Cubs Reportedly Targeting LHP Jonathan Sanchez

According to a report from the Tribune, the Cubs are targeting lefty Jonathan Sanchez and are just one of several teams interested in signing the southpaw.

The Cubs are looking at Jonathan Sanchez as more of a reliever than a starter according to the report.

Jonathan Sanchez was once one of the many young, promising arms in the Giants’ organization. Sanchez posted a 13-9 record in 34 games, 33 starts, with a 3.07 ERA and a 1.23 WHIP for the eventual World Champs in 2010. Sanchez had a miserable 2011 season after tossing a career-high 193 1/3 innings with 205 strikeouts the season before. Sanchez was dealt to the Royals following the 2011 campaign for Melky Cabrera and his career continued to spiral downward.

The Royals dealt Sanchez to the Rockies for Jeremy Guthrie in July of 2012 then released him in the fall. Sanchez spent time in the Pirates and Dodgers organizations last season and pitched in five games for the Pirates (0-3 with an 11.85 ERA and a 2.41 WHIP).

Jonathan Sanchez is 3-2 in 57 career relief appearances with a 4.22 ERA and a 1.48 WHIP. Lefties have hit .218/.313/.363 against Sanchez in his career.

The Cubs are exploring ways to add a lefty to the pen which could mean they are looking to deal a left-handed reliever. Wesley Wright recently agreed to terms on a one-year deal that the team has not announced. The Cubs cannot deal Wright and it would not seem LHP Zac Rosscup or LHP Brooks Raley, the other two lefty relievers on the 40-man roster, would bring as much in return as James Russell.

The Cubs are believed to be interested in signing former White Sox and Padres’ southpaw Clayton Richard to fill a role in the pen as well.

One of the Cubs’ rumored targets for a late inning role in the pen is no longer available. According to multiple reports, RHP John Axford agreed to terms on a deal to close games for the Cleveland Indians.

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  • Sonate

    Not enamored with Sanchez. His ONLY redeeming quality is his K/9 rate of 9.1. His walk rate has been poor his whole career — 5.0. His best WHIP rate was 1.23 in his “breakout” season of 2010 — a year in which he also led the league in walks allowed and HR/9. And he’s on the wrong side of 30. Didn’t bother to look up the RHB/LHB splits. Maybe he can get LHB out (but I’d be surprised).

  • K_Gripp

    Cubs continue to go “dumpster diving” this off season. I see many of the targeted relievers are starting to sign and they aren’t signing with the Cubs. Perhaps established relievers in their 30’s don’t want to pitch for a team that isn’t actively trying to field a competitive team and consequently won’t have many save or hold opportunities. So far this off-season the FO gets an F and I don’t see it improving to any more than a D. There is no question that the roster heading into spring training will be the worst roster in the past decade. I’m excited about 2016 but 2014 is shaping up to be the most painful yet.

    • cubtex

      any player who has a chance to go to a team that is trying to win as opposed to the Cubs…. will choose the other option every time.

      • J Daniel

        Correct, unless the money is a lot more with the Cubs which is not happening at this point.

    • paulcatanese

      Agree, “targeting players” by the Cubs has been a joke over the last two years. How can they call it a “target” when they never seem to get those players? I doubt very seriously that they were actually “targeting” anyone with the true intention of bringing them in.
      They will continue to play this game and continue to put a roster out that will not win games 2016 sounds right, but I wouldn’t count on it.

  • jtrain23

    Most players the Cubs have been connected to could be good bargains or have great potential for upside. The problem is that these have to be fringe moves for a team that is going to field a winner.

    Every year, teams that have success catch lightning in a bottle with one or two players. But you cannot consistently win when that is all you target and there are no true impact players involved.

    I understand that the Cubs are looking big picture and that the long term success of this team is going to be from building a quality minor league system. But they are going to HAVE to spend some free agent money and get some quality guys to sprinkle in with the young talent. Otherwise, the big league squad is going to be so grossly non competitive that when these young guns come up they will get swallowed by the losing and negativity before they can even get off the ground.

  • MikeT_2008

    Seems like Sox made a good move today, trading Reed for a young 3B. I know Theo & Crew got a plan, and I’ve trusted them so far, but it’s tough watching them do nothing much at all.

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