CCO Fantasy Baseball League – Week 9

Here we are almost half way through the season and it’s time for our first position round. We should have some very good match-ups this week and some that you wouldn’t even write home to Mom about. I am holding onto the last playoff spot with a 5-4 record and 2643 points. Of course six teams are tied at 5-4 and only two of us are in the top eight. Kentucky Ripsnorters took over the No. 1 seed. I am short on time this week, so a little abbreviated recap. I will have a full recap to look at our position round week and recap where we are at half way through the season next week.

07Greydigger’s Crushers(6-3) 278 over Aguas de Marco Billy (5-4) 271

Aguas mounted a big comeback on Sunday but came up short as Scooter Gennett hit 2 2B’s and a Home Run against the Cubs to put up 12 points to help Greydigger hold off Billy. Greydigger was led by Madison Bumgarner who struck out 10 in 7 innings to pick up the win and 33 points. It took 2 starts but Cole Hamels put up 31 points to lead Aguas de Marco without picking up a W.

Kentucky Ripsnorters (7-2) 358 over What’s Optimism? Vivid Reality (5-4) 336

Ripsnorters pulled away over the weekend; down 41 to start the weekend to keep putting up W’s and take over the #1 seed. Kyle Lohse (45 pts.) picked up a W in his 2 starts while putting up a 2.30 ERA to lead Rip. Ryan Braun (36 points) was the offensive leader with 3 2B’s, 2 HR’s and 8 RBI’s. Vivid hit 12 HR’s with 4 of them coming from Josh Donaldson (47 pts.)who also drove in 12 runs. Zach Greinke (37 pts.) struck 18 over 13.2 IP and picked up one W.

Northside Bleacher Bums (5-4) 305 over Team Gramps (4-5) 281

Gramps made it close with a 110 point day on Sunday but it wasn’t enough as the Bleacher Bums won in a battle of 4 win teams to stay over 500. Bums did it all with pitching this week as Jon Lester (48 pts.) won twice and struck out 19 in 13 innings. Josh Collmenter needed just one start in a complete game 3- hitter to put up    35 points and Aroldis Chapman had 3 saves on his way to a 30 point week. Gramps also did it all with pitching with Chris Sale (51 pts.) with 1 W, but gave up only 2 hits and 1 walk over 12 innings. Yu Darvish also struck out 12 in just 8 innings on his way to 35 points.

Waiting on Bryant (3-6) 304 over Team Scared Hitless (0-9) 221

Waiting on Bryant had Edwin Encarnacion hit 5 HR’s and drive in 10 runs for a huge 53 point week. Rookie George Springer has taken off with 3 HR’s and 7 RBI’s.

BigJonLilJon’s Lehair of the Dog (6-3) 381 over CubfaninSeattle John (4-5) 263

BigJon had some big weeks starting with Nathan Eovaldi and his 41 pts. over 2 starts and Jason Hammel’s 31 points with 8 strikeouts in 7 innings and only 4 hits and no walks. Jose Bautista (34 pts.) hit 2 HR’s and Miguel Cabrera (34 pts.) hit 3 HR’s. Seattle put up 109 points in just 3 players but had little more help from the rest of the roster. Jason Heyward (36 pts.) hit 2 HR’s and drove in 6, while Hyun-Jin Ryu picked up 2 W’s and 40 points, while King Felix came within 1 out of a complete game, getting a W and 33 points.

The Wrong Team (5-4) 346 over Clark n Addison Tony_H (5-4) 286

I was down by 61 after Monday and lost by 60. My best player was Soria my closer with 25 points and Garrett Richards finally had a bad outing and lost 13 points. Who knew Ryan Howard was still playing let alone hitting 4 HR’s in one week while driving in 14 runs to put up 40 points. Wrong Team had their closer have a good week as well with 1 W and 2 saves for 33 points.

Team JasonOfTheBurbs (4-5) 337 over Runnin Bredstiks (7-2) 295

AJ Pollock scored 9 runs hit 6 2B’s, 1 3B and 1 Home Run on his way to a 40 point week and end up on the DL but get a big victory over Runnin Bredstiks.

FL JimBoC (6-3) 287 over Slammin Steve Petty (1-8) 173

Nelson Cruz hit 4 HR’s and drove in 8 runs to help JimBoC cruise to a victory over Steve Petty.

The Calicubs (7-2) 306 over Baywatch Buttspanx (4-5) 249

Michael Wacha (40 pts.) won 1 game and gave up only 7 hits and 2 walks over 13 innings to lead Calicubs over Baywatch.

Bullpen MacGyvers (5-4) 328 over Balls Deep in the Ivy (1-8) 205

Collin McHugh threw 7 shut-out innings while striking out 9 to pick up a W and 31 points to lead Bullpen MacGyvers to victory over Balls Deep in the Ivy.

Top Player Performances - Week 9

Edwin Encarnacion53Waiting on Bryant
Chris Sale51Team Gramps
Jon Lester48Northside Bleachers
Josh Donaldson47What's Optimism? Vivid Reality
Kyle Lohse45Kentucky Ripsnorters

Sheffield Division - Week 9 Standings

7-2Runnin Bredstiks2831
7-2The Calicubs2890
6-3BigJonLilJon's LehairOfTheDog2586
5-4Bullpen Macgyvers2550
4-5CubfaninSeattle John2587
4-5Baywatch Buttspanx2556
4-5Team JasonOfTheBurbs2429
1-8Slammin Steven Petty2053
1-8Balls Deep In The Ivy2138

Waveland Division - Week 9 Standings

7-2Kentucky Ripsnorters2920
6-307Greydigger's Crushers2723
5-4What's Optimism? Vivid Reality2645
5-4Clark n Addison Tony_H2643
5-4Northside Bleacher Bums2413
5-4The Wrong Team2498
5-4Aguas de Marco Billy2384
4-5Team Gramps2573
3-6Waiting on Bryant2478
0-9Team Scared Hitless1904

The transaction wire slowed down this week with 27 free agent pick-ups this week. Neil Ramirez was cut and then resigned by Kentucky Ripsnorters.  I say, just terrible roster management. Possible future Cub Marcus Stroman was picked up (to help beat me).  Edwin Jackson found a new home and put up a very nice outing to help Waiting on Bryant to a victory. I think we have the answer to Whats Optimism? when he picked up Nate Schierholtz … not even I am that optimistic!  Justin Grimm is on the free agent market ready to be picked up.

Hard Luck Good Luck

Hard luck teams (Teams that should be in the Top 8 based on points). CubfaninSeattle John stayed out of the playoffs this week again and is 8th in points but is still 1 game behind in the standings.

Good luck teams (Currently in the playoffs, but not in the Top 8 in points). BigJonLIlJon’s Leahir of the Dog is holding onto the 6th spot with a 6-3 record, has moved up to 9th in points.


THIS WEEK is Week 10 and a position round

Weeks 10 and 20 are the same match-up.
Weeks 11 and 21 are the same match-up.

So in weeks 10 and 21 we will be doing a position round. 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, etc down to 19 vs 20.

One other note, the league is for public viewing. Here are two shortcuts to take you to the league site on ESPN.

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