Rambling about the Cubs as the Season Takes Hold

We are nine games into the season, and while 3-6 sounds bad, and well, is bad, there have been some bright spots and solid performances that have many Cubs fans slugging some light-blue kool aid right about now.

There have also been plenty of frustrating moments as well, which is a given with a 3-6 record, but that could easily be 5-4, and there are plenty of positives on which to focus. Feel free to tear me apart for my optimistic outlook, but I am going to enjoy some of this. So, let’s get down to the BRASS TACKS and have some fun …

  • I enjoyed Opening Day at Wrigley just as much as I normally do, but never I have ever been rendered speechless when I looked at the crowd. Sparse crowds happen in April at Wrigley.
  • They just never happen on Opening Day … until last Friday. Shocking.
  • Sorry, I didn’t mean to start playing a “drinking game” right there.
  • Brian Schlitter went to the mound Thursday afternoon … and remembered he was Brian Schlitter.
  • In all seriousness, I wish the best for him. Let’s hope Thursday’s outing can be classified as uncharacteristic by the end of the season.
  • A Chicago Cub leads the league in stolen bases. I don’t care if it is only nine games … when was the last time that happened?
  • Nine games and plenty of quality starts. The starting pitching will determine if this team will have a semi-respectable year, or another horribly disappointing one.
  • And apparently the bullpen will have a say in this campaign as well.
  • Fine and the offense will as well, but you get what I am saying. The starting pitching will set the tone for the team, and so far, it has been mostly decent. Yes, I am hedging my bet.
  • Seeing this team put up some runs the past few games has been encouraging, and well, relieving.
  • Mike Olt is the third baseman, and should play five or six days a week. Simple, over, done. Let the kid learn and see what he can do.
  • And Junior Lake should be playing every day. Case closed. At least ONE outfielder needs to be a regular. Let Lake and Schierholtz play every day and rotate the Kalish, Ruggiano and Sweeney.
  • This year is a chance for Castillo to make a statement. It’s been nine games, but nine games quickly become 30. And then 60.
  • Sure, Ryno used to have horrible Aprils and rebound, but Welington needs to step up and be heard. He is flying under the PR radar right now, and this is the perfect opportunity to put up and prove it.
  • It has been really hard for me to get this far without mentioning the batting averages a few players.
  • .371 and .342! Wow, how exhilarating is that?! I don’t care if it just nine games. I don’t care if it is just a short streak, and I don’t care if you all say it won’t last. It is happening now.
  • And it speaks volumes that I am this excited over batting averages on April 11.
  • Who else has spent the past four hours figuring out what a realistic haul for Jason Hammel will be on July 29?
  • I am so confused as to whether or not Edwin Jackson likes pitching at Wrigley. Can someone help me here?
  • This season is going to be about small victories, and one of those would be taking two out of three in St. Louis this weekend. So, here’s hoping something like that happens.

I hope everyone is welcoming spring, and enjoying baseball. And for all of you bitten by the unwavering addiction that I call “GOLF,” please enjoy the greatest golf weekend of the year.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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Quote of the Day

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