Report: Cubs to Interview Dave Martinez on Thursday

According to reports from Comcast SportsNet and the Sun-Times, the Cubs are expected to interview Dave Martinez on Thursday. Martinez would be the fourth managerial candidate the front office has interviewed over the last 12 days.

Dave Martinez would check several of the boxes for Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer in what they are looking for in the next manager of the Cubs. Martinez is familiar with the Chicago market thanks to two stints with the Cubs and another on the South Side. And while he does not have any managerial experience, Martinez has been in a big league dugout for the last six seasons as Joe Maddon’s bench coach in Tampa. Martinez just turned 49 in September.

Dave Martinez told the Tampa Tribune that he is ready to manage and is excited about the opportunity to interview for the Cubs’ job. Martinez said he is “really fond of Wrigley Field” and it’s always been his favorite place to play. Martinez has interviewed in the past for jobs in Toronto, Cleveland and Houston, plus he was a candidate to be the White Sox’s skipper  before Kenny Williams hired Robin Ventura.

The Cubs are seeking a bilingual presence on the coaching staff and three of the four candidates are each fluent in Spanish and English. Rick Renteria, who the Cubs interviewed on Monday in San Diego, and Dave Martinez are thought to be higher on the Cubs’ list right now than Manny Acta and A.J. Hinch.

The front office is “looking for a bilingual teacher who can develop young players” and with Latin players such as Javier Baez, Jorge Soler, Arismendy Alcantara and Christian Villanueva closing in on the majors, plus Starlin Castro, Welington Castillo and Junior Lake are already on the roster, the Cubs’ brass is expecting the clubhouse to have a strong Latin presence for quite some time. And if the Cubs’ next manager does not speak Spanish, his bench coach will.

Theo Epstein has said “the ability to lead and the ability to communicate with and develop young players are key.”

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  • CubbyDenCritic

    I can speak Spanish……can I have an interview?
    No disrespect who wrote this article, but my head is spinning on what is being said…….
    ex-player…..speaks Spanish…..six years in dugout….knows Chicago market…….loves Chicago…..loves Wrigley Field……
    that fits about dozen other ex-Cubs…….Does anyone really know what Theo & Jed is looking for in a manager?……..
    Bilingual manager who can work with young Latin players?……I bet their are a dozen local High School baseball coaches who can fill that requirement…….
    Sparky Anderson got the message across on his latin players …….without using Spanish……so did other successful managers……
    whoever the Cubs pick as their next manager, I hope it is not because he can speak “Spanish”…..but he can win with the players given to him by the FO.
    Lets say in 20 years from now, half of the MLB players speak “Russian”…..will the Cubs seek out a Russian speaking manager?
    This searching process is all wrong…….I just know this next manager, whoever it is, will not be the guy who will take us tot he Promise Land.
    I want to be “positive”, but I have seen this story before with the Cubs.

    • Neil

      I wrote this report. Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are looking for the following:

      “The Cubs are looking for a bilingual teacher who can develop young players. From All-Star shortstop Starlin Castro to minor league player of the year Javier Baez to $30 million Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler, this clubhouse will be filled with important Latin players in 2014 and beyond. There’s X-factor outfielder Junior Lake, building-block catcher Welington Castillo and projected Triple-A Iowa infielders Arismendy Alcantara and Christian Villanueva.”

      That is a copy and paste of the profile that surfaced on October 10.

      Hope this helps.

      • CubbyDenCritic

        Hi Neil…the point I was trying to make, is that the Cubs should focus more on a manager who can “win” and teach the players the skills to be the best at their position than one who can speak “Spanish”…… dugout translators and other latin coaches & players can fill that “Spanish” role than having a manager who has to speak “Spanish”…..that is the point I was trying to make.
        We have great hitters on the way…..but this game is all about “Pitching”.

        • jtrain23

          I know it hasn’t always worked out like this, but I would think managerial qualities such as knowing how to teach and win would be a given. Be it Neil, Theo, Jed, or anyone else that has any clue about anything, everyone wants a manager that can win.

          I can see it now…”We interviewed this guy for our managerial opening,” said Theo to Mr. Ricketts. “Oh yeah? Is he a winner?”, Mr. Ricketts inquires. “No, he’s an enormous loser, but he speaks the best damn Spanish you’ve ever heard.”

          Surely, I jest. However, I think we all agree that a manager being bilingual would simply be a bonus with the multitude of Latino players in the system.

        • Neil

          I understood, just trying to help cut down on the confusion and figured posting the profile would benefit everyone.

          Communicating, developing, and winning all work together and hopefully the front office will hire a manager that is able to do all three this time.

        • 07GreyDigger

          Why does everyone always look for a negative opening and take it. Of course they want to win! Why would they pick a guy who stinks so they could get fired and be out of a job?!

          The draw to any Cubs job is winning the WS and being a legendary figure in all of sports. Just because they haven’t won yet does not mean it’s not the ultimate goal. But with any job, if you were hired to do your dream job, you’d do it your way, otherwise you’d regret it for the rest of your life.

          It’s silly to think that Ricketts, Theo or Jed’s ultimate goal is not to win the WS and not hire a manager that could get them there.

        • Rick Barkan

          Do you really think there is a manager out there that can win with the Cubs? How bout Joe Torre or TonyLarussa. Lets bring back in Dusty we trusty.

    • John_CC

      FYI, you don’t have to put quotes around proper nouns.

    • dicepaul

      Any company is looking to hire makes a list of what would be the optimal credentials for a person applying for the job, it doesn’t mean somebody has to meet all of them to get the job. The article simply explains that Martinez fits several of the items listed by the Cubs. The Cubs are looking for a bilingual presence on the coaching staff doesn’t mean that speaking Spanish is the main criteria for the manager, the fact that Martinez speaks Spanish is a plus but doesn’t mean it gives him a leg up on other managerial candidates. Loves Chicago and loves Wrigley both came from Martinez and has nothing to do with Theo or the hiring process. Somehow you read that speaking Spanish is a top priority for the next manager even though nowhere in this article is that written.

      P.S. If in 20 years half the players speak Russian I hope the Cubs have somebody on the coaching staff that also speaks it.

  • SirGladiator

    As an alternative to hiring a manager based primarily on their ability to speak Spanish, I’d like to suggest they spend a few hundred dollars on something called ‘Rosetta Stone’, or simply send their players to an English class in the off-season. Just because you weren’t born in America doesn’t mean you can’t speak English, with a little help anyone can. I’d much rather they focus on the best manager possible, not someone who can speak Spanish the best. If your primary focus is a manager who speaks a foreign language rather than getting the best manager possible, then we’re the one that will need to learn some foreign words. What’s Spanish for ‘We lost again’ ‘We got shut out again’ ‘Another blown save’ ‘Career low batting average’ ‘Ten game streak without a hit extended tonight’ ‘7 runs allowed in 3 innings’ and of course the ever popular ‘Wait ‘Til Next Year’? Let’s just get the best manager available, leave the foreign language stuff for somebody else. If our players haven’t learned English by the time they reach the major leagues, there’s something seriously wrong with the teaching system.

  • calicub

    Hire em all. It’ll be College of Coaches redux.

  • BosephHeyden

    Martinez has been a part of a coaching staff that has managed to win in the toughest division in baseball. I would be ecstatic if he was the new head coach.