Rambling About the Cubs While Wondering If It Will Ever Get Better

Hello again, everybody. The weekend got off to a good start. The Cubs were close to finishing it out with a four-game winning streak, but the Cardinals salvaged the Sunday Night game, and then it got stupid. The bad kind of stupid … in case anyone thought there was a good kind. And while stupid is as stupid does, this was not a good week for the Cubs.

So with all of that stupidity out of the way, let’s get down to it and go rambling.

  • If you needed further proof that Samardzija is on his way out of town, you got it this week when he told the Front Office to … well, shut up, and them some.
  • And if I could guess, Theo is just way too annoyed by all of this. Things have not turned as soon as all hoped, and this just has to be very, well, annoyed by it. As Theo said, it is a non-story.
  • Ricky has gotten tossed three times. Ha. That is funny. It is good for the team to know the coach is in your corner, but he is on record for 15-18 ejections.
  • That is a Bobby Cox like trend.
  • Yes, I know it has been less than two months! I am just saying.
  • I am glad the Cubs decided to help Gordon Beckham rediscover his career this week.  That is a very nice thing to do.
  • If Olt’s average does not improve soon, Ricky is going to have to admit that the brass is thinking about sending him down. They can avoid it for about another two weeks.
  • Watching Olt rip the homers at the Cell is a tease.  The kid has talent. Here is hoping the Cubs can unleash it.
  • I really hope this whole “Crosstown Cup” thing ends soon … like yesterday. I really do not think anyone cares. I mean, does anyone care about that trophy? Seriously?
  • I really like what Rizzo is doing, and the longer he keeps it up, the longer my crazy expectations keep growing. The guy just knows how to get on base.
  • Kris Bryant is just stupid right now. Stupid good, to be exact. So, yea, I guess stupid can be good at times.
  • Are we finally seeing Castro’s power? Pundits continually talked about his impending power, and when it would arrive. He is on pace to hit 20-plus long balls.  It will be interesting to watch.
  • Yes, I am grasping at straws now. I thought the Cubs would be improved this year, but thus far, I am wrong. And that makes me look at stats. But that is all I have right now.
  • Castillo got hot really fast, and he cooled off just as quickly. He will be interesting to watch.
  • What do the Cubs do about Darwin Barney? I ask that seriously. If we are going to talk about sending Olt down, Barney has to be right behind him. I know he won the Gold Glove, but his is not the future, and his offense continues to deteriorate.
  • Hat tip to Rusin for his no-no. Let’s get him up and starting.
  • I have always been a fan of sabermetrics, but was slow to come around on tracking a pitcher’s “wins.”
  • Not anymore. The Shark is winless with one of the best ERA’s in the game. Jackson and “Wood the Lesser” have two wins each.
  • I still believe this Cubs team will have fewer losses than the two that preceded it, but there must be a great deal of improvement in the next 12 months. Must.

That is all for now.  I understand rebuilding and completely support the idea.  However, the rebuilding effort is approaching four years, and there has not been a lot. I understand the prospects are there, but if the crowd at Wrigley on Monday and Tuesday did not speak volumes, I am not sure what will.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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Quote of the Day

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