Waiting on Girardi, Interviewing Acta and Other Cubs Managerial Candidates

The Yankees and Cubs are both waiting for Joe Girardi to decide if he will stay in the Bronx or if he will explore other managerial jobs, including the opening on the North Side of Chicago. The Cubs and Yankees are not the only two teams that are thought to have interest in Girardi. The Nationals have asked the Yankees for permission to speak with Girardi and both the Reds and Dodgers could have interest in Girardi according to multiple reports. It is believed that if Girardi was to leave the Yankees it would only be to manage the Cubs. The Yankees have yet to grant permission for another team to officially speak with Girardi, and that includes the Cubs.

While multiple reports have suggested the Cubs are communicating with Girardi through back channels, those reports are actually feeding Girardi all of the information he would need.

The Tribune reiterated on Sunday night that the Cubs are willing to top the Yankees offer and the Sun-Times confirmed the Tribune’s report on Monday night. According to the Sun-Times, the Cubs are willing to offer Girardi a longer contract worth more per year than the deal believed to be on the table from the Yankees.

Reports last week suggested the Yankees offer could be for three years in the $12 to 15 million range that could include escalators to increase the overall value of the deal.

Multiple reports from the New York media indicated the Yankees are willing to wait as long as necessary for Girardi to make a decision but the New York Times thinks if Girardi does not accept the Yankees’ offer by the end of the week “it is a strong indication he is willing to let his contract run out and entertain offers.”

As previously reported, one of the parameters Joe Girardi is believed to have asked Brian Cashman for last week was the ability to talk to the Cubs before his current contract expires.

And while the Yankees are willing to wait on Girardi, according to the Sun-Times, the Cubs could find out as early as Tuesday if they will have a chance to formally speak with Joe Girardi.

So if the Cubs are unable to sign Joe Girardi, what options are Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer exploring? The rumors are rampant at this point with a variety of names thought to be in the mix. But how many of those names are talking to the Cubs about coaching positions and not the manager’s job? As the Sun-Times reported, “some of the candidates interviewed during the process could wind up as coaching candidates if they don’t get the manager job.”

Multiple reports on Monday indicated that former Nationals and Indians manager Manny Acta was in Chicago to interview for the managerial opening. The Cubs are exploring ways to improve communication with the Latin players on the roster. The Sun-Times reported, the front office has “an eye toward finding a candidate with a proven track record of developing young players, and in particular, young Latin players.” Acta and Rick Renteria could help with the development and communication the Cubs feel they are missing on their coaching staff.

The Cubs are expected to talk with Rick Renteria this week in Arizona while Epstein and Hoyer are in town watching a few AFL games. Jed Hoyer is familiar with Renteria from his time in San Diego. Renteria has been Bud Black’s bench coach. The Padres announced on Monday that the team will bring back all seven of Bud Black’s coaches for the 2014 season, including bench coach Rick Renteria.

Sandy Alomar Jr. is thought to still be in the mix for a job with the Cubs. Reports on Monday indicated that Alomar Jr. is not believed to be as strong a candidate for the Cubs’ managerial job as once thought but according to the Sun-Times, Alomar Jr. “would not require an initial interview” and “his status as a candidate may depend on how others are evaluated first.” The Indians announced changes to Terry Francona’s coaching staff. Alomar Jr. was Francona’s bench coach this past season but Brad Mills will assume those duties next year with Sandy Alomar Jr. moving to first base coach.

Reports last Friday from Jesse Rogers and Bruce Levine indicated both Greg Maddux and Mike Maddux were interested in the Cubs’ managerial job. Recent reports have stated that neither Greg nor Mike are serious candidates for the Cubs’ job.

Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are believed to have interviewed A.J. Hinch last week and he is thought to be high on the Cubs’ list of managerial candidates, depending on what Joe Girardi decides.

The Cubs are busy coming up with alternatives if they lose out on The Joe Girardi Derby, and so are the Yankees. According to Andrew Marchand, the Bronx Bombers could turn to Don Mattingly, Pete Mackanin, Tony Pena, Willie Randolph, Dave Miley or Manny Acta, among others, if Girardi decides New York is no longer a fit for him or his family.

Stay tuned for updates from The Girardi Watch

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  • TheWrongGuy

    Good stuff!
    Thanks Neil for keeping us updated.

    • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

      Thank you and you’re more than welcome

  • Sonate

    “New York Times thinks that if Giradi does not accept the Yankees’ offer by the end of the week ‘it will be a strong indication that he is willing to let his contract run out and entertain offers’.”

    A question. Is Giradi is free to talk to the Cubs earlier if the Yankees rescind their offer to Giradi before Oct 31? In a common sense world (and in the corporate world) this would be the case, but baseball does not always operate in a “common sense” mode!

    • Sonate

      Wow, this early in the morning I can’t even spell GIRARDI!

      • Tony_Hall

        Try spelling Saltlaamacchia three times!

    • Tony_Hall

      No, without the Yankees permission he can’t talk to the Cubs until his contract runs out.

  • Tony_Hall

    Here’s a thought I haven’t heard talked about.

    Theo has a 5 year contract. I believe we all know that he isn’t going anywhere, but with only 3 years left, can he offer a 4 or 5 year contract without Ricketts permission? I would assume Ricketts needs to approve hiring a manager on a contract over 3 years. Of course, Girardi is the only manager who will get more than 3 years and I am quite confident, TR is all for Girardi as manager.

    • Ripsnorter1

      Do you think Girardi is worth $30 million? (5 years @$6 million per).

      Of course not.

      You could sign a player or two for that kind of dough.

      • cubtex

        But the Cubs will make up a lot of that money at the gate with Girardi at the helm while the losing continues for next year. A manager like Acta will do nothing to spurn fan interest. It’s a smart business move.

        • paulcatanese

          Right, nothing personal, only business:)

        • Dorasaga

          For a few games, maybe. The Girardi Derby is a good media hype, and is keeping the Cubs somewhere at the national attention while other games are going on. If the Chicago Cubs couldn’t win 2014, play some real talent on a day to day basis, then Ricketts might need to make a second loan. :-))

  • Ripsnorter1

    “The Yankees “have made it clear” that they could pull back their offer if Girardi talks to other clubs, something he’s not allowed to do until the end of the month since the Yankees aren’t granting other teams permission to negotiate with their manager. One such team, the Cubs, expect to learn by tomorrow if Girardi is staying in New York, a source tells Wittenmyer.”


  • Ripsnorter1

    Aren’t ya glad we didn’t sign Michael Bourn?

    .263 BA….316 OBP….360 slug….only 23 SB with 12–count ’em!–12 CS.
    If you like no power, no speed, no BA, and no RBI from your CF, along
    with subpar defense, he’s your FA man!

    [Defense in 2013=.989 fielding, 2.12 range factor, 3 errors,
    and Tony, get this: DWAR = #25 for CF in all of MLB].

    • SuzyS

      But that was really easy to see coming, at least
      during the course of a multi-year contract.
      He’s on the wrong side of the age curve…and his game was basically speed.
      The exact reason’s we argued against signing him.

    • Tony_Hall

      I think this was obvious to almost everyone that he was one to stay away from……

    • triple

      You agree with this now after the season is over, but many of us have debated with Cubtex on this even before the season began? Why didn’t you state your case then? Hindsight is 20/20…it’s really easy to state the obvious, yet some people refuse to see it. To take one of your lines, “Michael Bourn is David DeJesus.” But in all honestly, there is much more value in DeJesus than Bourn.

      • Ripsnorter1

        I’ll agree to this: there is more value (not “much more”) in DeJesus.
        Let’s see what it is:

        BA? No, Bourne actually hits a few points higher.
        OBP? Yes, DeJesus is usually .330 or so.
        Slug? Yes, by about .035 points. DeJesus has a great year if he slugs .400.
        SB? No, Bourne out runs him.
        Glove? Yes, maybe. DeJesus is a better RF, but in CF, about the same.

        Frankly I don’t want either on my team as a starter.

        Now about debating Cubtex on Bourne, I didn’t want him. Like you said,
        “Bourne is David DeJesus.” Most on here know I can’t stand David DeJesus.


        • Tony_Hall

          Kind of ironic that Cubtex hates DeJesus, yet loves Bourne, just like trading for Garza is so smart yet trading for Price would be crazy.

          • Ripsnorter1

            Everybody goofs, even Cubtex. And Bourne.

  • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

    There is an unconfirmed report out of New York this morning that Girardi is wanting to “explore” the Cubs job … stay tuned.

    • SuzyS

      Staying Tuned! Hope it is true!!!

  • Tony Smallest

    Cards knock off Pirates. Whatever the Cardinal organization is doing to be competitive and successful year after year, Epstein and Hoyer should fly to St. Louis, take notes and apply them to Cubs organization.