Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Cubs Apply for Permit, Rooftops Tell Lawyers to Proceed Accordingly

According to multiple reports, the Cubs applied for a building permit to begin construction on the 650-square foot see-through sign in right field late last Friday. The application was submitted online after talks between the team and the rooftop club owners stalled last Wednesday.

Cubs’ spokesman, Julian Green said Monday, “We were hopeful we could come to some resolution. But given last week’s action, it appears that our proposal was rejected. They’ve decided to go forward with this legal action. We’re going forward with our right to put up the sign. This decision should not be construed as an indication that we’re moving forward with the entire construction project.”

The Wrigleyville Rooftop Association issued a statement and said the Cubs’ permit application means ‘Game On’ according to the Sun-Times.

Rooftop spokesman Ryan McLaughlin said, “This is an unfortunate turn of events because our hope was to find a solution to this matter. Rooftop owners believe any blockage of our views violates the contract we have with the owner of the Cubs. We have instructed our legal team to proceed accordingly.”

The Sun-Times reported “the rooftop club owners assembled a legal team quite some time ago in preparation for a court fight.”

According to the Sun-Times, both the Cubs and the rooftops know the sign in right field will block the views on Sheffield Avenue. The Cubs felt they had to proceed and Julian Green addressed the team’s decision to apply for a permit.

“Since Day One, we have reduced the number of signs, the size of those signs and changed the location of signs. We have done everything we can to help alleviate the concerns of the rooftop partners. We’re now moving forward with signs that are to help benefit this baseball club and this construction project. This was always about putting up signs in the business interests of this baseball team to put money back into the ballclub.”

The team and the rooftop club owners were thought to be close to a deal last week, with one proposal shifting the right field sign to the top of one of the buildings. The Sun-Times reported the deal “fell apart when rooftop owners got a clearer picture of the impact of the massive video scoreboard planned for left field.”

Danny Ecker reported negotiations “are not dead yet.” The Cubs and the rooftop owners are scheduled to meet again this week to continue talks to find a resolution.

The Cubs’ current contract with the rooftop club owners expires on Dec. 31, 2023.

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