Rambling About the Cubs While Wrigley Welcomes May

Hello again, everybody.

The archrivals and hated neighbors join in on the Party of the Century the next five days and will try to ruin the festivities. While the Cubs will honor the decade of the 20’s this weekend, both visiting clubs will try to roar through town with a Vaudevillian splash.

And now that my utter nonsense is out of the way, let’s get to some Ramblings …

  • Will the MLB just throw us a bone here?  The Cards and the White Sox back-to-back … great.  At the beginning of May in Chicago.  Horrible.  Way to payback your season-ticket holders and the many great fans.
  • Putting a wonderful five-game stretch in Chicago at this time of year is simply wrong.
  • After one month, I am just fine with where Rizzo and Castro are at in all realms of the game. I hope I can repeat this statement on June 2
  • Keith Law said that Rizzo’s adjustments are effective and should produce over the long term. I like to hear that. Also, Keith Law is not dumb.
  • Sure, Baez is struggling a bit, but there is nothing better for anyone in the world to do than struggle. This will motivate and inspire him much more. If you have ever been down, you know how badly you want to be up … especially when you are used to being up. I believe this is a good thing.
  • I have been asking Castillo to step up, and I must say that he is doing just that.  Hitting .270 with 24 homers and 70 RBI over the course of a season … well, son, you just stood up. And that is what he is on pace to do.
  • Yes, April does not a baseball season make. Even people as dumb as me know that.
  • Emilio Bonifacio is batting .337 with 10 steals thus far. PLEASE, please keep it up. We are going to flat out steal a prospect in late July if he can sustain that production.  I mean STEAL.
  • I would have to say that Mike Olt’s batting average is disappointing, but as I just pointed out, it’s only been one month.
  • Count me as one of the Cubs fans who is starting to think maybe we shouldn’t trade Hammel. Maybe give him a three-year deal. And, as is now the theme of today’s column … it is only May 2.
  • I am going to continue praising Hector Rondon until he gives me a reason not to. This was a Rule-5 pick. He could be a staple on this team for multiple years. With Rule-5 picks, that almost NEVER happens.
  • Theo obviously sucks. Clearly.
  • While I respect Mr. Wittenmyer as a journalist, if he is going to continue to promulgate the idea that Ricketts has money problems, he needs to publish figures.  I am sorry, without data and proof of the source, this claim absolutely hollow. I am not claiming he is wrong; I am simply asking for facts.
  • Renteria went with Neil Ramirez is a pressure situation Wednesday night, and he delivered. And delivered big.
  • I am looking forward to the Jake Arrieta debut. He was an Opening Day starter two years ago, and could really grow into a great starter. Also, Bosio has a track record of impacting pitchers in a positive manner. I am very excited to see what Arrieta can accomplish.
  • I am going to address a big point in the next bullet, and I want to hear everyone’s opinion on the topic. I love all of the banter on here, but this is really important, not only for this site, not only for Cubs’ fans, but most importantly for the Cubs.
  • There is absolutely nothing stopping the Ricketts’ family from starting the restoration this offseason. The rooftops be damned. I believe there are enough people in this city, the Mayor included, who want the restoration to happen. I believe Tom Ricketts has enough political capital to go out and ignore the rooftops.
  • A good lawyer could keep that case in the court for 10+ years. At that point, the rooftops would be hemorrhaging cash and have no option. Tom Ricketts tried to be fair. The rooftop owners screwed him. Turnabout is fair play.
  • I am okay with Ricketts moving forward and beginning the restoration without the rooftops. Are you? Please let us all know below.
  • Also, if you are against a man using his own money to restore the most famous sports arena or stadium in the country, I need to know why. Also, simply stated, I will not agree with you.

There you have it … another Friday of wildly unrelated thoughts and opinions on the Cubs.  I hope you are all well and enjoying life.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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Quote of the Day

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way of playing the game." – Babe Ruth

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  • JasonOfTheBurbs

    I loathe the rooftops. I really wish the fans would boycott them now. that will force them to sell/deal, and then it is a win-win. I want the best possible stadium renovation…there shouldn’t be a single concession to how it impacts the rooftops. Ideally I want Ricketts to buy out rooftops and take them down…just looks sleazy and cheezy. There is no tradition to rooftops…it is just greed.

    I hope they stick with Olt.

    I think Cubs should resign Bonifacio…versatile, and can hold down the fort until Almora or other option is ready. If the alternative is Sweeney in CF, I don’t care about what prospect we could get in return for Boni.

    I like Hammel too, but if we didn’t resign Garza out of injury concerns, the same logic applies here. Sell high and say thanks.

    I don’t trust Strop…want to see what Rondon/Ramirez/Viscaino/Grimm can do.

  • BillyFinT

    Is it me, or had CCO adopted a new font for its website layout? Because this newer, narrow Arial (whatever this is) had turned this reading exercise into another level of humor-sphere.

    Poor Cubs fans are continuously reminded of the obvious phenomena of this baseball season: The erratic bullpen, another losing season that completes the feat of passing an All Time Losing of Seasons, the Edwin Jackson contract, rooftops… While on the other hand, rich Cubs fans played with their daddy’s money and then be slapped in the face.

    No more fun now, get to work, kiddo! Can’t waste waste Daddy’s dough as you were on Year One. Pay Day shall come, and pay he will, More So, Play to stick one with the Big boys. They don’t need a restoration. They need a new ballpark to host a winner.

    • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

      Billy, I have not changed any of the fonts on the site in quite a while. If you are seeing a different font, please email a screen capture.


      • BillyFinT

        The problem is I don’t have the scr.cap. of the previous font page… This will do. You can tell I was not saying anything wrong. Just found something to add a touch of my rambling.

  • GaryLeeT

    The most amazing aspect of the rooftop saga, is that the person who did the contract, still works for the Ricketts family. The restoration can’t go forward, because it only takes one bleeding heart judge to halt the project by slapping an injunction on the Cubs. That would be a horrifying situation if they were half way into the construction.

    • Roll

      I agree with you about why Kenny is still with the Cubs after negotiating a 20 year contract without a viable escape clause. Same can be said about Tim Wilken who had a large hand in horrible 7 year draft run, why are the Cubs still paying these people.

      • BillyFinT

        Wilkens signed some cool folks. Halladay for the Jays… athletic guys for the Cubs. I don’t think old scouts really analyzed plate discipline of an amateur, 16-21 year old player. Nor should they. I can’t blame Wilkens for any prospects who didn’t live up. The Cubs released a bunch of Round One and Two-s from the Hendry Era, those were handed out millions of USD before Wilkens joined the Cubs.

  • Roll

    Thank you Brian, I agree, Ricketts has the resources to settle or completely ignore the rooftop’s position and move forward with renovations. Also is true he has/had the resources to put a much better quality major league team on the field without forfeiting even one draft pick, just draft position.

  • Patrick_Schaefer

    I have never been to a game on the roof tops I wish fans would boycott. Im not a lawyer I don’t know what can and can’t be done with the roof tops so im not gonna speculate. Cubs pitching bullpen is very interesting want to see what these young guys can do.

    • Henry

      We should also boycott Murphy’s and Cubby bear! Both own Rooftops.

  • http://theboardridersuite.wordpress.com/ Theboardrider

    By all means, start the renovations! See you in court. Your grandchildren will thank you for spending tier inheritance on this case and eventually losing the property because you blew all the cash on the fight. Leaving you with?

  • Ripsnorter1

    GW isn’t the only one saying Ricketts has financial problems. Bruce Levine has been saying much the same for months.

    • cc002600

      wow, the kool-aid is flowing today on CCO. People don’t think Ricketts has financial issues, but I would ask this – revenues have been increasing and the payroll declines every year. Yes, I know attendance is down, but each MLB team is getting more money today from the national TV contracts, so net revenues are going up. and yet the cubs have a payroll that is equivalent to the Royals. What am I missing ? holy cow, people need to connect the dots.

      also, people are dreaming if you think they are going to start the renovations without an agreement with rooftops. If that was the case, they could have started 2 years ago ! But they won’t, because the minute they start, the rooftops will file an injunction to halt the construction, The cubs have already said that.

  • The Dude Abides

    Rooftops are winning every day the Rickett$ are not getting the renovations started.

    Crane Kenney still being here is a mystery. Not only did he negotiate the rooftop deal I also believe he is the reason Sveum was let go bending Rickett$ ear the boost in attendance we would get with Giraldi. Would like to know what Theo really thinks of the guy. Obviously Rickett$ either loves him or his contract is too expensive for them to eat.
    Theo’s about half way through his five year deal would hate to see him leave because of Kenney.

    Our 2015 season begins August 1 after the trade dead line, the super two deadline, the amateur draft and the international signing period. Prospects will start moving onto the roster and we will use 2015 to sort things out and 2016 will be the first truly competitive year. Which is also year five and final
    year of Theo’s contract. Three more months of watching this and then the real fun begins. That’s scenario one.

    Of course the definite possibility of all of this blowing up and we are left with a train wreck is scenario two…

  • mike_thoms

    GW clearly has an agenda and all of his articles are increasingly more like Mariotti columns that output from a beat reporter. If the Sun-Times wants a new columnist then make him a columnist. There he can pander to the lunatic fringe with his baseless opinions.

    Bruce Levine was, I believe, one of the first people to actually bring up the whole debt load the Ricketts family took on to buy the team, a load anyone would have had to take on had the bought the team.

  • triple

    One simple way that I can tell that Starlin Castro is back to his old self at the plate…. This season he’s had 5 games already where he’s gotten at least 3 hits. Last season he only had 7 games like that all year, and didn’t even have his 5th such game until mid-July. This month for him is right on par with what he was doing in his first 2 seasons, but he looks to have enough power to hit about 20 homeruns.

  • chrisyygirl6218

    move the team and Wrigley brick by brick to Rosemont and leave those ungrateful and greedy owners with a big hole to look at. All those houses will immediately sell, and the city should take receivership and then the Cubs will comeback and the city will only sell homes to those who relinquish their right to sue the Cubs. That’s how you break the home owners association!