Cubs Prospect Jorge Soler Out with Second Hamstring Injury

One of the Cubs’ top prospects has been sidelined again. According to reports from Carrie Muskat and Patrick Mooney, after being examined by team doctors in Chicago, the Cubs have sent Jorge Soler back to Arizona. Tests revealed a right hamstring strain (tear) and not an injury to his left hamstring as earlier reported.

It was reported in the spring that Soler hurt his right hamstring. Reports Wednesday clarified the injury in Spring Training was to Soler’s left hamstring and it was his right hamstring that he strained last week. Soler has now by sidelined by injuries to both hamstrings.

When Soler has been on the field, he’s produced, and even impressed Jose Veras with his work ethic while Veras was rehabbing with the Smokies earlier this month.

Jason McLeod said that Soler “is now on a new program to promote better muscular balance.”

According to Mick Gillispie, the Smokies have not yet placed Jorge Soler on the disabled list.

Jorge Soler left the game on Opening Day after doubling in his first at bat and hurting his hamstring. Soler returned to the Smokies on May 7 and went 2-for-4 with a double, two walks and two RBI in his first game action on May 8.

In seven games this season, Soler went 8-for-24 with seven doubles, three walks, four runs scored and seven RBI.

Jorge Soler has a lot of talent. And it is up to the front office and minor league staff to keep him healthy and on the field. His development has been slowed due to multiple reasons. It appears he is growing up and adjusting to life in the States, now it is time for him to get right physically and back on the field.

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Quote of the Day

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way of playing the game." – Babe Ruth

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  • Theboardrider


  • Theboardrider


  • Swish23

    Kids a bust. For all the frustration over Pie or Patterson; neither cost 30M. He won’t play again till July at earliest. In 2 years kid will have less than 1 season of MiLB ball combined. Good thing all the other Cubans like Cespedes, Puig, Abreu have been too………oh wait; even Vicedio plays.

    • Denver Mike

      Seems a bit of an over-reaction to label him a “bust” already. I’m disappointed too, but jeez…

    • mutantbeast

      you might want to remember, this is a 20YO kid whos already 6’3″ and 230 lbs. Reggie Jackson had hamstring injuries most of his early career also. He ended up doing just fine. Its far too soon to use the word “bust”. Injury -prone, perhaps, but Soler has shown to be productive when healthy.

    • Jeffrey Rogers

      a bust is a kid who cannot play. This guy has shown he can play. He needs to stay on the field. Hard to call a 20 year old guy who has done nothing but produce a bust. It has little nothing to do with money.

  • JasonOfTheBurbs

    The muscular balance thing may be real. Young guys with growing bodies hit the weight room with too much vigor sometimes and or they only do certain exercises instead of rounding it out. I cant remember if it was ricky henderson but a reasonably famous player had similar issues years ago.

    For $30m I am always amazed they dont have dedicated top trainers working with the kids on muscle balance. Bad on the cubs if they are just figuring this out now.

    And another reason I want dh in the NL.

  • triple

    I can’t help but think if all the other guys who’ve come over from Cuba in the last couple years and been successful at the major league level, that if Soler can stay healthy for 2 months in AA and continue putting up the numbers he’s put up, that why couldn’t he earn a promotion to the big league team in September? Seriously, he is only striking out in 15% of his plate appearances and has a nice stat line although it is only against rookie league, A ball, and very minimum AA levels.

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