The Daily CCO: Jackson Was Reportedly Drawing Interest from Other Teams

Edwin Jackson picked a bad time to have his worst start of the season, at least from a Cubs standpoint. According to a report from the Sun-Times, Edwin Jackson “was starting to draw interest from teams preparing their lists of available pitchers to target ahead of the July 31 trade deadline.”

Before Friday night, Edwin Jackson was 1-1 in his three previous starts with a 1.80 ERA and a 0.95 WHIP. Jackson had given up 16 hits and three walks in 20 innings with 23 strikeouts.

Gordon Wittenmyer reported Edwin Jackson likely ran the teams that were interested away with his awful performance on Friday night. Jackson served up a pair of home runs in the first two innings to the light-hitting Padres and gave up eight runs on nine hits with two walks and three strikeouts in four innings.

Jackson said after the game he had no excuse for the way he pitched. Jackson admitted he “did a terrible job” of making adjustments.

Several of the players the front office was expected to use as trade chips this summer simply have not performed over the first two months of the season. If players, such as Nate Schierholtz and Jose Veras, could turn things around in June and show some sort of consistency in July, they could be help another team win games in the second half while helping the Cubs add inventory to the system.

Justin Ruggiano

Justin Ruggiano is close to being activated from the disabled list according to a report from Bill Center. Rick Renteria said the team would see how Ruggiano felt after Friday’s game at Principal Park.

The report said Ruggiano played on back-to-back days for the first time, but Ruggiano has played in five straight games since he began his rehab assignment last Monday.

Justin Ruggiano is hitting .158/.238/.211 in five rehab games with the I-Cubs.

News and Notes

According to a report from, Pedro Strop could be close to starting a rehab assignment.

The Cubs installed a new wall graphic on Friday, only Cubs and Wrigley Field images on the walls at the old ballyard now.

Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger is reportedly emerging as the favorite to replace Bud Selig.

Entering play on Friday, the Cubs had scored 6.76 runs per game in their 17 wins and 2.29 runs per game in their 28 losses, the biggest difference in baseball.

Minor League News and Notes

Kris Bryant extended his hitting streak to nine games on Friday night. Bryant went 1-for-4 with a RBI double. Patrick Mooney caught up with Alex Lontayo, an area scout that saw Bryant around 25 last year before the Cubs drafted him. And according to the report from Comcast SportsNet, the team is finding out Kris Bryant is almost too good to be true. In 46 games, Bryant is hitting .333/.427/.620/1.047 with 13 doubles and 12 home runs.

Javier Baez extended his hitting streak to eight games on Friday night with a 1-for-5 evening that included three strikeouts. Baez is hitting .201/.268/.388 in 36 games. Baez had trouble with the Sky Sox lefty starter.

This Day In Cubstory

2001 – Jon Lieber one-hit the Reds on 79 pitches in a 3-0 Cubs victory. The Reds were shutout for the first time in 208 games and set a National League record. The 1931-33 Yankees (308) and the 1978079 Brewers (212) are the only teams with longer streaks between shutouts.

1978 – Cubs moved into first place with a 6-4, come from behind win over the Phillies. Dave Radar tied the game with a two-run triple in the eighth and Manny Trillo hit a two-run homer in the tenth to win the game.

1969 – Ernie Banks hit the 12th and final grand slam of his career off Jack Baldschun. The Cubs topped the Padres 7-5 in San Diego

1969 – For the first time since the beginning of the season, a span of forty-one games, Don Kessinger did not reach base. Kessinger went 0-for-5 in the Cubs 7-5 win in San Diego.

1967 – Cubs released Dick Bertell

1964 – Cubs outfielder Lou Brock stole home for the first time, combining with Billy Williams on a double steal in the first inning of the first game of a doubleheader in Cincinnati.

1963 – Catcher Dick Bertell collected five hits but the Cubs lost 6-5 to the Houston Colt 45s (Astros) in 13 innings at Wrigley Field

1954 – Phil Cavarretta signed with the White Sox

1878 – Jack Pfiester was born on this date. Pfiester was called ‘Jack the Giant Killer’ and pitched for the Cubs from 1906-1911 and was a key contributor to the Cubs success in 1907 and 1908.

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Quote of the Day

"Show me a guy who’s afraid to look bad, and I’ll show you a guy you can beat every time." – Lou Brock

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  • GaryLeeT

    “Edwin Jackson likely ran the teams that were interested away with his awful performance on Friday night.”

    See. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    • Ripsnorter1

      I had to put on my hip boots to read that article from the Sun Times.

  • JasonOfTheBurbs

    I laughed at reading the “was” in the subject line…

    We should re-run the WAR of our starting pitchers, and this time, don’t just use our top 4, as about 20% of the games for the year will be by someone in the #5 rotation spot. I would like to then see the Cubs pitching WAR compared to the rest of the league.

    Jackson will probably do this back-and-forth GoodJax/BadJax for the remainder of his contract, and we have been pretty awful at the #5 spot. So Hammel is nice, but we only get him for 3-4 months before he is traded. After Samardzija is hopefully traded this Summer, I think our best hope is some of the other kids come up and pitch ok. I don’t want to see the Joel Piniero/retread type P used to fill in all the gaps after the trades.

    • Tony_H

      Um, not sure what you are talking about as the WAR I posted yesterday was for all of our SP’s and we were 2nd in the majors, 1st in the NL. I then posted our 4 that were in the Top 20 range.

      Obviously EJAX’s took a hit, but one game won’t drastically alter a WAR stat after 50 games.

      • JasonOfTheBurbs

        so you did include the other #5 starter…not just Arrieta after 2 starts?

        • Tony_H

          I didn’t do anything, it was using ALL starts by EVERY team.

          • JasonOfTheBurbs

            so if every team in the league had the exact same offensive output, the theory is the Cubs should have the 2nd best record, based on SP WAR?

          • Tony_H

            You are making far too many assumptions about this.

          • JasonOfTheBurbs

            given the Cubs obviously bad record, I am just trying to understand how the #2 combined WAR in all of MLB provides insight or projections into how the Cubs would be doing if the rest of the team was more well-rounded. I guess bullpen and offense would have to be assumed equal across all the other teams.

            Otherwise, what is the point of knowing a WAR if it doesn’t tell you anything that is actually predictive?

          • Tony_H

            That is where you have to dig deeper into more stats. We know their run differential doesn’t look like a team with a record this bad. We know the SP has been good and by this stat one of the better rotations so far. We know the bullpen has had some very bad performances and we know the offense doesn’t score enough runs and has half a lineup being filled by guys more suited for back up roles. You have to look at each stat and information for what is worth and put it all together and come up with what you think for the rest of the season.

            I see a team that will be some what competitive until we trade off players in June and July and then it will depend on the guys that replace them and how they perform as to whether we can stay competitive or whether we make a run for the #1 pick next year.

          • Theboardrider

            I know you are who your record says you are but this team has been in most of the games they’ve lost. They are much improved over last year even if the record doesn’t show that. It’s the eye test and from what I’ve seen this team is competitive and could easily be a few games under .500.

          • Swish23

            here’s a news flash; the easter bunny and santa also don’t exist; just like anyone thinking this team could be a few games below .500? where? AA ball? the big 1st baseman prefers to walk than drive in runs, the big RF has Zero homers, Shark will most likely see his ERA end up doubled or more by year end, Hammel will never have an ERA below 3 like now, and the big 3B has not hit the Mendoa line yet in 46 games. they have the 3rd worst record in baseball and will trend down even more as HammelShark pitch worse and get traded. But; its the Plan, tank seasons, get high draft picks; do it all over again and again and again………and then blame the rooftops.

          • Theboardrider

            Or you could look at it like this. The big first baseman looks like the next Kevin Youkilis. The 2nd year LF is coming on strong. Shark is barely over 1 ERA. Hammel is pitching lights out and just beat the Yanks and Tanaka head to head. The big 3B is leading the NL rookies in HR and in the top 10 overall. And many of these guys seem to be trending up.

            Man why be so negative? I can udnerstand being reasonable, and I know I’m the eternal optimist, but your outlook is just fatalistic as hell. I almost feel sorry for someone that looks at life the way your comment demonstrates. I hope this is just web chat and you don’t really think that you’re going to go bankrupt, become an alcholic, lose your job, have your wife leave you and contract cancer in the next 5 years. Because if you look at life like your comment describes the Cubs than that’s what I would assume.

          • Theboardrider

            Forgot to mention your dog dying and the transmission in your vehicle about to go out… 😉

          • Tony_H

            I always thought that there was the half glass full types and the half glass empty types, but now I know that there are glass just plain empty types.

          • Tony_H

            It is saying the Cubs SP have been worth 5.4 WAR going into yesterday games. Since they are below 500 you can make all the assumptions you want about where the rest of the negative WAR is coming from and create any what if scenarios you like and make assumptions from that.

  • Theboardrider

    Love the “Daily CCO,” features. They are required reading for me.

    • BillyFinT

      I concur. With the feature of “This Day In Cubstory” and “Quote of the Day,” Cubs stories come back to LIVE here!

  • Ripsnorter1

    Edwin Jackson “was starting to draw interest from teams preparing their lists of available pitchers to target ahead of the July 31 trade deadline.”


    Slow news day, so they decided to make some up?
    Any GM with 5 cents would know that Edwin Jackson will sabotage your playoff run at only $11 million per year. I can see a real GM like Brian Cashman saying, “We really would like to have Edwin head up our rotation going into the stretch run for the playoffs.”


    • Tony_H

      Why would he have to head up their rotation? Wouldn’t he brought in to be more BOR veteran.

      • Ripsnorter1

        GM Tony,
        Jackson is available in the CCO league. Are you going to pick him up as your #7 starter?

        • Tony_H

          Nope, I have 7 good starters that are better. But he will be picked up again, as he is the best SP out there right now in our league.

          • Ripsnorter1

            The SP in our league is so slim pickins’ that even Edwin Jackson gets a job every now and then. It is incredibly thin!

            Are you going to win this week? My wife checks the scoreboard every day hoping you’ll win. I am hoping you stay behind me in the standings…..

          • Tony_H

            LOL! Nice to know I have friends rooting for me :)

            I am in a tough match-up with Scared Hitless. If I pull it out, it will be good timing for me to have a down week.

          • Ripsnorter1

            I noticed the Bredstiks are running for their lives this week, too–tied with the Bullpen MacGyvers. It will be very interesting to see how things pan out at the end of the week. It’s great fun.

          • Tony_H

            Yes it is. It is a long season as well and it is very hard in a league this deep for any team to keep having good weeks.

          • Ripsnorter1

            Injuries can sink a team in a hurry. Last week I lost by 9 points when Arroyo was scratched from his start, and Gee went on the DL. Stuff like a rainout can kill you.

          • Tony_H

            I lost to Billy by 4 when Kershaw was on the DL and I didn’t have 8 starts and I still say Kershaw would have put up 49 pts I needed the week I lost to you :)

          • Ripsnorter1

            You gave him the big dough, and now his curveball is off. Did you see the ESPN article on him? Lost his edge. Too much money….

          • Tony_H

            Maybe so, but he had a good start this week after having a terrible start the end of last week. I am still happy with my SP’s as I have 7 I have no issue using.

          • Ripsnorter1

            You have one of the best–if not, THE best–rotations out there.

          • Tony_H

            It helps when I hit on everyone being at least average, yet have very good value in my Santana, Kennedy, and especially Richards picks.

          • TheWrongGuy

            I personally wouldn’t have EJax on my team he’s too unpredictable, he can pitch lights out one day and let the other team have batting practice the next.
            I would take C. Young(Seattle SP over EJAX any day of the week and twice on a Sunday).

          • Tony_H

            I agree EJAX is inconsistent and makes it hard to trust on a fantasy team but in a league this deep, I think you are trusting in the unknown inconsistentcy versus the known in C Young, plus you are already trusting in Jarred Cosart who is averaging less points per start than EJAX.

    • SuzyS

      “Balderdash” is the correct (SP)….and it’s a great word I haven’t seen in years. Thanks Rip for giving me a laugh!!!

  • Eugene Debs

    Were these Independent League teams?

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