Royals Add Former Cubs Manager Dale Sveum to Coaching Staff

The Kansas City Royals announced on Thursday they hired Dale Sveum to be part of Ned Yost’s coaching staff for next season. Sveum indicated on Monday when the Cubs let him go that he wanted to land a new job as quickly as possible. Sveum was on Ned Yost’s coaching staff for three years in Milwaukee before he was tabbed to replace him as the Brewers’ interim skipper at the end of the 2008 season.

Dale Sveum was hired to work with infielders, for now. The Royals have yet to determine which role Sveum will have on Yost’s staff. The Royals did not renew the contracts of third base coach Eddie Rodriguez or bench coach Chino Cadahia. Sveum could fill either one of those two roles.

The Cubs still owe Dale Sveum roughly $1 million on the final year of the three-year contract he signed with the Cubs in November of 2011.

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  • Ripsnorter1

    Make Dale their hitting coach….

    • TheWrongGuy


  • Tony_Hall

    I believe when all the talk about Dale possibly being fired, I said he wouldn’t be out of job long. He wasn’t. Coaches are just like players, they get better as they gain experience. The experience of managing the Cubs will benefit Dale and he will be a better coach because of it. I also believe he will get another chance to manage, as most will not look at the record he accumulated, based on the roster and roster turnover he had to deal with for both seasons.

    Congrats to Dale!

    • cubtex

      He will manage again. For the Hiiroki Swallows!!!

    • cubtex

      And they will be scratching their heads asking themselves… the hell could a guy get fired in year 2 of a 3 year deal? They will be saying this guy must really be incompetent and he will never even get another interview for a managerial job.

      • Tony_Hall

        Your biased view is very obvious, many, many good baseball people have gotten fired and gone on to other teams and done well. Better players make coaches all look smarter.

        • cubtex

          See Terry Bevington, Allen Trammell, Mike Quade and many many more 1 time managers,

          • Tony_Hall

            You are such a genius, I never knew about those guys and that there have actually been managers who have only been given one chance. Can you for the sake of arguement agree that there have been managers who have been given a second chance and that a guy as young as Sveum, as long as he stays coaching could be given another chance. Because I believe most ex-managers who were unsuccessful, who just go fishing don’t get second chances very often.

          • cubtex

            Now you are getting it. Jeesh! Took you awhile. You can refer to me as G Cubtex. And the G stands for genius.

          • Tony_Hall

            I think of you more as
            C Cubtex….

          • coachdon

            Most guys that get that second chance show some glimmer of ability to manage during their first chance. Sveum did not.

          • Tony_Hall

            Bobby Cox lost 187 games in his 1st 2 years managing and Joe Maddon lost 197, the same as Sveum.

            Do you think they looked good doing it? My guess is at the time, many were questioning these guys as well.

          • cubtex

            Here’s the last thing I will say on this. IMO…Sveum had one of the most secure managerial jobs in baseball. He was a placeholder who wouldn’t be judged on wins and losses. He was supposed to help develop young players, teach and lead. Forget the record. Theo thought so little of his skill in that area that he thought it was best for the organization to move on from him. That is a huge statement. What organization could ever sell their fan base to hire this guy as a manager ever again? He will be a career coach.

          • Tony_Hall

            Terry Francona has come back twice, from bad situations. Once as a manager who went 285-363, and no one in their right mind would give the guy another shot, because he was a failure. Theo thought different and the rest is history and 2 World Series Championships. Then the way it all ended in 2011, with the fried chicken and all, yet Cleveland gave him another shot and he led them to a Wild Card playoff game.

            Examples are all over the place of guys getting and not getting another shot, regardless of how bad their first shot turned out.

          • Larry Schwimmer

            Tony, you know your baseball. I appreciate the way you share facts as well as opinions. Let me ask you and others about what it would take to get Joe Girardi to become the CUB manager.

            Let me begin by saying: I happen to believe he’ll come to the CUBS. This is not about money for him. He’ll end up as the 1st or 2nd highest paid Mgr. regardless of what club he manages.

            This is about something much bigger…

            I think Girardi has done everything he needs to do in managing the Yankees. He doesn’t need to talk to the CUBS to get leverage to get more money.

            He didn’t accept the Yankees offer because he has bigger plans. There’s no more exciting challenge in professional sports today than managing the CHICAGO CUBS and “being the manager that got them to the World Series.” That’s a goal that’s worth pursuing for the manager who has already done it all. Girardi has already done it all.

            He needs to talk to the CUBS to make sure that approve his list of conditions.

            I believe that Girardi will only come to the CUBS on his terms, which will include: (1) at least a 5 year contract commitment; (2) of course, top salary; (3) a commitment directly from Ricketts that the CUBS will spend money on free agents in 2014 to accelerate the likelihood of fielding a competitive team in 2014; (4) a clear mandate that he’s running the show on the field. He’s not going to have Theo Epstein tell him that Starlin Castro has to “see more pitches and start getting more walk.”

            Even Stevie Wonder could see that was the wrong strategy with Castro. It may not explain the entire drop in his B.A. – but it goes a long way.

            (I saw many CUB hitters take 2 strikes in order to “see pitches.” Then, hit the pitcher’s pitch.)

            Question: Do you agree that these would be Girardi’s terms to manage the CUBS? And, have I left anything out that Girardi might want to take the job? I’d love to know what my fellow CUB fans think of what I’ve said. Thanks.

            Great job, Neil running this fabulous site.

          • Tony_Hall

            I agree that those will be many of his demands. I also believe Joe will take all the help that the FO offers to help make the team successful.

          • Tony_Hall

            What could someone possibly have not liked about this comment?

          • Dorasaga

            I was gonna write “Wait, what?” about Dale Sveum not developing young talents. But again, who cares? As long as Logan Watkins will have more playing time next season. Halleluiah!

          • Larry Schwimmer

            I agree with your main point. Dale was supposed to help young players develop. He didn’t. All of us who watched the CUBS could point out 10 quick examples of players repeatedly doing the same “wrong thing” over and over again. It’s all about his poor coaching. He didn’t get it done. On that basis alone I’d be happy for the FO to find another manager.

          • John_CC

            Wow that is good pull Tony. I never would have known Cox started out so miserably. Both of these guys are considered the best of their eras.

            Torre, who someone mentioned the other day, he was a laughing stock before he ended up in the Bronx, now he is a legend.

            But don’t forget Allan Trammel and Quade, they are rule not the exceptions.

          • Tony_Hall

            I wonder who threw you a down arrow…..

          • John_CC


  • cubtex

    Puig! His speed and aggressiveness gave the Dodgers a lead. Can’t believe he got to 3rd on that hit that easily! Wow

    • cubtex

      Braves playing a mistake filled game so far.

      • Tony_Hall

        And another mistake….called a hit???

  • Tony_Hall

    I hope Dave McKay is hired by the new manager as he is highly respected around baseball.

    “I feel bad for Dale because he put his heart and soul into this thing,” McKay said. “He just left no rock unturned. I thought he would be managing a lot of years, and I think he’ll be back managing with somebody someday. He did everything he could. “

    • John_CC

      He’s just saying that Tony to be nice.
      (Just wanted to get that out of the way)

    • deniojct

      I really like Dave McKay and hope he returns..
      A long career in baseball and good with the players..
      I look at his Resume’… six pennant – winning and three world champion winning teams…
      Then I ask myself… Who is AJ Hinch???

      • Tony_Hall

        Good point, that has been brought up before, would Dave McKay be a candidate himself.

      • Tony_Hall

        Also, if you really don’t know, I posted about him yesterday, he has a pretty impressive resume and has a long future coaching, managing or FO work ahead of him.

  • SirGladiator

    Congratulations to Dale on getting his new job. It’s a good fit, as the one (and only) thing he did right as manager was find some creative infield shifts that turned some hits into outs. Making him infield manager is absolutely the right move, they’ll be a better team with him deciding where to position the infielders against the opposing hitters. So long as that’s the only thing they let him do, then they made a good hire.