Kris Bryant Takes Home Second Straight Southern League Hitter of the Week Award

For the second week in a row, Kris Bryant is the Southern League Hitter of the Week (June 2-8) as he continues to tear up the league. Bryant went 10-for-24 with three doubles, three home runs, six walks, six strikeouts and one stolen base over the seven-day period. Bryant also scored seven runs and drove in five runs. For the week, Bryant had a .417/.533/.917 slash line with a 1.450 OPS.

Kris Bryant has won the Southern League Hitter of the Week award three times this season. Bryant first took home the award on May 12 before his second honor last week (May 26-June 1).

Kris Bryant went out Monday night and hit his 22nd home run of the season as part of a 2-for-5 night at the plate. Bryant remains tied with Joey Gallo for the minor league lead in home runs. Gallo hit his 22nd in walk-off fashion on Monday. Bryant and Gallo lead all of professional baseball (minors and majors) in home runs.

Over his last 10 games, Kris Bryant is hitting .405/.500/.919 with four doubles, five home runs, seven walks and 10 strikeouts with a 1.419 OPS. Bryant continues to dominate the Southern League and is pushing the Cubs front office to promote him to Triple-A, without saying a word.

Jason McLeod addressed Bryant’s performance and a timetable on when he could be promoted during an interview on the Jordan Bernfield Show (87.7 The Game) last Sunday.

“I know, it’s amazing just seeing what he is doing every day,” McLeod said. “It’s been a lot of fun. Who could expect this? He is certainly making a loud statement and it’s something we talk a lot about, especially the last couple of weeks in the office. As of right now, there is no immediate plan to move him.”

“When you see the numbers you ask why you would keep him there. The great thing about Kris is as good as he is doing, he understands every day when he comes to the park that he is working on something to get better that day,” McLeod said. “Whether it’s his approach or groundballs at third or something specific he’s working on defensively. He understands at the next level I am going to have to do this and when I get to the big leagues hopefully I am able to do this. That’s what has been great is that he has had that level-headed approach.”

“But those discussions are taking place, no definite timetable yet.”


The Cubs see Kris Bryant as a third baseman and he is working hard to stay at third base. The front office is not thinking about moving him from the hot corner.

“No not at this time. He is a third baseman,” Jason McLeod said on the Jordan Bernfield Show. “The staff down there is working hard every day. That’s what is great about Kris. He goes to the ballpark, yesterday he went 3-for-3 and he’s going to come in today like that didn’t happen and work on his defense and work on his groundballs, work on his crossover. Because Kris has a lot of pride and despite what is happening on the offensive side, this guy has a lot of pride in his defense. He wants to show people that he can be a quality, Major League third baseman. And that is the way he goes about his work every day. Of course we’ve mentioned in the past how athletic he is, certainly he could move to the outfield, but that is not part of the plan right now.”

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Quote of the Day

"Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again." – Bob Feller

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  • The Dude Abides

    That’s great that they are sticking with Bryant at 3B, any harm in moving him up to AAA to challenge him a bit batting as he develops his defense. For that matter moving Baez to 2B so he can start that process wouldn’t be out of question either. Alcantara has already begun the transition to CF so as we speak it must be the initial plan. Rizzo, Baez, Castro & Bryant with Alcantara in CF. Seems a bit optimistic, but what the hey, we can dream. Let them play together in AAA for the next two/three months and bring up the deserving players in September.

    • JasonPen

      Bring up all of them at one time. A wave of talented young players would probably take some pressure off of everyone individually

    • Jeffrey Rogers

      Agree with Baez at 2B. A 20-30 HR per season 2B is a nice luxury to have.

      Rizzo – 20+
      Baez – 20+
      Castro 15+
      Bryant 25+

      If you have that kind of production from the infield you live with a catcher and one OF that are pure defense and / or OBP.

      • Patrick_Schaefer

        Lake -LF -CF-RF 20hr+

  • GaryLeeT

    Man, that swing of Bryant’s should be listed as a national treasure. What an absolute thing of beauty.

    • Craig York

      I’ve been watching YouTube videos of him all morning.

  • Theboardrider

    Does he project as a guy who K’s more than normal? 10-4 K, W is the only possible negative at the plate.

    Is southern league known as a hitter’s or pitcher’s league?

    • Tom U

      The Southern League is generally known as a pitcher’s league. However, Pensacola has a similar wind factor to Wrigley.

      • Theboardrider

        Nice. All the more impressive.

  • paulcatanese

    Kris Bryant tied with Joey Gallo? What’s Joe Pesci doing down there?

  • John_CC

    I hope that the Cubs honestly do see him as 3Bman, meaning they believe that he can play the position. I would love to see him stick there and work out at 3B in Iowa for the rest of the summer. Olt is not the long term solution and the situation at 3B stinks right now. Ideally there would be someone at Iowa ready to take a promotion and Olt could go down. He is staying in Chicago because the FO does have a plan to move Bryant to Iowa and then Olt would have nowhere to play there either. And moving Bryant off from 3B to accommodate Olt is not going to happen, nor should it.

    If anyone out of Bryant, Baez, or Alcantara moves to the OF I think it should be Javy. His prodigious power will play anywhere and taking the demanding defensive aspect out of his game might help his hitting. And keep him healthier. Alcantara seems to be far more skilled as a middle IF, he was a good SS and is now a good 2B.

    I know the Cubs do not want to rush anyone and I am fine with that during this yet another lost season. But it’s ironic that at least two players in Bryant and Alcantara would in all likelihood be better that the current players at their positions in Chicago. Bryant would not K as much as Olt, has equal or better power, and just a better approach all the way around. Alcantara is probably better than Bonafacio all around, and certainly could hit at least as much as Barney.

    I can’t wait for the trading to begin. This roster is awful, they need to cut the fat!

    • Denver Mike

      I was going to respond to ‘tex and ‘riders discussion on the Daily CCO thread, but rather than get involved in all that I’ll just state that I agree with most everything you just said.

      Bryant needs to stay at 3B, and certainly shouldn’t be moved to make room for Olt. If Olt can figure out how to hit a breaking pitch then let him figure out the OF, but at this point I don’t change a single thing about Bryant or where he plays, just work with him on getting better defensively.

      I think the Fo is keeping Baez on the IF because they still aren’t sure what they have at 2B, SS, 3B for the long term, and want to make sure those positions are locked down before moving him to the OF. That, and his ego might not be able to take the shift to OF :)

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