Report: Cubs Inquired About Receiving Competitive-Balance Draft Pick as Part of a Deal for Samardzija

A day after the Marlins traded their competitive-balance draft pick (39th overall) and the assigned value of the pick to the Pirates for RHP Bryan Morris, Jeff Passan reported the Cubs “have inquired about receiving a competitive-balance draft pick and the accompanying bonus-pool money as a part of the package for Jeff Samardzija.”

The Rockies have been mentioned as one of the teams interested in trading for Samardzija, and Colorado has a competitive balance draft pick, the 35th overall pick in the draft, worth $1,614,500. The Cubs would be able to add a significant amount of money to their bonus pool of $8,347,300 if Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer could swing a trade for Samardzija that included the Rockies competitive balance pick.

The Astros, Indians, Marlins, Royals, Brewers, Diamondbacks, Cardinals, Rays, Pirates and Mariners have competitive-balance picks in either Round A (before second round) or Round B (before the third round).

Teams cannot trade draft picks under the current CBA, but look for that rule to be changed. Teams can trade competitive-balance picks, and two of them in this year’s draft have been dealt. The Orioles sent their competitive-balance pick (37th  overall) to the Astros as part of the Bud Norris deal last summer.

Jeff Passan thinks Jeff Samardzija will be traded to a team in the east and to possibly one of the four teams in the mix for a division title.

A team’s draft bonus pool covers the first 10 rounds and any bonuses that exceed $100,000 for players selected in rounds 11-40. If a team does not sign a player that was selected in the top 10 rounds, the bonus pool associated with that slot is removed from the team’s total bonus pool.

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