Talkin’ Cubs Live – Cubs vs. Rockies – 07/28/14

Game One Hundred-Four – Cubs (42-61) vs. Rockies (43-61)

  • Game Time – 7:05pm CDT
  • Coverage – TV: Comcast SportsNet – Radio: 720 WGN, XM Radio Channels 185, 844
  • Location – Wrigley Field, Chicago

Tsuyoshi Wada (0-1, 5.00/1.67/3.25) vs. Yohan Flande (0-2, 7.20/1.60/3.99)

The Cubs open a four-game series tonight against the Colorado Rockies. It’s the last days of July and the Cubs are facing the Rockies for the first time this season, but Anthony Rizzo, Starlin Castro and company will play Colorado seven times in the next 10 games over an 11-day stretch. The Cubs split the six games (3-3) with the Rockies last season.

The Cubs are 2-4 on the current 10-game homestand and the next four games will have an impact on position in next June’s draft. The Cubs enter play tonight with the fewest wins in the National League.

For the first time in recent memory, the Cubs will face left-handed starters for the next four games. The Cubs are 10-10 in games started by lefties this season. And with all of the southpaws on tap, Rick Renteria could use Emilio Bonifacio at third base instead of Luis Valbuena.

After tonight’s matchup of lefties Tsuyoshi Wada and Yohan Flande, Edwin Jackson is scheduled to take on Jorge De La Rosa under the lights Tuesday. Wednesday is another all southpaw matchup of Travis Wood and Brett Anderson. Jake Arrieta is scheduled to face Tyler Matzek in the finale of the series and homestand on Thursday afternoon.

Tonight all starts with Tsuyoshi Wada

Tsuyoshi Wada makes his third big league start tonight, the first time he’s pitched in the Cubs rotation on regular rest without making a trip from Iowa. Wada admitted he was very nervous in his last start against the Padres. And it showed. Wada struggled with his command and could not complete five innings.

Tsuyoshi Wada allowed five runs on five hits with four walks and four strikeouts in four-plus innings. Wada was just as predictable with his pitch selection in his last start as he was in his big league debut. Wada has to mix it up tonight or the results will mirror his last outing against the Padres.

PrintTsuyoshi Wada makes his third start tonight and has not faced any one on the Rockies’ roster in a regular season game.

Yohan Flande makes his fifth start in the majors tonight. Flande is coming off a similar start to the one Tsuyoshi Wada made his last time out. Flande allowed four runs on five hits with two walks and no strikeouts in 5 1/3 innings to the Nationals. Flande has struggled with his command in the big leagues and has not struck out a batter in his last two starts.

The 28-year old lefty makes his second big league start outside of Coors Field tonight. Flande gave up three runs on six hits with a walk and three strikeouts to the Nationals on June 30.

Yohan Flande was 2-10 in 16 appearances, 14 starts, with Triple-A Colorado Springs this season with a 5.00 ERA and a 1.60 WHIP.

Yohan Flande makes his first appearance against the Cubs and no one on the Cubs active roster has faced him in a regular season big league ballgame.

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Quote of the Day

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way of playing the game." – Babe Ruth

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  • Neil

    Tonight’s lineup:

    Bonifacio 3B
    Alcantara 2B
    Rizzo 1B
    Castro SS
    Ruggiano RF
    Coghlan LF
    Lake CF
    Baker C
    Wada P

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  • Sonate

    “For the first time in recent memory, the Cubs will face left-handed starters for the next four games.”

    Where’s Mike Olt now that we really need him?!?

    • Neil

      Game notes said the last time the Cubs faced four lefty starters in a series was Aug of 1953. I knew I could not remember a series like this.

    • Tony_H

      Sounds like Lake is going to start the whole series. Hopefully it helps him get back on track.

      • J Daniel

        Hopefully. They must think he has higher upside, at this point, to Jackson and Vitters.

  • Sonate

    This was a bit before my time, but do you realize that Joe Garigiola (sp) was the Cubs catcher that year?? The rest of the IF was “standard” with Fondy, Baker, Banks and Jackson. Thanks for jogging my memory.

    • Neil

      I did not realize that when I typed it, thank you for reminding me.

  • Baron_S

    Castro is power hungry for those 20 HR

    i dont think he will ever end a season batting over .300 again as a result..

    he needs to be traded for a blue chip while its possible and while we have a glut of infield talent in the minors

    • Denver Mike

      Until any of that talent in the minors proves they can do what Castro has already done in the majors, I think we’d be wise to hold on to him. After all, a bird in the hand…

      • Theboardrider

        I have to agree. As I’ve said, I see Castro developing into more of a power guy. He’s still growing supposedly! An inch and a half this offseason. Latin guys fill out in their mid to late 20’s it seems.

        • Bryan

          So Latin guys fill out in their mid to late 20’s. What a comment. So, may I ask, what happens to African American and Caucasian players in their mid to late 20’s?

          • Theboardrider

            I dunno. Probably not all Latin guys do either. In fact, maybe it’s very few? Sosa, Papi, Manny, Alomar, Gallaraga, Pudge, Juan-Gone. Those are a very small set of examples I realize.

            I know huh? What a comment! Sorry if offended you Bry… I know you don’t like my comments anyway so I’ll try to remember to be more PC and not make baseless observations anymore. Thanks for keeping me honest!

          • John_CC

            90% of those guys filled out with the aid of chemical enhancement. :(

          • Theboardrider

            Probably somewhat. But goodness John, you are such a cynic! :)

            It does seem like many of the latin players do fill out though, if they start at 5 foot 9 (or so) or above.

            Left Cabrera out of that list. And Adrian Beltre…

            Maybe I’m totally off. Is there anyone else that seems to have that impression?

          • Neil

            Thank you for apologizing for the comment.

          • Neil

            The comment above has been apologized for, if the comment creates further issues, please email me directly.

          • Theboardrider

            No problem. I don’t set out to be offensive and try to hold myself to a standard of not saying something that is inherently offensive just on it’s own. The last thing I am is racist or intolerant.

          • J Daniel

            Board was just stating what was reported, and IMO from reading a lot of his posts over a long time now, is now way trying to offend anyone. Hope you didn’t take it that way.

          • Theboardrider

            Thank you J…

      • J Daniel

        Absolutely agree!

    • Tony_H

      They just said he is leading all NL SS’s in hits with a 110.

  • Tony_H

    Nice catch by Coghlan up against the doors in the wall.

  • Neil

    Rizzo with a productive out that scores a run. Won’t see that in the box score.

    • Neil

      And it set up the Cubs second run …

  • Theboardrider

    Seems like Schwarber has finally reached a level where he is facing adversity. Hope he can adjust and figure it out.

    On the other side, Hanneman is doing great, and so is McKinney.

  • Theboardrider

    Almora is finally 3 of 4! And Russell, to no surprise of late, is also 3 of 4. Addison is on an absolute tear!

    • TrevorPetersma

      A combined 8-10 tonight? Crazy.

  • Tony_H

    I have to say, nice outing by Wada.

    7 IP 5 H 1 ER 6 SO 1 BB

    • Neil

      Agreed, I should have left a comment sooner. Good command, was not predictable.

  • Neil

    No excuse whatsoever for Schierholtz, bad mistake.

  • Neil

    Rizzo with a basehit with a runner in scoring position …

  • Neil

    Cubs beat the Rockies 4-1 on Monday night … Tsuyoshi Wada: 1R, 5H, 1BB, 6K, 7IP (97 pitches, 61 strikes)

    Bonifacio: 2-4, 2B, 2R; Alcantara: 1-3, 2B, BB, R; Rizzo: 1-4, 2RBI;
    Castro: 1-3, 2B, BB

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