Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Cubs Reportedly Meet Mayor’s Request to Change Wrigley Plans

Wrigley Plan - 052714The Cubs are scheduled to present the team’s revised plans to expand Wrigley Field at the Landmarks Commission Thursday and according to a report from the Tribune, the Cubs have agreed to make further changes to the revised plan that was made at the request of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The Tribune reported the latest proposal that will be made to the Landmarks Commission includes “reducing the size of the signs along exterior outfield walls and to continue to negotiating with rooftop owners.” The new, revised plan includes “10 changes that preserve the historical significance of Wrigley Field and are mindful of neighbors of Wrigleyville.”

The report in the Tribune detailed several significant changes to the revised plan that was expected to be presented Thursday to the Landmarks Commission.

According to the Tribune “the changes requested by the city include reducing the size of the signs along the exterior outfield walls and increase the spacing between them, as well as eliminating plans for sliding concession windows for the exterior brick wall and Waveland and Sheffield Avenues.” And the Cubs agreed “to make changes to the lighting to address concerns and to continue conversations with the rooftop owners to settle their differences in a timely manner.”

The Wrigleyville Rooftop Association released a statement. “Rooftop owners agree with Mayor Emanuel that a compromise it best for the fans, the neighborhood, the city and the Cubs. We’re hoping now it’s finally time for a breakthrough.”

PrintThe team already removed the plans to increase the size of the proposed bullpen doors underneath the left and right field bleachers. Additional changes to the revised plan are expected to be announced Thursday at the meeting.

The signs in the outfield could be an issue beyond the two signs that were approved a year ago. The Cubs would like to have seven signs, five more than the two that have already been approved by the city. The Cubs received approval for the large video board in left field and the see-through sign in right field.

Julian Green told the Tribune the team has “resolved any outstanding issues with the commission several weeks ago and is prepared to make its presentation to the commission.”

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