Keith Moreland Not Returning to Cubs Radio Booth

Keith Moreland informed 720 WGN Radio on Wednesday that he would not be returning to the Cubs radio booth for a fourth season. Moreland cited family reasons for his decision to step down.

Keith Moreland filled in for Ron Santo on occasion prior to Santo’s death in December of 2010. Moreland was hired full time the following February.

Keith Moreland told the WGN staff, “I would like to thank the fans, the folks at WGN Radio, my colleagues in the booth, the Ricketts family and the Cubs for this great opportunity.  After spending three years doing it, I’ve simply decided that I want to spend more time at home in Texas.”

Moreland played for the Cubs from 1982-1987 and Zonk was a big part of the 1984 National League East Championship team.

The Cubs will work with WGN Radio to find a replacement for Keith Moreland to be the color analyst for the great Pat Hughes.

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  • cubtex

    Good. Pat and Keith were not a good tandem.

    • J Daniel

      No, they were not.

  • gkrab2616

    It wasn’t the same but Pat is the best!!

  • Tony_Hall

    I never liked listening to Moreland. Pat Hughes should pull a Vin Scully and just do it all himself.

    • J Daniel

      I think there should be the right color guy but Keith was not it. Just didn’t work, IMO.

      • Tony_Hall

        If only JD would decide to spend more time with his family.

      • Sonate

        Don’t mean to be flip, but how did it not work? I thought Keith gave spot-on analyses. His “announcing” was bad, and Pat is unsurpassed at that. Keith was not Ron, but it is unfair to hold him to that standard. Just not clear on how it “didn’t work.”

        • Ripsnorter1

          He’s like Steve Stone: he criticized the manager. Stone criticized
          Dusty’s inept game management, and he when the season was over, he was gone.
          Moreland criticized Sveum and his “hitting coaches” efforts to turn Castro into Jack Clark.
          And now he’s gone.

          The criticism of a Cubs’ manager, on air, is a sin unto death.

          “That doesn’t work.”

          • Tony_Hall

            Of course Stone was a good announcer, Moreland, not so much.

        • 07GreyDigger

          I hated when Moreland tried to do play by play. That was so awkward and bad. His color wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either.

          As for as good as Ron? Ron wasn’t very good at color. But he was funny because he was so involved. That was my draw to Ron. That’s my opinion.

    • CubbyDenCritic

      Please, do not compare Hughes to Scully.

      • Tony_Hall

        Vin Scully is my favorite announcer in baseball. I was not comparing Hughes to him, just making a joke that he could just do the radio job all by himself and make it more enjoyable to listen to then having him paired many others. Never enjoyed listening to Moreland.

  • cubtex

    Now, if we can get rid of Deshaies :))))

    • Tony_Hall

      LOL, I just said that, too. Something we agree on.

    • Ripsnorter1

      JD was hired with the full approval of Team Theo.

      Don’t criticize that hire!

    • cc002600

      and Len ….mr snore.

  • Steve Baier

    As much as I miss listening to Ron, I liked Keith (I catch the majority of games on radio each season.). I just told myself at the start that Keith is not Ron (no one is Ron!) and so it was not fair to make that comparison. Hopefully a good replacement can be found.

  • jtrain23

    I’m pretty sure that Pat Hughes could call a game with a trained (or untrained) monkey and still be spectacular. Still, I look forward to seeing who they choose I hope its a good fit because I love listening to radio broadcasts.

  • Sanibelchuck

    Living in Florida (and yes I still keep season tickets), I listen to the games on radio (thanks to XM radio). It may be time to give Doug Glanville another shot at radio.