CCO Fantasy Baseball League – Week 20

Last week and it is a position round … Twelve wins is where the playoffs are at with three teams tied and one 12-8 team (Aquas de Marco Billy) on the outside looking in. BigJonLilJon’s is one game back but even with a win this week against Aquas de Marco, he will still not make the top eight. So we are down to nine teams for eight spots and with six teams clinched, it is three teams fighting for the final two spots.

Clinched a Playoff Spot
  1. 07Greydigger’s Crushers – Win and he is the #1 seed, lose and he could fall to 3rd
  2. The Calicubs – Win and he is the #1 seed, lose and he could fall to 3rd
  3. Clark n Addison – Win and he can move up to 2nd, lose and stay 3rd
  4. Runnin’ Bredstiks – Win and stay 4th, lose and could fall to 5th
  5. Northside Bleacher Bums – Win and can move up to 4th, lose and could fall to 6th
  6. Bullpen MacGyvers – Win and move up to 5th, lose and could fall to 7th
Fighting for Last 2 Spots
  • FL JimBoC – Win and can move up to 6th, lose and needs Aguas to lose to make playoffs
  • Kentucky Ripsnorters – Win and can move up to 6th, lose and needs Aguas to lose to make playoffs
  • Aquas de Marco Billy – Win and in, lose and out
This Week’s Position Round with Playoff Implications
  • #1 07Greydigger’s Crushers vs #2 The Calicubs
  • #3 Clark n Addison Tony_H vs #4 Runnin’ Bredstiks
  • #5 Northside Bleacher Bums vs #6 Bullpen MacGyvers
  • #7 FL JimBoC vs #8 Kentucky Ripsnorters
  • #9 Aguas de Marco Billy vs #10 BigJonLilJon’s LehairOfTheDog
Hatfield’s and McCoy’s

PrintWe have had 10 weeks of interleague play and this week the McCoy’s Won for the second time 4-6.  That still leaves the bragging rights for the year with the Hatfield’s (Waveland) with a record 52-48 over the McCoy’s (Sheffield) and a weekly record of 4-2-4.

#2 The Calicubs (15-5) 360 over #6 Ripsnorters (12-8) 297

The free fall continues with 4 losses in a row for Ripsnorters.  But they can still make the playoffs even with a loss this week.  Calicubs maintains its hold on a top seed.

The Calicubs: Victor Martinez 39 pts (2 HR, 1 2B, 6 R, 11 RBI) Jordan Zimmerman 38 pts (15 IP, 11 H, 5 ER, 3 BB, 10 K, W)

Ripsnorters: Mike Fiers 55 pts (14 IP, 4 H, 3 ER, 2 BB, 13 K, 2 W) Chris Archer 31 pts (12.2 IP, 11 H, 2 ER, 6 BB, 12 K)

#7 Bullpen MacGyvers (13-7) 269 over #8 Aquas de Marco Billy (12-8) 240

Close game that clinched a playoff spot for MacGyvers and left Aquas needing to win to get in.

Bullpen MacGyvers: Justin Upton 36 pts (2 HR, 1 3B, 4 R, 11 RBI) Rick Porcello 34 pts (9 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 0 BB, 4 K, W)

Aguas de Marco Billy: Vidal Nuno 37 pts (14.1IP, 7 H, 4 ER, 4 BB, 11 K)

Other Teams still in Playoff Contention
  • Baywatch Buttspanx over #11 What’s Optimism? Vivid Reality (10-9-1) (257-219)
  • The Wrong Team over #10 BigJonLilJon’s LehairOfTheDog (11-9) (276-264)
  • #9 FL JimBoC (12-7-1) over Team Scared Hitless (367-175)
  • #5 Northside Bleacher Bums (14-6) over Team JasonOfTheBurbs (353-276)
  • #4 Runnin’ Bredstiks (14-6) over Team Gramps (263-233)
  • #3 Clark n Addison Tony_H (15-5) over CubfaninSeattle John (293-196)
  • #1 07Greydigger’s Crushers (16-4) over Balls Deep in the Ivy (310-216)

Top Player Performances - Week 20

Mike Fiers55Kentucky Ripsnorters
Lucas Duda43Runnin' Bredstiks
Victor Martinez39Calicubs
Danny Santana39FL JimBoC
Jordan Zimmermann38Calicubs

CCO Fantasy Baseball League Playoffs

  • #1 07 Greydigger’s Crushers vs #8 Kentucky Ripsnorters
  • #2 The Calicubs vs #7 FL JimBoC
  • #3 Clark n Addison Tony H vs #6 Bullpen MacGyvers
  • #4 Runnin’ Bredstiks vs #5 Northside Bleacher Bums

CCO Fantasy Baseball Leageu Standings

Sheffield Division - Week 20 Standings

15-5The Calicubs6822
14-6Runnin' Bredstiks6245
13-7Bullpen MacGyvers6037
12-7-1FL JimBoC6301
11-9BigJonLilJon's LehairOfTheDog5866
9-11Team JasonOfTheBurbs5768
8-12CubsfaninSeattle John5655
7-13Baywatch Buttspanx5387
5-15Slammin Steven Petty4668
4-16Balls Deep In The Ivy4858

Waveland Division - Week 20 Standings

16-407Greydigger's Crushers6690
15-5Clark n Addison Tony_H6617
14-6Northside Bleacher Bums5839
12-8Kentucky Ripsnorters6451
12-8Aquas de Marco Billy5756
10-9-1What's Optimism? Vivid Reality6101
9-11The Wrong Team5671
8-12Waiting on Bryant5711
4-16Team Gramps5349
1-19Team Scared Hitless3897

The transaction wire stayed slow with 18 free agent pick-ups. Some teams are trying to make the playoffs while others are trying to shore up their bench with the playoffs just 1 week left.


Weeks 10 and 20 are the same match-up.
Weeks 11 and 21 are the same match-up.

So in weeks 10 and 21 we will be doing a position round. 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, etc down to 19 vs 20.

The tiebreaker for standings is total points.

The league is for public viewing. Here are two shortcuts to take you to the league site on ESPN.

Follow ChicagoCubsOnline on Twitter: @TheCCO and @TheCCO_Minors

Quote of the Day

"Baseball is a game that boys play for fun and men play for keeps." - Barney Mann

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  • Cubbiemacg

    Should have made that trade Billy, now your on the outside looking in

    • BillyFinT

      I didn’t know you can be a jerk as far as posting viciously again. You wanted Hamels, well, you should have traded me someone of at least some ace value. I asked for your #3 (Fister) plus a few good bats in exchange of a 3-3. It’s not my problem but yours to devalue everyone else but your own opinion.

      • Cubbiemacg

        Wow fister is my number one. And and far as vicious posts … well didn’t realize you were soft as tissue. I guess you’ve never played a real sport and talked a lil smack before. My apologies but lighten up dude.

        • BillyFinT

          Seriously? I guess you just enjoy ill will. The first thing you did when brought up trade was ridiculing my players. Unwise.

          Last time you posted, you wished me bad luck and failure. What kind of jerk are you? The one who is ignorant enough?

          You were a little boy who didn’t get what you want as you fouled mouth and expect anything good as a reciprocal?

          You are just a natural jerk, I guess.

          • Cubbiemacg

            Like I said trash talk is fair play, wishing your team ill when I needed you to lose fair play, attacking one personally with unascertained comments… unsportsmanlike and disgusting. Don’t play innocent here and don’t attack someone with false badgering. Wish were actually going to make the playoffs so I would have a chance to enjoy victory over you again.

  • BillyFinT

    I should have won last week, but I lost 30 points by benching Harrison, McCutchen, and Rosenthal, simply because I had a tiring day and forgot to check my roster. Nevertheless, this is a good team with all players I wanted but one (*), and I’m glad I dropped Billy Butler for nothing earlier this season, regardless of his late boom to average as a DH but nothing else.

    *Walden as my 3rd best reliever? Never would one dream of!