Report: Cubs Have Serious Interest in Joe Girardi

According to a report from Buster Olney, the Cubs have “serious interest” in hiring Joe Girardi to manage the team. Olney confirmed earlier reports that suggested as much, but according to his sources, “the Cubs ownership views Girardi as someone who can help jolt fan interest in the team.”

Girardi is under contract with the Yankees until October 31. The Cubs cannot formally speak with him, unless the Yankees grant the Cubs permission, before November 1. Girardi’s agent, Steve Mandell, is scheduled to meet with Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman on Wednesday to discuss Girardi’s future with New York. Cashman is expected to make an offer to keep Girardi at that meeting.

Buster Olney added the Cubs’ front office “has only begun its search for the next manager and isn’t locked into Girardi, or anyone else, as its primary option.” Olney did however state that the Cubs’ ownership wants Girardi “and intends to make him a serious contract offer, if given the chance.”

The Yankees are not expected to allow the Cubs to talk to Joe Girardi unless contract negotiations breakdown between him and the club.

Theo Epstein is on record saying he would like the new manager in place by the GM Meetings that start on November 11.

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