Rambling About the Cubs Ineptitude

Hello again, everybody. It’s been a seesaw of a week for the Cubs. I think Paula Abdul said it best in her song “Opposites Attract, “I take two steps forward, I take two steps back …”

Yes, for the record, I just went Paula Abdul on everyone, and if that doesn’t date me, I am not sure what will. And I also know many, many people said that before Paula Abdul, so don’t waste your time or breath on that.

Nonetheless, every time the Cubs seem to make progress, they shoot themselves in the foot. The latest coming from a gold-glove second baseman whose error cost them their second series win in a row.

I am going to stop wasting your time and start rambling … to further waste your time.

  • I was at Wrigley Tuesday night. When the Cubs bunted into two outs at home in what seemed like 12 seconds, I convinced myself it was because the impending storm was three minutes away and they were trying to make it an official game.
  • Two hours later, I was simply thankful the Cubs had won.
  • I like Ricky, I think I really do, but Hector Rondon is not a machine. He is not. Let’s not turn him into the Cubs only late-inning hope.
  • Speaking of, Brian Schlitter was left for “MiLB” afterthought two years ago. Good for him. And Mr. Schlitter, I am so very sorry I just jinxed you.
  • The sky is, indeed, not falling. Javier Baez has had some hits lately. Breathe, folks, breathe. And many of those hits have been doubles.
  • Baseball is a crazy game, like many, but it is sad to see Carlos Marmol out of the game. He was unhittable for a long stretch. If I can be Dr. Phil for a second, if you stumble across a talent, cherish it for it may be gone sooner that you think.
  • I am not a baseball scout, nor do I play one on TV, but Starlin resembles the 2011 and 2012 Starlin these days. His average will fluctuate, greatly at times, but his talent is there.
  • Andrew Cashner is back on the DL with elbow trouble. Have I heard this story before? Still a horrible trade for the Cubs? Just curious.
  • I am not minimizing Andrew Cashner’s potential, but to call the trade dumb or lopsided is, well, dumb. We should let this play out a bit.
  • Don’t look now, but Junior Lake has been playing every day, and he is coming along quite nicely. When no one talks about you … well go make him or her talk about you.  He is doing just that, and it’s great to see.
  • Remember when the Cubs were going to trade Schierholtz and Barney for a nice return in July …
  • Well it is not July yet, but things need to happen here.  A … LOT … OF … THINGS.
  • Olt is on pace for 30-35 homers, 70-80 RBI and a .201 batting average. I think I am good with that for his first full year. And yes, I understand “on pace” means absolutely nothing.
  • Who gets Samardzija? Where are we trading him and what are we getting? I want your thoughts. Your REALISTIC thoughts. I will mention this again.
  • I only trade Samardzija if the Cubs receive at least two players who are Major League ready. At least two. This team is getting there. They cannot give up The Shark without a huge return.
  • Bonifacio has to be one of the top signings of the offseason for the money. The guy can play anywhere and his speed is game-changing. He will steal 40-plus bases.  When was the last time that happened? History buffs, who was the last Cubs players to steal 40-plus bases?
  • Again, I get to mention Ced Landrum and all the bases I thought he would steal!
  • This is not sarcastic, fine it is, but wouldn’t it be hilarious to see a Starting Pitcher in the All-Star game with zero wins?
  • With pitchers who have started four or more games this season, NOT ONE has a better ERA than The Shark. And he has started 10 games.
  • He’d probably have more touchdown catches than wins at this point, but no wide receiver has ever gotten a $100-plus million deal that Samardzija is about to get. I hope we keep him. I really do.

Ricketts has a chance to prove he will spend the money, if Theo approves. And I think Theo will approve. Unless the Cubs get a windfall twice what the Rangers gave up for Garza, I think the Cubs should sign the Shark. This team is improving. The Major League team is improving, and short of one (or two) bad hammy, the Core Four is getting better and getting ready.

And after this draft, it will be “Five’s Alive!”

Until next time, and as always …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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