Rambling About the Cubs While Spring Has Not Sprung

Well hello again, everybody! It’s that time of year … I know you have all been looking forward to it , waiting with bated breath, and anxiously anticipating some incoherent, nonsensical, random and ridiculous stream of consciousness.

That is right … Ramblings is BACK!

For many reasons, including, but not limited to, the 472 “Top 100” Prospect reports, along with the new Spring Training Facility updates and Tom U’s fantastic Minor-League coverage, I put Ramblings on a respite.

But now, we are back, and by no means, better than ever. But we are back. So let’s get Rambling …

  • I have a feeling about Mike Olt … it is positive, and I am really hoping I am right. If he can be the player everyone thought he would be two years ago, the Cubs could really have something there.
  • The Cubs have had plenty of “can’t miss” prospects over the years, but I am not sure any of them were even close to as good as Javy Baez. I saw the term “generational talent” the other day from a writer. I hope that writer is an accurate writer.
  • Jeff Samardzija’s future with the Cubs is so unpredictable. I have said all along that I think he will stay with the team long-term, but it’s anyone’s guess at this point.
  • Yes, feel free to call me Captain Obvious. I deserve it.
  • Is anyone else rooting for Donnie Murphy as much as I am? I think the guy earned a roster spot with his performance in the second half last year. He should make the team, no matter his performance this Spring.
  • Spring doesn’t really matter. Joe Mather anyone?
  • With that said, I am so all in on Ruggiano’s Spring performance thus far. He will be an All-Star. #sarcasm
  • Hey, I hope he progresses and turns out to be a great signing, but it is March 14, not June 14. If he is hitting .533 in June, then maybe, JUST maybe, I will be wrong.
  • I believe Bonifacio should start over Barney. We know what Barney can do and will do. Gold Gloves are fantastic. Batting .208 is not. If it is truly possible, he is a junior version of Theriot.
  • I am very intrigued by Vizcaino. Plenty, and I mean plenty, of pitchers have had great careers after Tommy John surgery. If he can do what he was projected to be capable of, then Maholm was very much worth it.
  • I look forward to watching Junior Lake’s second season. He stunned me, and I would guess many others, by hitting .290 after his three-month call up. He has become an afterthought who might be capable of greatness.
  • Did I just overstate something? No way. Also, I am waiting to hear that Malaysian Airways flight flew into a space-time continuum.
  • In 18 total at-bats, Brett Jackson and Josh Vitters have a combined three hits. I’ve always been rooting for those guys, but …
  • Yes, I know I said Spring Training doesn’t matter, but it is the good that doesn’t matter. Some, if not most, of the bad should be taken seriously.
  • If you read this website, then I am sure you are familiar with the 2007 draft. Vitters was third. It hurts to read some of the names that were selected after him.
  • I believe this to be a make-or-break year for Welington Castillo. I am not comparing him to Barney, but Castillo opened some eyes last season. He needs to follow that up in a strong fashion.
  • CCO, help me here.  I am trying to think of the last Cubs catcher who was a starter for more than three seasons in a row. Anyone, anyone? Bueller? #Jody #Servais  #Wilkins #Barrett #Kendall #Bako #Soto #Icouldgoonforever
  • I have long thought that Matt Szczur was going to be an impact player in the Bigs. I may have long thought wrong, or erroneous, but he will be in 25 in July. If it is ever going to be his time, it needs to be his time soon, very soon.
  • Please tell me what I am missing about Ryan Kalish. I just don’t see it. Also, I am not, nor have I have ever been, a professional scout.  #armchairquarterback
  • And I will leave you all with a question. Below, please tell me what becomes of Dan Vogelbach. I would like to proffer a guess, but I have absolutely no idea.

That is all for now. Ramblings will be back more often as the season is close to starting. I wish each and every one of the loyal CCO readers a happy and safe St.  Patrick’s Day weekend.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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