Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Tunney Introduces Ordinance to Allow Alcohol Sales in Wrigley Plaza

According to reports from the Sun-Times and Crain’s Chicago Business, Alderman Tom Tunney introduced an ordinance on Tuesday that would allow the Cubs to sell alcohol in the proposed Wrigley Field Plaza. The ordinance would allow not only allow the Cubs to sell beer and wine outside of Wrigley but the Bears and White Sox would be included in “the new sports venue plaza liquor license.” According to Crain’s Chicago Business, the ordinance would “allow beer and wine to be sold in any such plaza next to a Chicago sports stadium with a capacity of more than 30,000.”

Danny Ecker explained, “Fans would be able to carry alcohol out of the ballpark and into a plaza, though the beverage would have to be in a specifically marked cup.”

According to Crain’s Chicago Business, “the new license was mirrored after a similar ordinance that applied to outdoor liquor sales at Navy Pier and is a variation on licenses for outdoor patios at restaurants.”

The Sun-Times explained, “In order to qualify for the new sports venue license to sell drinks on the plaza” the vendor “would have to be a licensed food and beverage operator in the stadium or in the hotel and office building the Cubs plan to build.”

Alcohol sales would be between 11:00am until midnight on weekends and until 11:00pm on weekdays. The ordinance introduced by Ald. Tunney specific to Wrigley Field “would limit the points of sale a plaza can have” and a “maximum noise level.”

The ordinance would allow the Cubs to operate the plaza year-round. The Cubs “hope to create a town square of sorts in the open air-plaza” and “fill the space with farmers markets, a winter ice rink, movies in the park and live music.”

Ald. Tunney also introduced the ordinance on Tuesday that would allow the Cubs to take another 10 feet of street and sidewalk away from Sheffield Avenue and sell advertising on the proposed branding arch over Clark Street according to the Sun-Times.

The Cubs and the Ricketts family are maintaining the project to Restore Wrigley Field will not begin until the team receives the proper assurances from the rooftop club owners that they will not pursue legal action to protect their views of the field.

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