The Daily CCO: Castro and Rizzo Took Part in the Midsummer Classic and Other Cubs Notes

The American League topped the National League, 5-3, at the 85th All-Star Game Tuesday night in Minneapolis. Derek Jeter picked up two hits in his last Midsummer Classic, Miguel Cabrera hit a two-run homer and Mike Trout was named the game’s MVP. And FOX failed to pay tribute to Tony Gwynn and Don Zimmer.

Adam Wainwright had a rough inning then spent the rest of his night trying to cleanup comments he made about how he pitched to Derek Jeter. The game ended up being decided in the fifth inning when Mike Trout doubled in Derek Norris and Jose Altuve hit a sac fly that plated Alexei Ramirez. So for the second year in a row, the team representing the American League in the World Series will have home field advantage.

Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo played in the game. Castro replaced Troy Tulowitzki in the sixth inning at shortstop. Castro struck out swinging in his only plate appearance against the A’s Sean Doolittle in the eighth inning. Castro had one chance in the field and turned the routine grounder from Yoenis Cespedes in the eighth inning into an out.

Anthony Rizzo pinch-hit for Giancarlo Stanton in the eighth inning, and Sean Doolittle struck him out swinging.

PrintBoth Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo told they enjoyed experiencing the All-Star Game and all of the festivities.

The Cubs’ two All-Stars will have a short break before catching up with their teammates in Arizona. The Cubs begin the second half Friday night at Chase Field with the first of three against the Diamondbacks.

And now that the All-Star Game is in the rearview mirror, front offices across baseball will focus on the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline.

Triple-A All-Star Game

The Triple-A All-Star Game is Wednesday night and the game from Durham will be carried on the MLB Network.

Four I-Cubs were named to the PCL squad but only two were in the team photo. Kyle Hendricks and Blake Parker are in the back row of the photo the I-Cubs tweeted Tuesday, while Arismendy Alcantara and Tsuyoshi Wada were not. Alcantara is with the big league team and with the Cubs not needing a fourth or fifth starter until July 22, Kyle Hendricks and Tsuyoshi Wada should take part in the All-Star Game. An announcement has not been made as to why Wada was not in the team photo. Wada pitched Sunday for Iowa.

The Cubs have not announced which two starters will be called up to fill the fourth and fifth spots in the rotation. Kyle Hendricks is expected to take one of the spots with Tsuyoshi Wada, Dallas Beeler and Dan Straily also in the mix for one of the two spots.

Daytona Cubs

The D-Cubs now have three first round picks in the outfield in Albert Almora, Billy McKinney and Kyle Schwarber. The Cubs promoted Schwarber to High-A Daytona Monday night and he will officially be added to the roster Wednesday according to a report from The Daytona Beach News-Journal.

According to the report, Kyle Schwarber will be in uniform Wednesday, but Dave Keller is not sure where he will hit or which position he will play.

News and Notes

Jeff Samardzija had a wild experience at the All-Star Game according to a report from Comcast SportsNet.

According to a report from Paul Sullivan, the BBWAA is considering not counting blank ballots for Hall of Fame votes.

The deadline to sign players selected in last month’s draft is Friday, July 18 and there is a mess in Houston.

This Day In Cubstory

2007 – Cubs acquired Jason Kendall from the A’s for Jerry Blevins and Rob Bowen

2001 – Fred McGriff invoked his no-trade clause and blocked a deal that would eventually send him to the Cubs.

1992 – Greg Maddux announced at a press conference in Pittsburgh that he had broken off negotiations with the Cubs on a contract extension and he would become a free agent at the end of the season. Maddux told the press he had given the Cubs two chances to sign him and he thought it should have been taken care of by then.

1937 – Lee Elia, born

1922 – Hack Miller hit a homer in the fourth inning, his fourth home run in three days, but the Cubs lost 10-7 to the Phillies at Wrigley Field

1905 – Charles W. Murphy purchased an interest and is made Vice President of the Cubs. Murphy would soon be named President of the team and would hold the position until 1913.

1897 – Cap Anson became the first Major Leaguer to collect his 3000th hit. Anson singled off Baltimore’s George Blackburn.

1885 – Bill Kennedy won both ends of a doubleheader, 9-3 and 13-9 over Buffalo. Ed Williamson replaced Kennedy in the sixth inning of the second game. The two victories were the last of Kennedy’s career

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Quote of the Day

"Show me a guy who’s afraid to look bad, and I’ll show you a guy you can beat every time." – Lou Brock

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  • Theboardrider

    Very excited tat Almora, McKinney and Schwarber are together in Daytona. I strongly believe that havin other prospects or teammates with similar type expectations and skills helps. These 3 are all i rat round draft choices and should push one another and bring out the best. It certainly seemed to help Baez when Bryant arrived. Manny at the same time too.

    • BigJonLilJon

      I agree. I think they’re all around the same age range as well. I wish they’d move Soler to AAA for the same reason. Get all these guys that forecast to be up together, more playing time together. Should promote stability and growth together.

  • cc002600

    Since there are no games, I am just curious what others think on this topic.

    I am worried about the overall health and popularity of Baseball moving forward. I find the games so hard to watch now. Today, the pitchers are so good and throw so hard, there is huge increases in the amount of strikeouts, and to some extent an increase in walks as well. So you have these games with less action and taking longer to finish. That is not a compelling brand of Baseball to watch on TV, ESPECIALLY for the “attention deficit” youth today that consume sports. I hate to say it, but just look around and you will see kids increasingly talking about soccer, the NBA, NFL, NHL and less MLB. That is not good. Just look at the media coverage in the last 2 weeks regarding NBA free agency. If you didn’t know it, you would have thought baseball didn’t exist. Its sad.

    I hate to say this, but they really need to do something to inject some offense into the game, or they are going to lose the next generation of fans. Watching a 2-1 game that lasts 3.5 hours is just HORRIBLE TV, I’m sorry. I love baseball by far more than any other sport and yet I just can’t help but turning the channel over and over while watching this brand of baseball. There is just no action.

    Perhaps they need to lower the mound again ? Maybe add the DH to NL ? I don’t know. MLB network had a fascinating show last week on this, if anyone saw it. It was all about this topic.

    • Patrick_Schaefer

      I’m not worried about it. Baseball is global sport now and people can watch games on there phone. It’s gotten bigger imho. I can pause live TV with my Dvr so I pause the game if im busy and then during commercials I fast forward and get caught up if you’re bored. Sometimes I fast forward until someone gets on base or hits a homerun. But I like watching good pitching too and most of the time I sit and watch the whole game.
      The Internet has made it bigger too when I was a kid i watched the cubs but I didn’t know who any of there prospects were my nephew is in junior high and him and his friends know all about all the Cubs prospects. He was talking about Zagunis when we were playing disc golf the other day.

      • cc002600

        Well, I respectfully disagree

        I think if you look at the data out there, you will see that MLB ratings have been going down for years now. That is not a good trend. And yes, I know that part of that is due to the fractured nature of TV, where there are so many other choices now. But the trend is down, especially with young people. That’s bad.

        I just don’t feel the same buzz out there about baseball that I used to feel. And I’m talking more about MLB in general. Because here in Chicago, there’s no question that when the cubs start winning again, this town will explode. No question in my mind about that. But across the country, I think MLB is losing traction. Just look at what the media covers ad nausuem these days. NBA free agency was wall to wall coverage. The World cup drew huge ratings. We know what happens when the NFL starts. I just don’t see that type of buzz out there for MLB anymore. I HOPE I’M WRONG and it turns around. But they have to do something to inject some offense into the game right now. (and no, I don’t mean steroids :-)) I love pitching too, but if I’m going to watch a 2-1 game, it should be 2.5 hours, not 3 or 4 hours. That’s ridiculous. They have to do something.

    • JasonOfTheBurbs

      great teams always revive pro sport popularity. When you think NBA you think Bird/Magic, Bulls/Jordan, Lakers w/ Kobe/Shaq, Lebron/Heat.

      perfect parity may create more playoff opptys, but not sure that it is good for any league except maybe football, due to the limited number of games they play.

      So you need great teams to drive national interest, and then local interest will ebb and flow based on how current local team is doing.

      Cubs are one of those teams that could really help league popularity by getting good and staying good for a while. Yankees and RedSox are the same. Maybe Dodgers a bit (Manny mania previously…Puig now).

      I think players are striking out more for sure…but I don’t feel like there are more pure strikeout pitchers, which is an odd contradiction. I think of Randy Johnson, Pedro, Clemens, Kerry Wood…guys with electric K’s. Maybe so many pitchers today are all throwing so hard that they all just sort of look the same after a while.

      Zambrano was good for K’s, but last Cubs to get me fired up with K’s was Marmol in his prime and Rich Harden’s first year with Cubs. Arrieta is doing that a bit now.

  • Cubbiemacg

    The link to the article on Houston is broken. What is the story there?

    • Neil

      Please try opening a new browser and/or clearing your history. The link is working on my end. Thank you for letting me know, always best to check.