Rambling about the Cubs on the Last Day of January

Hello again, everybody, and I must say that once more … hello again, everybody.  It has been quite some time. To be exact, it has been seven weeks since you have been inundated with my rambling, sometimes incoherent thoughts that may or may not remind you of a distant uncle.

There has been so much going on, and a plethora of information that Neil had to report. And report he did. As well as one can. You won’t find better, more up-to-date information on the Cubs anywhere else. The CCO owns that niche. Reading the Convention reviews made one feel like he or she actually attended the darn thing …

With that out of the way, let’s go rambling a bit, and talk about all things Cubs …

  • I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV … nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night …
  • I just wanted to get that out of the way because I am not looking to start any legal arguments, but I may say a few things that contain legalese, or what I would have done. If you would like to engage, feel free to do so … again, I am not a lawyer.
  • First, once the Rooftops started Groupon-ing their seats, all good faith and friendship was over. I don’t care if it didn’t violate the contract, it sent a loud message on where they stand. Money … money … money.
  • Ask yourself who cares more about the Cubs winning?
  • The fact the Cubs have waited this long to file for the sign permit, and begin the restoration process is wrong, in my opinion. They had too much respect for an entity that they didn’t have to protect.
  • While it may be bad PR, a good lawyer could keep this tied up in the courts for years and years …
  • The point being, this could be the ultimate game of chicken … who will blink first?  And when the negotiations broke down, the Cubs filed for the permit to install the approved sign in right field.
  • And in the end, the ‘Toppers made so much money off of something they didn’t own for years and years and years, so I don’t really feel all that bad for them.
  • I am all in favor of Paul Maholm returning. I really do not think the Cubs can go wrong with that one. So, please do it now.
  • Tanaka … $150+ million for a man who has never thrown a pitch in a Major League game and whose arm is as taxed as any ever at his age … NO THANKS.
  • For every Yu, there is a Daisuke and a Hideki … oh, and a Kosuke as well!
  • Now that 94% of the 3,497 publications that rank Baseball’s Minor League players have been published, I think it is fair to say the Cubs have four of the top 40 or 45 in Baez, Bryant, Almora and Soler.  And C.J. Edwards is lurking.  Or C.J. Edwards is one of the four and Soler is lurking.  It’s hard to keep up at times.
  • I watched the MLB Network special the other night, and one would have to believe that either Baez or Bryant will definitely make it. Both would be gravy.
  • Also, I am amazed by how many pundits are sure Almora will be an above-average outfielder. Many make it seem like he is the Cubs “most likely” to stick. Maybe not the one who could be the best, but the best bet.
  • I have always believed in McThoyer, and I have been an ardent defender of the Ricketts. And I hope, someday soon they prove me right …
  • However, as a season-ticket holder, there was a part of me that really wanted them to sign Garza. I know the plan, and I know they must stick to it, but I really wanted some halfway big signing to hang my hat on this hot stove season. The logic part of my brain gets it, the “fan” part, not so much.
  • I attended CubsCon with the genius who owns and operates this site, and we had a shared belief. Either Theo and Jed should move to Hollywood and star in movies for their next act, or they both truly and deeply respect, trust and like Tom Ricketts.
  • I can’t wait for everyone to tell me I am a gullible idiot. I always enjoy that part. But for those who feel inclined to do so, why would they both still be here?  Why would McLeod still be here? McLeod’s had offers, he hasn’t left.
  • And don’t say money, they could all easily make the same somewhere else. In pro sports, getting out of contracts is not difficult. Theo would not have signed it if it were.
  • I referenced the “Logic” part of my brain and the “Fan” part of my brain recently. I think history will prove that the Logic part wins so much more that the fan part.  After all, logic is much more trustworthy than fanaticism.

Fire away, have at it, and please enjoy it.  Also I wish everyone a safe and sound Super Bowl Sunday.  And for those watching at bars and parties, please don’t drink and drive.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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