Report: Cubs Could Be Out of the Mix for Suk-Min Yoon

A day after multiple reports indicated the Cubs were on hand to watch RHP Suk-Min Yoon throw a bullpen session at the Rangers’ facility in Surprise, Paul Sullivan reported the Cubs are unlikely to “get into a bidding war” for Yoon’s services. Sullivan reported the multi-year contract Suk-Min Yoon is looking for is “out of the Cubs range” and the Cubs are unlikely to sign him.

The Cubs are one of many teams reportedly interested in signing Suk-Min Yoon. The Orioles and Rangers are looking at him as a way to fill a void in their starting rotation. Baltimore has been looking to sign a starting pitcher all winter and Texas is a starter short due to the injury Derek Holland suffered earlier in the off-season.

Suk-Min Yoon’s 30-pitch bullpen session went very well Tuesday. Yoon threw for the Rangers and Cubs after working out last week in California for the Orioles and Giants. The Orioles and Rangers are thought to be the frontrunners to sign Yoon in a field of teams that is believed to include the Cubs, Red Sox, Giants and Dodgers.

Sullivan included in his report that the Cubs rotation is almost set. Once the deal with Jason Hammel becomes official he will be slotted into the fourth spot in the rotation with Jake Arrieta the leading candidate for the fifth spot.

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  • cubtex

    not a surprise.

  • Eugene Debs

    In other words, he’s too good to fit “the plan.”

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  • calicub

    ‘the multi-year contract Suk-Min Yoon is looking for is “out of the Cubs range”’

    Unless we’re talking about unreasonable asking prices, no contract for a FA should be out of range for the Cubs. And for that matter, if he’s too rich for the Cubs, in what world would he be in the price range of the penny pinching Orioles or Rangers?

    • 07GreyDigger

      I’m not sure how the Rangers trading for Prince Fielder and paying him $138 million or signing Choo for $130 million is penny pinching on the Rangers part..

      • calicub

        i meant the O’s were penny pinchers. Should have qualified that..

  • CubbyDenCritic

    Lets face it…the Cubs don’t have the Yen to buy top notch Asian players.

    • EqDoc

      Really unnecessary to bring in any reference to race. Suk-Min Yoon is Korean and the Yen is a Chinese currency. If you are going to make a statement about race, at least get it right.

      • calicub

        The Yen is actually a japanese currency.

        The Yuan is the chinese currency

      • CubbyDenCritic

        I am making a statement that the Cubs don’t the $$$$$ to buy top line free agents…….either by the Dollar, Pound, Euro, Ruble, Peso, Franc, Lira or any other name the Dollar goes by in the international market…… the way, the Korean dollar is known as the “Won”.

        • Neil

          Please watch how you make your statements in the future. I have received multiple complaints tonight about what you said.

          Thank you

          • GaryLeeT

            Hey Neil,
            I usually would not defend a stupid statement, but CDC was just trying to be funny by using the currency name he thought fit the pitcher’s country of origin. Just my 2 cents, and the ultimate decision on how to moderate is of course yours, but those who complained seem a little overly sensitive to me.

          • Neil

            Gary, thank you for the comment. I have to make sure I address issues/problems when they are brought to my attention.

          • cubtex

            agreed Gary.

      • mutantbeast

        Yen is actually Japanese. Korean and Chinese currency is called the yuan.

  • CubbyDenCritic

    Are the Cubs at the point that there is not enough spots on this pitching staff to get another pitcher?

    How many pitchers will the Cubs carry in April?

    Locked in spots…..



    on the fence….


    What if someone makes a big splash in Spring Training ?….like…..


    Cabrera is out of options….

    would Grimm or Rondo getting sent back to the minors hurt their moral even if they had a great ST?

  • CubbyDenCritic

    Anthony Rizzo, 24 year old…….7 year / $41 million contract
    Freddie Freeman, 24 year old…..8 year / $135 million contract
    You think Rizzo is not thinking about that !

  • Rick Barkan

    But they were going to spend 20 million on Tanaka.