Cubs Reportedly Among the Most Aggressive in Baseball Scouting Other Teams

It’s the last full week of June and the trade rumors are picking up. According to a report from Joel Sherman, the Cubs are the only team “willing to jump the market” and the front office is talking to teams about Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel. The Cubs could be looking to trade Hammel before Samardzija in order to maximize the return on both pitchers.

A report from Jayson Stark late last week indicated the Cubs were expecting to move Jason Hammel at some point in the next two weeks. Based on the date of Stark’s report, that would put Hammel on the same timeframe in which Scott Feldman was traded last year (July 2). Sherman reported one AL executive told him “the Cubs’ guys are pretty patient, but calculating in a practical way” and “if the value matches their view, they won’t wait until the deadline.”

Joel Sherman also reported that “outside executives say the Cubs must obtain a close-to-the-majors, high-end starting pitcher as the key piece of a trade for Jeff Samardzija.” Reports and rumors have indicated the Cubs are looking for four prospects in return for Samardzija, with two top pitching prospects headlining the deal.

The Cubs have had scouts watching the Blue Jays system in recent weeks, with Tim Wilken on hand for one of Daniel Norris’ starts. And, Cubs’ scouts have reportedly watched several of the Orioles’ young arms. According to a report from Nick Cafardo, the Cubs are among four teams that “have been the most aggressive in terms of scouting other teams’ farm systems and parent teams.”

Jed Hoyer talked a little about the process that goes into making trades last Friday during his weekly spot on The Kap & Haugh Show (87.7 The Game).

“If we are going to make trades, we have a very good pro scouting department that Joe Bohringer runs. We try to get as much coverage as we can on the teams we think we might be dealing with and then we try to sit down and break it down the way we break down guys for the draft,” Hoyer explained. “So it’s a stream of talent that we’ve tried to really capitalize on since we’ve been here. I do think there will be a time, I think it’s going to be a time in the very near future that we are on the other end of these deals. So while we have a chance to make trades and go out and get young players we need to do a really good job of that. We don’t get extra draft picks like the other teams in our division. So we have to be able to compete with them as far as young talent. We know that day is going to end. In the meantime we need to make sure we are prepared to go out and get other teams’ best guys.”

Both Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer discuss trades with other General Managers according to what Jed Hoyer told David Kaplan and David Haugh (87.7 The Game) last Friday. Epstein and Hoyer divide up the conversations based on the relationships they have and that helps them make a “ton of calls.”

More Cubs Rumors

Roch Kubatko, the Orioles beat reporter for MASN Sports, joined Barry Rozner and Matt Abbatacola during the last half hour of Sunday’s Hit and Run (670 The Score). The people Roch Kubatko has spoken to about the Orioles interest in Jeff Samardzija said the reports are inaccurate and the Orioles have not spoken to the Cubs about Samardzija. Baltimore is building up its pitching depth in the minors and does not want to part with any of it.

According to a report from Nick Cafardo, the Cubs will likely trade Nate Schierholtz, even though he’s struggled at the plate this season.

If Edwin Jackson was pitching well, Nick Cafardo thinks the Cubs would be able to trade him. But Jackson is in the middle of a bad stretch … and while there have been “good stretches in which his stuff dominates, those have been few and far between this season.”

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