Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Mayor Says Cubs Not Ready to Meet with Landmarks Commission

Mayor Rahm Emanuel addressed Wednesday the changes the Cubs unveiled on Tuesday to the team’s plan to restore, renovate and expand Wrigley Field. And the Mayor is not happy.

According to the Sun-Times, “Mayor Rahm Emanuel declared that his handpicked Commission on Chicago Landmarks would not consider the revised plan to build seven outfield signs, including a second video board, 300 new seats and new outfield light standards because there were elements of it that no one at City Hall had ever seen before that would impact landmarked elements of the century old stadium.”

The Cubs did not clearly communicate the latest changes to the Wrigley Field plan with City Hall despite what Crane Kenney said on Tuesday. Mayor Emanuel said that no one knew about moving the bullpens to underneath the bleachers and the Mayor is also “frustrated that the Cubs are returning to City Hall seeking more signs after a deal already had been carefully crafted last year” according to a report from the Tribune.

The Cubs said last week the team would go in front of the Landmarks Commission on June 5 to get the final approvals needed to begin the now $575 million project. Mayor Emanuel said Wednesday, “This recent submission is not ready for next week” and the Cubs “have work to do.”

Cubs’ spokesman, Julian Green, addressed the Mayor’s statement. Green said, “We are happy to address any questions about the bullpen doors or bullpen relocation. The Cubs look forward to resolving these last few issues so we can begin construction as soon as possible.”

If the Cubs are not able to meet with the commission next week (June 5) it could further delay the project. The Landmarks Commission does not meet again until July, but Commissioners could call a special meeting according to the Tribune.

The Score’s Dan Bernstein reported that his source said the comments the Mayor made on  Wednesday “are political cover and any issues are minor.” The Cubs and the City “still anticipate approval of the plans. The Mayor needed “to provide the appearance the Cubs plans approval is not a rubber-stamping.”

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  • Swish23

    Wow. I hope Bernstein’s comments are true. If the bullpens are an issue; then. June 6th Ricketts needs to go straight to the suburbs and ask for offers. Now. Enough is enough. Bullpens affect no one. This thing needs to end.

  • The Dude Abides

    Once again, Rickett$ and his team need a voice downtown all
    of the time lobbying their cause. Really embarrassing how he is being treated by the local government.

    With stadium issues, players union concerns, worse record in baseball it could be a long summer in the local and national media using the Cubs organization as a punching bag on any slow news day.

    Problem is, we make it easy, we are never out in front of any story it seems.

  • Henry

    Neil, could you explain how/and or why Wrigley Field received landmark status. Did the old Cubs ownership push for it? Was it done at the urging of the rooftops to prevent the Cubs from making changes to the park?
    As always CCO is the best place to get Cubs news!!

    • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

      The team fought against the landmark status that was placed on Wrigley ten years ago. The rooftops pushed for it when the team was trying to expand/update the bleachers.

      I appreciate it, thank you.

  • Tmichael

    It’s getting to the point where moving has become a better option than staying because every Tom, Dick and Harry is standing in the way of this renovation funded by the Ricketts, not the City, not the rooftop owners and not the landmark commission. Rooftop owners, enjoy your unobstructed view of an empty ballpark and come visit us in the burbs. 1060 W. Addison will become a haven for the homeless and drunks with out the Cubs, in other words it will be just like U.S Cellular.

  • Jeffrey Rogers

    Rahm is a terrible human being.

  • JasonOfTheBurbs

    “Politcal cover”. Agreed. Rahm needing to act omnipotent or, at least, important.

    This renovation seems to be about the Ricketts, the Rooftop owners, that goofball alderman, mafia mayor rahm, and crane kenney.

    hopefully, one of these days, it will become about the fans.

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