth but I would have thought we could either have received multiple prospects with this or a better one overall. For the record, I do have faith in the front office and it’s awesome to see us rounding the corner. I just was a bit disappointed with the result of this trade.

    • texcubnut

      I agree with what you are saying, Stu. The trade however is a small rather meaningless trade. As you said, the cash is essentially pocket change, Bonifacio is a 2 month rental who had been replaced by Alcantara, and Russell is a very replaceable LOOGY. Now, Caratini may never materialize into much but we don’t really know what exactly we have with him while we do know what we gave up……not much.

      If the risk is little, the reward is little.

    • daverj

      A lot of teams had interest in Bonifacio if they didn’t have to deal a prospect with any value. I suspect most offers consisted of minor leaguers who weren’t even in a team’s Top 20 prospect list. Bonifacio is a solid utility player and Russell a decent LOOGY … no team will trade much for that.

      Caratini was actually more than I would have expected the Cubs could get for Bonifacio and J Russell.

    • Denver Mike

      I think both Bonifacio and Russell are simply replacement level players that can be picked up just about any offseason for a minimal investment. For evidence of this consider we signed Bonifacio after he was released by the Royals this past offseason, plus we signed Wesley Wright for minimal dollars, and his numbers were nearly identical to Russell’s this year.

      I have to believe if the FO could have gotten more they would have, actually why wouldn’t they have? I doubt they were feeling charitable yesterday and just decided to take less.

      In the end the return may not have been awe-inspiring, but it was certainly no big loss either.

    • Theboardrider

      I kind of felt the same. But we got a guy who projects to be a solid if unspectacular big leaguer. At least a good utility/bench guy. But he’s also only 20 years old. So who knows what he will become? He may not be done growing for all we know. Very young.
      And we need catching. He probably goes to the too of our catching depth behind SchwRber who may or may not become a catcher. And it gives flexibility if Schwarbers bat makes the FO want him up soon.

      And we gave up nothing in reality. We won’t miss either much this year and less next year. Free up some room for promotions. If Boni isn’t traded Baez probably doesn’t make it up this season. For that reason alone it’s good with me.

      • Theboardrider

        And we got Johnathan Martinez for Barney. Super youn an an enigma. But has potential. The net gain from those two trades is more beneficial to us an our needs than what we lost.

  • texcubnut

    Here is all you need to know about yesterday’s trades. Detroit and Oakland assured themselves of a third straight showdown in the ALCS. I mean Scherzer/Price vs. Lester/Gray……wow! Which means the winner will probably win the World Series. Just my opinion so let’s play the games and see what happens. I just don’t see the Dodgers, Giants or Cardinals pulling off the upset and winning it all.

    • TheWrongGuy

      From the NL only the Dodgers “might” have enough to challenge. Especially if one or more of their players gets on a hot streak(aka last season).

      • texcubnut

        That’s true. If a team gets hot at the right time , anything can happen. Detroit has the offense, the starting pitching, the depth and experience to win it all. If I had to choose, I’d pick them although the popular choice will be Oakland.

      • Theboardrider

        You can never count out the Giants if they get hot and make it in. They won two titles when they were clearly not the best team. Maybe not the too 3 teams. Bruce Bochy can creaking manage.

        This is my opinion in Giants not being best. If someone wants to argue it go ahead. But just my inoression based in way I remember from those seasons.

    • daverj

      As you said … let’s play the games and see what happens. They’re not playing the best baseball right now, but with Strasburg, Zimmermann, Roark and Gio Gonzalez, you can’t rule out the Nats either. If Stras and Zimm get hot at the same time, there are tough.

      • Craig York

        And the nats got Cabrera yesterday too.

  • paulcatanese

    Agree Neil, that was the best July/ trade session I have seen in many a year. More teams participated than ever. Good watching, and great coverage Neil.

    • texcubnut

      Yes, excellent coverage, Neil, as always. We’re getting spoiled!

      • Neil

        Thank you

    • Neil

      Thank you Paul