Cubs Working Out Rusney Castillo at Wrigley Field

According to a report, and photo, from Ben Nicholson-Smith, the Cubs are working out free agent OF Rusney Castillo at Wrigley Field. The private workout with Castillo is taking place Wednesday afternoon at Wrigley Field.

Ben Nicholson-Smith is touring Wrigley Field and reported the Cubs were conducting a workout with him on the field.

The Cubs are reportedly one of many teams interested in signing the free agent outfielder from Cuba. The Phillies reportedly worked out Castillo last Tuesday and he had private workouts scheduled with the Red Sox, Yankees, Orioles and Mariners.

The Cubs are believed to be intrigued about his upside after sending five scouts to watch his workout at the University of Miami on July 26. There are conflicting reports on the length and amount of the contract that Castillo is looking to sign.

Scouts view Castillo as an outfielder even though he worked out at shortstop during his showcase.

PrintRusney Castillo would fit within the front office’s age range for free agents they would spend money on to sign long term.

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  • Sahm

    does anyone have a good scouting report on rusney? id like to see what his grades are compared to some of our other prospects

  • triple

    From the varying scouting reports that were previously made on Castillo, it just goes to show how it is all varying opinion and somewhat a crapshoot, especially for a guy coming from Cuba. I will trust the professionals (i.e. Theo, Jed, and Jason McCloud) on their judgement, and if they deem Castillo worth the contract value vs. the risk, I really hope they can get him signed! It definitely would add more depth to our offensive situation and leave more room to trade a prospect or 2 (or maybe even Castro – couple years away still) for some TOR pitching.

    • Theboardrider

      From the way it seems, the reports on Cuban players often are under proportionate. Cespedes, Puig, Chapman…all guys that are better than advertised. You could say the same about Soler, although not at MLB level yet.

      The only one that stands out to me as not living up to the hype was Concepcion. Although he’s been better of late. And I don’t remember him really having huge expectations.

      • cubtex

        Don’t forget Jose Abreu. He has been 100 times better than advertised.

        • Theboardrider


          Just kidding :))). That’s a great example.

          Ricky strategy to assume they will all be but it is interesting no?

          • Tony_H

            I thought you would like this article on Coghlan and not sure if you follow Tom Loxas site. This article is by AJ Walsh, one of the only other guys I read on Tom’s site.It breaks down his numbers and shows his incredible last month or so. It give a prediction of numbers that are from projection system and then moved up as an opinion.


          • Theboardrider

            Thanks a bunch Tony! I enjoyed that. I think those seem like reasonable projections. However I still feel like he has some other factors related to his career numbers that make using them in projections less relevant. I don’t think I can discount them completely, but I do believe that a few of those years are aberations.

            But he is a great example of these “scrap heap,” pick-ups, that work out famously. Nobody wanted him and I’m sure the Redmond quote about Turner would have applied to Coghlan 2 or 3 times fold. Leads me to believe in many cases talent eventually will overcome and win out. I believe that at the very least we can hope for some of the same with Turner, if not one of the others too.

            I will admit, you guys all know I shoot from the hip, and many of my predictions are based on nohing more than a gut feeling or hunch, combined with my belief in Theo and his team. With Coghlan, ever since I saw that picture of he an Alcantara with those kids, I’ve felt more confident in him for some reason. He’s been improving, then I saw him donating his time, and looking like a million dollars. Guy has a smile that lights up a room and he just looks like what a ballplayer should look like! Always thought that about Rizzo too. I remember an interview with Matthew Broderick years ago and he talked about meeting Sammy Sosa at a party during his prime. He said Sosa was big and strong, dressed fancy with a big cigar in his mouth. He had a trio of beautiful women on him and he offered one to Broderick! Matthew said “he just looked like what a ballplayer should look like.”

            So not to say its all based in that, but combining his ability, innate talent, ROY, current streak, good looks, Theo’s belief; I just felt, “yes, that’s a guy I am hitching some of my hopes on!”

            May not turn out. But i believe those projections in the article are at minimum what he will do in the next 18 months.

      • mutantbeast

        Might give Concepion one more year Board. Mono is a nasty diesease to get for any athlete, look how it entirely screwed up Hayden Simpson.

  • Craig York

    Just saw on mlb network that sheirholtz has been DFA, and cubs claim Jacob turner off waivers.

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