Cubs Announce Signing of Mark Zagunis, James Farris and Twenty-One of First Twenty-Two Draft Picks

The Cubs announced Wednesday afternoon the signings of third round draft pick, catcher Mark Zagunis and ninth round pick, RHP James Farris along with 21 of the first 22 picks in this year’s draft. The only pick in the first ten rounds that has not been signed is RHP Dylan Cease and the team is expected to sign him prior to the July 18 deadline.

LHP Tommy Thorpe, RHP James Farris, RHP Ryan Williams, RHP Jordan Brink, RHP Tanner Griggs, 3B Kevonte Mitchell, 2B Chesny Young, RHP Jeremy Null, SS Jason Vosler, RHP Michael Knighton, RHP Austyn Mills, 3B Joey Martarano and 2B Andrew Ely were among the signings the team made official Wednesday.

The Cubs previously announced the signings of RHP Brad Markey, SS Alex Tomasovich, OF Charles White, C Tyler Pearson, RHP Zach Hedges and OF Calvin Graves.

Updated 5:12pm CDTAccording to Jim Callis, Cubs 13th round pick, 3B Kevonte Mitchell received a $200,000 signing bonus.

The Cubs have signed nine of its first 10 picks in this year’s draft and were able save slot money in the first ten rounds to use on players that were labeled as tough signs. July 18 is the deadline to sign players that were selected in the draft.

Kyle Schwarber ($3.125 million), RHP Jake Stinnett ($1 million), Mark Zagunis ($615,000) RHP James Norwood ($175,000), LHP Tommy Thorpe ($135,000), RHP James Farris ($3,000) and RHP Ryan Williams ($1,000) signed under-slot deals. The Cubs have already allocated some of the $2,188,200 savings on those seven picks on LHP Carson Sands and LHP Justin Steele. The extra bonuses paid to Sands and Steele total $1,259,100. The Cubs signed 3B Kevonte Mitchell, the 13th round pick, to a $200,000 bonus, $100,000 of the signing bonus paid to Mitchell counts against the Cubs bonus pool.

The Cubs signed LHP Carson Sands for $1.1 million, which is $619,000 above the slot allotment of $480,600 for the Cubs fourth round pick. And LHP Justin Steele was signed for $1 million, which is $640,100 over the Cubs slot allotment for their fifth pick of $359,900.

The Cubs signing bonus pool for the first 10 rounds of this year’s draft is $8,352,200 million. If the Cubs sign a player in rounds 11-40 for more than $100,000, the excess is counted against the team’s bonus pool. If the Cubs draft a player in the first 10 rounds they are unable sign, the assigned slot value is removed from their bonus pool allotment.

If a team exceeds its draft pool by 0-5 percent it receives a 75 percent tax on the overage. If a team exceeds its bonus pool allotment by more than five percent and up to 10 percent, the penalty is the loss of a first round pick and a 75 percent tax on the overage. If a team exceeds its bonus pool by 10-15 percent, the penalty is the loss of a first and second round pick, plus 100 percent tax on the overage. If a team exceeds its bonus pool by more than 15 percent, the penalty is two first round draft picks and 100 percent tax on the overage.

Cubs Pick Values and Draft Signings
  • Round One (Pick #4) – $4,621,200 – Kyle Schwarber signed $3.125 million
  • Round Two (Pick #45) – $1,250,400 – RHP Jake Stinnett signed $1 million
  • Round Three (Pick #78) – $714,900 – Mark Zagunis signed $615,000
  • Round Four (Pick #109) – $480,600 – LHP Carson Sands signed $1.1 million
  • Round Five (Pick #139) – $359,900 – LHP Justin Steele signed $1 million
  • Round Six (Pick #169) – $269,500
  • Round Seven (Pick #199) – $201,900 – RHP James Norwood signed $201,900
  • Round Eight (Pick #229) – $161,800 – LHP Tommy Thorpe signed $135,000
  • Round Nine (Pick #259) – $151,000 – RHP James Farris signed $3,000
  • Round Ten (Pick #289) – $141,000 – RHP Ryan Williams signed $1,000
  • Round Eleven – $100,000 – RHP Jordan Brink signed $100,000
  • Round Twelve – RHP Tanner Griggs
  • Round Thirteen – $100,000 – 3B Kevonte Mitchell signed $200,000
  • Round Fourteen – 2B Chesny Young
  • Round Fifteen – RHP Jeremy Null
  • Round Sixteen – SS Jason Vosler
  • Round Seventeen – RHP Michael Knighton
  • Round Eighteen – RHP Austyn Mills
  • Round Nineteen – RHP Brad Markey
  • Round Twenty – SS Alex Tomasovich
  • Round Twenty-One – OF Charles White
  • Round Twenty-Two – 3B Joey Martarano
  • Round Twenty-Five – C Tyler Pearson
  • Round Twenty-Six – RHP Zach Hedges
  • Round Twenty-Seven – OF Calvin Graves
  • Round Thirty-Two – 2B Andrew Ely
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  • triple

    Come on down Dylan Cease, you are the next contestant on the price is right!

  • DWalker

    With the TJ surgery etc for Cease, it seems hard to think they can’t get him for well below the excess they have created with under slot signings. Cantu sounds like he has already refused, maybe they are putting enough together to make him reconsider? Who else is on the board thats a tough sign that they might throw a big bonus at?

    • Vivid_Reality

      Gilliam, Peters, and Adams could be swayed with a big bonus. I’m pretty happy with getting Brink and Mitchell for only 100k overslot. Anything else is just gravy. Assuming we can sign Cease of course.

  • Jeffrey Rogers

    Does Zangunis go to AZL or straight to Boise?

    • Neil

      I would think Arizona. I have not heard or read anything yet.

  • DWalker

    you know, it seems really early in the year to have so many signed already. are other teams as far along? I hear the Cards have already lost their third round pick.

    • Denver Mike

      I’m not sure where all of the other teams are at, but I remember hearing the White Sox had signed 9 of their top 10 in the first week or two after the draft. I’m pretty sure Rodon is still unsigned though.