Mariners Reportedly Interested in Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel

The Mariners have been connected to Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel for quite some time. Seattle was reportedly interested in Jeff Samardzija in the off-season and the Sun-Times reported two weeks ago that Seattle was the likely landing spot for Jason Hammel at some point before the July 31 trade deadline.

Jon Heyman reported Wednesday morning that the “Mariners have been in fairly frequent contact” with the Cubs and “the two players most connected to Seattle trade talks are pitchers Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel.”

It is unclear what direction Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik will go before the deadline. The Mariners are said to need offense, but the Mariners have been connected heavily to Jeff Samardzija and David Price for months and most recently to Jason Hammel. Zduriencik admitted he is “wide open” and “if something makes sense” that would help his club get better he would consider it.

The Mariners are six games over .500 for first time since 2009 (prior to Wednesday’s game), there is a lot of pressure on Zduriencik to deliver a winner and for Seattle to participate in the post-season.

Zduriencik is hesitant to “part with top young pitchers Taijuan Walker and James Paxtonaccording to Jon Heyman. Walker is back on the mound after dealing with injuries this season and threw a complete game shutout in his last start for Triple-A Tacoma. Prior to his last outing, with one exception, Walker has really struggled at the Triple-A level this season. In 30 2/3 innings over six starts for Triple-A Tacoma, Walker has allowed 22 hits with 10 walks and 29 strikeouts. Walker gave up four hits over nine innings in his last start (June 24) with one walk and eight strikeouts.

In regards to Taijuan Walker being part of the Mariners’ future, Jack Zduriencik said, “He’s going to be around for a number of years, and if you think he’s the real deal … we’re not selling the farm. We’re not doing anything foolish.”

Jack Zduriencik “mentioned the organization has done too much of that in the past to emphasize Walker and Paxton very likely aren’t going anywhere” according to Heyman’s report.

The Mariners are not the only team in the AL West that has been connected to Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel. The Angels are also thought to be interested in both Samardzija and Hammel. And Jerry DiPoto might be able to scrape together enough for Jason Hammel but he would figure to fall short in the high end pitching prospects it would take to acquire Jeff Samardzija.

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  • Theboardrider

    More teams in the nix is good for us! Can’t wait to see if we end up with Walker, Sanchez or Bundy! If one of those teams wants him that’s what it will cost. And one will do it. Or another will step up and will get Crick from SF or elsewhere.

  • Gimme_Dat_Cookie

    If anyone can talk Jack Z out of Walker it’s Theo. That would be an amazing get.

    • GaryLeeT

      I am not saying Theo couldn’t do that, but Walker is MLB ready now, why would the Mariners trade him?

      • Gimme_Dat_Cookie

        No clue, but a lot of people are surprised they’re looking for pitching at the deadline when they have Walker. Maybe they don’t wanna rely on a rookie for the stretch run.

        • J Daniel

          Pitching always wins in the playoffs. If they can get there, which you do need hitting during the season, then they would have a shot.

          • mutantbeast

            If im Seattle and my playoff rotation is King Felix, Iwukama and Spellcheck, Id match that with anyones.

      • BigJonLilJon

        Injuries and inconsistency

      • Denver Mike

        This has been my point with most of these guys. Walker, Paxton, Bundy, Gausman, Sanchez, Stroman, in ST Archie Bradley was mentioned … all of these guys have ML experience or are at AAA just waiting for a spot to open up. If the tables were reversed where I was a fan of one of those teams, and they traded a package including any of those guys for a soon to be 30 year old Samardzija, I would be furious.

      • Denver Mike

        That being said I really hope we get one of them :)

  • Gbarnett

    think id rather trade hammel for paxton and send shark to the orioles and try to get bundy and harvey

    • BosephHeyden

      Hammel for either pitcher from the Mariners would be fair and a good trade to make. But both guys are dealing injuries or aftermaths of injuries. Heck, Paxton’s been on the DL since April and has been a game away from coming back twice before his shoulder tightened up on him again. Allegedly he’ll be back in 2 weeks, but if there was ever a red flag, that’s it.

      • triple

        They better not trade either guy for someone with injury concerns! Hell, just look at Cashner. Between his elbow and shoulder, he’ll be lucky if he can even stay healthy pitching out of the bullpen soon. And to think they gave us Rizzo for him?

        • BosephHeyden

          For Samardzija, I agree, because he’s a long term option in exchange for guys with a potential to maybe be a long term option. Him you get as much for as possible. Hammel, on the other hand, is a rental who is having the expected success you usually get from a pitcher moving from the AL to the NL. With him, you can afford to take a chance on an injured player, so long as their upside is clearly visible.

          In this case, I’d say Paxton would be the guy you get for Hammel simply because he does have MLB success this season to go along with his injury woes. Of course you don’t stop with just Paxton, so a Single A position player would also have to be included.

          • Denver Mike

            The problem is that Samardzija isn’t a long term option for the Cubs, and certainly not a long term TOR option. He is a 30 year old #3, that wants a no trade clause, about $30MM more than he deserves over the next 5 years, and in spite of what he says doesn’t want to be on the Cubs.

            I say get whatever we can for him and bid him good riddance.

          • TheWrongGuy

            I would wait till the lottery draft to trade Hammel with the Mariners. They are a team in the lottery and will have a lottery pick to trade. Just a thought and an option. Baltimore is in the same boat, as they also have a lottery pick to trade.
            Draft picks are at a premium in today’s baseball world.

    • Denver Mike

      Neither of those trades will ever happen IMO. Paxton may be available because of his injury history, but I think it would take Samardzija to pry him lose as part of a package. With regards to the Orioles, I don’t see any scenario where we get Bundy at all. Maybe Harvey if it’s Samardzija, Valbuena, Russell, + intl bonus $.

  • GaryLeeT

    Walker is coming off a shoulder injury which might make them a little leary, but then again, could provide leverage for Theo if he wasn’t scared off by that.

    • Tony_H

      To win this year.

      • GaryLeeT

        I think the Mariners are convinced that trading Walker would not benefit them any more this year, than if they just put him in the rotation now. I am not saying the Cubs won’t trade with the Mariners, but there is zero chance Walker is in any deal.

        • Tony_H

          Zduriencik is on the hot seat and is not a very good GM. As I agree I wouldn’t trade Walker, one can’t say what a GM under pressure while in the playoff hunt and trying to save his job will do.

          • J Daniel

            GMs on that seat will make desperate moves, just ask JH or many others before. Patience for the right deal is the key.

  • Patrick_Schaefer

    I keep reading all these teams are interested but won’t give up their top guys. I think if the Cubs don’t get what they want they might still up their offer and sign shark for 5 years.

    • Tony_H

      Or just go into next year and let arbitration show Jeff what is going rate is for 2015.

      • GaryLeeT

        Hmmmm I wonder what that would end up being? Could he get all the way up to $18 mil, from the little over $5 mil he’s making this year? Not likely even close. As you suggest, it could work in the Cubs favor, and be both a humbling, and enlightening experience for Jeff.

        • Tony_H

          He would ask for way too high of an amount and the Cubs could go in at $10-$12M and win.

          Where the Cubs lose is if they win. If they actually turn things around next year and are competitive, it will be really tough to trade him away in his walk year, especially if they are within a few games of the Wild Card spot. But, Samardzija may be more open to an extension if that happens.

          • J Daniel

            They will deal him this year. All a game of chicken now. Great haul for Garza last year and somebody is going to blink and pay heavy. They have another year control so it will happen.

          • Denver Mike

            Agreed, I think they are looking for one more big prospect haul for Samardzija this year, and then plan to shift gears starting this off-season to start building the ML roster. We have too many guys that will be knocking on the door the second half of this year, and in to next. You don’t want all these kids coming up without some support around them on the field and in the batting order.

          • paulcatanese

            That would be nice.

  • mutantbeast

    I gopt news for Jack Z of Seattle, then. No Walker, No Paxton, no deal. I dont want your trash. Id rather keep Spellcheck and Hammel time then give them away. Its called a sellers market.

  • Richard Hood

    There may be some smoke here. I think that any trade would have to be built around Walker. They also have some pieces at both the major league level and the upper minors that could get Theo’s attention. The name that I am hearing getting a lot of buzz is DJ Peterson. He probably is going to be more of a corner OF type if his glove doesn’t pick up but he should be on the fast track to AA ball soon.

  • Jeffrey Rogers

    Of course, every team is interested in Jeff and Jason if they don’t have to give up any top prospects. I’m sure even the Astros and Rays are interested if they can only give up a couple of mid teen ranked prospects. Get real GM’s, The Cubs do not HAVE to trade either of these guys.

  • Marinersforever71

    Instead of trading Paxton and Walker, a combination of Nick Franklin, Tyler Pike, Justin Smoak, Ji Man Choi or Peterson, and Michael Taylor or a player to be named at Class A (mid level prospect) for Samardzja would make sense. Cubs can package Smoak to the Rangers or Padres for a mid or lower tier prospect if Hoyer/Epstein and front office in Texas or San Diego is okay of making that minor move. Time for Smoak to move on in a change of scenery.