Rumor: Cubs Willing to Listen to Offers for Samardzija, Hammel, Jackson and Arrieta

According to a report from Jon Paul Morosi, the Cubs are telling team they are willing to listen to offers for Jeff Samardzija, Jason Hammel, Edwin Jackson and Jake Arrieta. Morosi pointed out the Cubs are not looking to trade all four starters.

The front office is doing its due diligence and trying to determine the value for each of the starting pitchers. According to Morosi, the Cubs will determine its course of action once the front office gauges interest throughout the league in the four starters.

Edwin Jackson is owed a lot of money on the four-year contract he signed. And teams were reportedly interested in Jackson before his horrible start in San Diego on May 23 in which he gave up eight runs on nine hits in four innings to the light hitting Padres. Jackson has struggled mightily since the start in San Diego and is 1-2 in his last three starts with a 6.32 ERA and a 1.85 WHIP.

Edwin Jackson is owed the remainder of his $11 million salary for this season and $11 million in both 2015 and 2016. Jackson signed a four-year, $52 million contract with the Cubs in December of 2012 that included a $8 million signing bonus and called for annual salaries of $11 million per season through 2016.

Jake Arrieta is arbitration eligible for the first time in 2015 and would draw interest from more teams according to Jon Paul Morosi. While the Cubs may be willing to listen, Arrieta is making only $544,500 this season and would likely be looking at a bump in pay to around the $3.9 million that Travis Wood received in his first year of arbitration eligibility.

Arrieta has been very good of late and has worked well with Chris Bosio since he was acquired from the Orioles last July. Arrieta is 1-0 in his last three starts with a 0.51 ERA and a 0.91 WHIP (one run on 12 hits with four walks and 12 strikeouts in 17 2/3 innings).

The Cubs have been listening to offers for Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel. Jon Paul Morosi has to report what he is told.

It should not be a surprise that the Cubs “are telling teams they are willing to listen to offers” for the four starting pitchers. The front office should be willing to listen to any team that makes an offer for a player.

Jeff Samardzija

Ken Rosenthal, during an interview on Inside Pitch (MLB Network Radio) Monday afternoon, said he was told a week and a half ago the Giants were not looking to add a starting pitcher. San Francisco has five starting pitchers and does not plan on making Tim Lincecum a $17 million reliever. Rosenthal stayed consistent in his belief that the Orioles, Blue Jays or Red Sox make the most sense for Jeff Samardzija.

Jon Heyman weighed in on the Samardzija and Hammel rumors Monday morning. Heyman said it’s a 99 percent chance that Jason Hammel gets traded while moving Samardzija “isn’t as much of a sure thing.” Heyman thinks if Jeff Samardzija gets traded it will be later in July and he’s “sure the Cubs will be looking to get more” than they received for Matt Garza.

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  • Theboardrider

    I totally agree that they need to listen to offers on any player. That said, I hope Jake Arietta stays in Chicago. I think he has a ton of upside and he’s been very good this year. To me, he’s one player that while doing well nobody should assume is going to implode at some point. As he gets better, he’s getting better. He’s realizing his potential and benefiting from work with Bosio. As I said he’s got a ton of upside and no reason to think, beyond a bad game here and there, that the best is yet to come with him.

    • Eugene Debs

      Eventually we have to keep someone, right?

      • Theboardrider

        Heck yeah! Young guys aboutto enter their prime that we can sign to long term affordable contracts. We’ll be keeping a much of those. Imagine we might even augment them with a couple free agents when they’ll help us get over the top for a title.

  • Steve Ragan

    If they trade Shark, Hammel and Arrietta (no one wants Jackson), this will sentence the Cubs to last place for the next two or three years. Looks like no end to this merry go around.

    • Vivid_Reality

      Eh, not exactly. Shark wants to leave, there is no avoiding that. It would be a different story if he wanted to stay and was willing to sign a reasonable extension. Hammel is likely leaving as he will be seeking at least a 3 year contract in free agency. Arrieta would be the only real loss and lets face it, no one knows if he can continue his new-found success. If he was to be traded during his current hot streak it would be because a team overpaid for him.

      From the 3 trades it is reasonable to assume that we would receive at least two near major league ready starting pitchers. For arguments sake lets say we received Stroman and Norris for Shark and Paxton for Hammel. There is nothing to base an Arrieta trade off of so I will throw out wild speculation and say Arrieta to the Red Sox for Henry Ownens. Paxton and Stroman would immediately slot into the rotation with Kyle Hendricks coming up from AAA. Our rotation would fill out as:


      Its honestly not that much worse than what we already have but with an added ten years of combined control. Ownens would be about a year away which would line up with our next wave of pitching prospects (CJ Edwards, Corey Black, Ivan Pineyro, Pierce Johnson). Theo and Co have done a good job of putting together competitive rotations. Its the lack of offense that had dragged us down the last couple years. I have no doubt they can continue to find value in free agent pitchers to supplement whatever pitching prospects stick at the major league level. Its just a matter of developing or signing bats to actually provide run support.

      • bpot92

        I have heard Owens wouldnt even be included in a Shark deal, so I don’t think its realistic to get him for Arrieta. Probably a lesser prospect but most likely would be two midlevel guys.

        • Vivid_Reality

          Like I said, wild speculation and an overpay just as an example. I don’t think the Red Sox would be interested or willing to include Owens in a deal.

    • Tony_H

      Don’t you think you would need to know the return before knowing this?

      • Denver Mike

        Emotion has no need for logic

    • Theboardrider

      Seriously doubtful they trade all 3 or 4. What they’re saying is that they’ll listen to offers and make whatever deal they get offered that helps the team the most. They’re not going to make a move that doesn’t help us within the next 18 months. We’re going to be competitive next year and the FO won’t sacrifice that. Maybe not postseason, but young and much improved.

      • Tony_H

        It’s like them saying they are listening to offers on Castro and Rizzo, Bryant and Baez. Of course they are listening to any offers a team makes.

        • Theboardrider

          Are you serious? They’re listening to offers on those guys? Man, we’re going to be the Washington Senators of the next decade… 😉

    • Denver Mike

      Considering Shark will be gone via FA in a year and a half if we don’t trade him, Hammel is on a 1 year contract, and Arrietta hasn’t proven to be reliable over a full season, I have a hard time seeing how trading them would sentence the Cubs to last place for 2-3 years. This year? Yes, but we are probably finishing there anyways.

    • Theboardrider

      They won’t trade all of them. Just listening as they should.

  • Eugene Debs

    Our quest to be the Midwest Les Expos de Montreal continues…..

    • Theboardrider

      We’ll be much better next year. They’re not going to make a move that doesn’t help with that. They won’t trade more than 2 of them unless they’re completely blown away on a deal for Arietta. And any return we get will include players like Dylan Bundy that will be with the team next season.

      • chuckleberry74

        Trust me, please. Cub fan in Baltimore. Dylan Bundy is going to the big club in Baltimore and no other p[lace. He and Kevin Gausman are the future of the rotation out here.

        • Denver Mike

          I was thinking the same thing, Bundy is the former #1 prospect in all of baseball, and Gausman is MLB ready right now. Why trade a young controllable pitcher that is ML ready, for a 29 year old egomanic that has said he plans to test FA?

          • Tony_H

            To try and win this year. GM’s make these moves every year where they feel the pressure to go for it this year and rather than trust a young guy they trade for a vet like Samardzija.

          • Denver Mike

            Shark has never proven to be able to hold it together over a full season, and he has never pitched in the playoffs. If I’m the O’s I would trade some lesser prospects for pitching depth with playoff experience before I would give up one of the top pitching prospects in baseball, who is ML ready, for Shark, who has proven nothing.

          • Tony_H

            I agree, but didn’t you just tell me that emotion has no need for logic. GM’s are on the hot seat and sometimes have no place for logic either.

          • Denver Mike

            Haha, that was just me being sarcastic in response to what I considered an emotional reaction by another poster.

            While I’m a very emotional person by nature, I think it’s too easy to let emotions get the best of good reason, and it’s important to be rational in our views in all walks of life, not just baseball.

          • chuckleberry74

            My thoughts exactly. Plus the O’s need that 1-2 punch of bundy and gausman. Not many homegrown pitchers here in the rotation. As for the Cubs, they might be able to eduardo rodriguez and maybe another prospect for one if the cubs position prospects.

          • JasonOfTheBurbs

            exactly…the idea that we would get “mlb-ready” prospect-stud-pitchers in exchange for Samardzija is just silly. If a team has a young (controllable) potential ace ready to join the big club, why do you trade that potential for a big oaf with a mullet that has never done anything of note in a full year, despite being almost 30?

            better hope you find completely clueless GM out there…Samardzija’s value was never higher than coming in to June. The idea that we couldn’t trade him until after draft is going to come back and bite the Cubs, I suspect.

  • whatdahelldoino

    Obviously the best move for this team would be to sell but in saying that why would they listen to offers for Arrieta? He’s the product of the plan of trading expiring contracts/veterans in return for younger players (especially arms). So now trade players we got in a trade to get younger to get even more younger? At least wait down the line for value to go up if they decide hes not part of the future. My 2 cents

    • Tony_H

      So they shouldn’t listen to a team who calls and says they would like to make an offer for Arrieta? All teams listen to offers and talk about any player. What would people say if Jed came out and said that Arrieta is untouchable, we cut people off when they mention him and say next.

    • JasonOfTheBurbs

      I agree…you always listen, but at what point are we looking to keep our own young guys? Must be a 10 yr rebuilding plan now.

  • Jeffrey Rogers

    You ALWAYS listen. Does not mean you are actively shopping a player. You never know when a GM will lose his mind and offer a boat load for a guy like Arrieta.

    Who knows, Kevin Towers has been known to be extremely stupid. Maybe he gives Bradley away like he has given away Bauer, Parker, Upton, Skaggs, etc.

    His first trade was Pedro Martinez for John Berry.

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