Keith Law Ranks Cubs System Fourth Best in Baseball

The Cubs farm system received more accolades on Tuesday morning when Keith Law released his ranking of the 30 farm systems. Baseball Prospectus recently placed the Cubs behind the Twins and ahead of the Pirates for the second best system in the game. Keith Law thinks the Cubs have the fourth best system in baseball behind the Astros, Twins and Pirates and ahead of the Red Sox.

Keith Law made an excellent point about building a successful organization and it all starts with scouting and player development. Those are the best two ways “to build a competitive big league team” according to Law. Allocating funds to the scouting and player development departments helps build organizations. Law said, “Good organizations hire and retain good people, enact strong processes and then execute them.”

As for Keith Law’s view of the Cubs’ system, Law indicated the Cubs “are absolutely loaded with bats, but they could use a few arms.” The top four prospects in the Cubs’ system “are all impact players, three because of how they’ll hit and one (Albert Almora) because of his defense/offense combinations. If the players continue to develop, Law thinks the Cubs could have one of the best offenses in the National League.

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Keith Law’s Ranking of the Farm Systems
  1. Astros
  2. Twins
  3. Pirates
  4. Cubs
  5. Red Sox
  6. Mets
  7. Royals
  8. Rockies
  9. Padres
  10. Orioles
  11. Dodgers
  12. Cardinals
  13. Rangers
  14. Phillies
  15. Diamondbacks
  16. Reds
  17. Indians
  18. Nationals
  19. Marlins
  20. Yankees
  21. Mariners
  22. Braves
  23. Rays
  24. Blue Jays
  25. Giants
  26. A’s
  27. White Sox
  28. Tigers
  29. Angels
  30. Brewers

Keith Law’s list of the top 100 prospects in the game publishes on Wednesday and his look at the Cubs’ system posts on Friday.

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