Rambling About the Cubs While Waiting for Them to Score

Hello again, everybody. We are about to enter June and the Cubs have 19 wins. That is right, that is rough and that is awful. That is also three fewer victories than any other team … in all of baseball. Even the Astros have three more victories than the Cubs.

Hey, but then again, Jeff Samardzija got his first victory this week. And that is what is so important and needs to be discussed endlessly. So, now that I am not bitter about anything, let’s get to rambling …

  • Hey, in case you didn’t know, just wanted to let you know that the Cubs offense if horrible … like terribly, horribly, bad.
  • Ryan Kalish has three triples. Yea, seriously … and he was demoted to Iowa.
  • How many PR nightmares can occur before someone is held accountable? I am serious. How many? Apparently “a lot” is too few.
  • I have tried to listen to Crane’s interview, but have been unable. Technology has failed me today. Well, just once. So I do not know what he said or what was asked.
  • But I see no reason why the Cubs cannot go ahead and start with the parts of the plan that have been approved. Put a shovel in the ground. When that happens, the public support will grow exponentially.
  • I feel there is plenty there, but I do believe some are holding back because they do not totally believe Ricketts is really going to do this thing.  Putting a shovel into the ground will start the groundswell.
  • Also, I know there is a contract, and I get the legal rights to all, but I do not feel sorry for business owners who have made huge sums of money off of someone else’s product, and kept it all. And then, in recent years, they had to start sharing.
  • Sharing 17%. SEVENTEEN PERCENT.
  • No, I am not bitter about a thing today. Not at all.
  • The batting averages are plummeting. Fast. When your late offseason signing is hitting .273 is the highest that is a problem. And that batting average has been dropping … hard.
  • I, for one, was rooting against Samardzija on Monday. I was really hoping to see the first winless starting pitcher in the All-Star game.
  • I am becoming a broken record here, but Junior Lake is getting better and better every week. He could work on his patience, but any long-term production from Junior is gravy.
  • When will Kris Bryant be in Iowa? I am curious. I am sure there are arguments to each side. In two months he has proven to me that he doesn’t have much left to prove in AA.
  • I mean, do streaks last two months? Or by that point, is it a trend?
  • Also, the sky has stopped falling, and Javy Baez has started hitting. Until three weeks ago, I had not idea the two were connected.
  • May 30, Brian Schlitter, 22.1 IPs, 2.42 ERA.  Didn’t … See … That … Coming.
  • As Hammel’s ERA rises, his trade value drops. So, unless we sign him up for two or three years, ship him out … soon.
  • The Cubs are cruising right along to have the top pick in about 53.5 weeks, and I don’t see that changing, especially with certain trades that undoubtedly happen.
  • Speaking of the draft, I have had very little time to read about the prospects, and I have no idea what is really out there.  It’s all news to me at this point.
  • So, regarding the draft, I ask you to have at it in the comments. Tell us who you want the Cubs to draft and why. Please. I think this will be a great Friday conversation before a weekend of being destroyed by a team who has no business being good.

Again, not bitter about anything. Not at all. I am serious; I would love to have some great conversation about the draft. Tom U does an absolutely stellar job covering the minors for the CCO, and that is where the focus is. The next draft pick is going to get so much attention and talk, so let’s get it started now. I hope everyone has an absolutely wonderful weekend.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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Quote of the Day

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." – Knute Rockne