Cubs 2014 First-Year Player Draft – Day Three

Saturday is the third and final day of the Rule 4 Draft (Rounds 11-40). Day three begins with the 11th round at 12:00pm CDT and wraps up later in the day. Teams have found good value in the late rounds over the years, and even under the new CBA.

Pitching should be the Cubs focus during the third day of the draft. The Cubs have used eight of their first 10 picks on pitching and that ratio will likely continue on Saturday.

The picks are announced at light speed on the third day and some teams even pass as the draft gets into later rounds. The draft can be followed on throughout the day.

The Cubs signing bonus pool for the first 10 rounds of this year’s draft is $8,352,200 million. If the Cubs sign a player in rounds 11-40 for more than $100,000, the excess is counted against the team’s bonus pool. If the Cubs draft a player in the first 10 rounds they are unable sign, the assigned slot value is removed from their bonus pool allotment.

If a team exceeds its draft pool by 0-5 percent it receives a 75 percent tax on the overage. If a team exceeds its bonus pool allotment by more than five percent and up to 10 percent, the penalty is the loss of a first round pick and a 75 percent tax on the overage. If a team exceeds its bonus pool by 10-15 percent, the penalty is the loss of a first and second round pick, plus 100 percent tax on the overage. If a team exceeds its bonus pool by more than 15 percent, the penalty is two first round draft picks and 100 percent tax on the overage.

Teams can draft good players with upside on the third day of the draft, if they’ve done their homework. Over the last two drafts, Jason McLeod and his team have selected Justin Amlung (12), Bijan Rademacher (13), Nathan Dorris (17), Tim Saunders (32), Jacob Rogers (40), Jordan Hankins (11), Trevor Clifton (12), Trevor Graham (13), Cael Brockmeyer (16), Will Remillard (19) and Tyler Alamo (24).

Cubs 2014 Draft Picks
  • Round One (4th Overall) – C/OF Kyle Schwarber
  • Round Two (45th Overall) – RHP Jake Stinnett
  • Round Three (78th Overall) – C Mark Zagunis (Virginia Tech)
  • Round Four (109th Overall) – LHP Carson Sands (North Christian HS – Florida)
  • Round Five (139th Overall) – LHP Justin Steele (George County HS – Mississippi)
  • Round Six (169th Overall) – RHP Dylan Cease (Milton HS – Milton GA)
  • Round Seven (199th Overall) – RHP James Norwood (St. Louis University)
  • Round Eight (229th Overall) – LHP Tommy Thorpe (Oregon)
  • Round Nine (259th Overall) – RHP James Farris (Arizona)
  • Round Ten (289th Overall) –  RHP Ryan Williams (East Carolina)
  • Round Eleven (319th Overall) – RHP Jordan Brink (Fresno State)
  • Round Twelve (349th Overall) – RHP Tanner Griggs (Angelina College)
  • Round Thirteen (379th Overall) – 3B Kevonte Mitchell (Kennett HS)
  • Round Fourteen (409th Overall) – 2B Chesny Young (Mercer University)
  • Round Fifteen (439th Overall) – RHP Jeremy Null (Western Carolina)
  • Round Sixteen (469th Overall) – SS Jason Volser (Northeastern University)
  • Round Seventeen (499th Overall) – RHP Michael Knighton (Central Alabama CC)
  • Round Eighteen (529th Overall) – RHP Austyn Willis (Barstow HS)
  • Round Nineteen (559th Overall) – RHP Brad Markey (Virginia Tech)
  • Round Twenty (589th Overall) – SS John Tomasovich (Charleston Southern University)
  • Round Twenty-One – OF Charles White (Maryland)
  • Round Twenty-Two – 3B Joey Martarano (Boise State)
  • Round Twenty-Three – OF Isiah Gilliam (Parkview HS – Georgia)
  • Round Twenty-Four – CF Daniel Spingola (Georgia Tech)
  • Round Twenty-Five – C Tyler Pearson (Texas State)
  • Round Twenty-Six – RHP Zach Hedges (Azusa Pacific University)
  • Round Twenty-Seven – CF Calvin Graves (Franklin Pierce University)
  • Round Twenty-Eight – RHP Jacob Niggemeyer (Olentangy Liberty HS)
  • Round Twenty-Nine – RHP Gianni Zayas (Seminole State College – FLA)
  • Round Thirty – C Michael Cantu (Foy H. Moody HS – TX)
  • Round Thirty-One – RHP Brad Deppermann (East Lake HS – FL)
  • Round Thirty-Two – 2B Andrew Ely (University of Washington)
  • Round Thirty-Three – RHP Brad Bass (Lincoln-Way Central HS – IL)
  • Round Thirty-Four – RHP Steven Kane (Cypress College – CA)
  • Round Thirty-Five – LHP Jordan Minch (Purdue)
  • Round Thirty-Six – OF D.J. Peters (Glendora HS – CA)
  • Round Thirty-Seven – C Riley Adams (Canyon Crest Academy – CA)
  • Round Thirty-Eight – C Daniel Wasinger (East Lake HS – TX)
  • Round Thirty-Nine – C David Petrino (Central Arizona)
  • Round Forty – CF Diamond Johnson (Hillsborough HS – FL)
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Quote of the Day

"People who write about Spring Training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball." – Sandy Koufax