Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Ricketts Reportedly Listening to Offers from Rooftop Owners

According to a report from WTTW, the Ricketts family is “entertaining discussions about buying some of the rooftop properties.” The report indicated “some of the owners have come to the Cubs with the intent to sell and the Cubs are listening, but the two sides are nowhere near agreement in terms.”

Tom Ricketts has been consistent with the fact he is not willing to start the restoration project until he receives the proper assurances from the rooftop club owners they will not pursue legal action to protect their views. The Cubs were expected to begin the five-year project after the team played their final game of the year at Wrigley. But the team has yet to file for the necessary permits to begin the first phase.

News of the first lawsuit filed against the Cubs surfaced on Wednesday. Thomas A. Romano Sr. is “asking for an injunction blocking construction of the hotel” the team has proposed on the McDonald’s property and is “seeking more than $6 million in damages.”

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  • Tony_Hall

    If the Tribune company was smart they would have been buying up all the property around Wrigley all those years. I bet the property owners doing the most complaining will also think that their properties are worth way more than they actually are in today’s economy.

    • 07GreyDigger

      Agreed. Ricketts would be smart to buy up a lot of the rooftops, simply because he could bulldoze them and make them into parking lots.

      • Dorasaga

        You know, it only takes one crack to fall the wall.

        The rooftop owners have been impossible. The Ricketts must figure out how to divide them and rule. The Cubs might not win on the field, but at least let them earn something across the avenues. A little fan like me would be happier.

        • SuzyS

          Actually, on the local public tv last night…they reported what is really going on is Ricketts wants to buy the rooftop properties…and they want to sell…Of course, Ricketts wants a lowball price…and the rooftop owners want premium pricing…everything now is just jockeying for position and pricing.

          • Dorasaga

            I see. They all want the money, and they want it all.

            I really don’t care about how much more money the Ricketts will make out of buying the properties. But would buying these lands ADD future investment to the neighborhood and Cubs facilities? Sure they can.

            I used to have more sympathy for the owners to fight what they got. But the goal (price) they are asking for the past year are not helping anyone. If they can hold together strong and bargain collectively, what does that have to do with anyone’s progress? Raising and raising property values? Is that all? I digress.