Cubs Reportedly Prepared to Make Joe Girardi an Offer

Jon Heyman reported Wednesday night that Brian Cashman met with Joe Girardi and his agent, Steve Mandell, earlier in the day in New York and the Yankees’ GM made Girardi an offer to stay with the Yankees. According to Heyman’s report, Girardi countered with “some parameters” and the two sides agreed to meet again on Thursday.

According to a report from Gordon Wittenmyer,”“those parameters are believed to go well beyond financial considerations” and according to Wittenmyer’s source, “are believed to include permission to talk to the Cubs before committing to the Yankees.”

Joe Girardi is under contract with the Yankees until October 31 and without the Yankees’ permission, the Cubs could not officially talk to him until November 1.

Wittenmyer reported “the Cubs and Girardi have expressed mutual interest through back channels for weeks” and the Cubs “are prepared to make the Yankees’ skipper an offer that could make him one of the two highest paid managers in the game.”

A report from Buster Olney on Wednesday indicated the Cubs have serious interest in Joe Girardi and the ownership views Girardi as “someone who can help jolt fan interest in the team.” Gordon Wittenmyer added that Girardi has been “the ownership favorite two of the last three times the managerial job was open.”

According to the Sun-Times, Tom Ricketts and Crane Kenney are “pushing hard for a chance at Girardi” but as of his report, the Cubs had not received permission from the Yankees to speak with him.

Joe Girardi figures to be paid $4 million to $5 million annually to manage either the Cubs or the Yankees moving forward.

While the Cubs wait for a chance to formally talk to Joe Girardi, names are surfacing as possible candidates to be the next Cubs’ manager.

A.J. Hinch and Sandy Alomar Jr. are two names that have received the most ink in the last 36 hours while Manny Acta and Rays’ bench coach Davey Martinez could also be of interest to the Cubs according to the Sun-Times. Other names that have ended up in the rumor mill include Torey Lovullo (Red Sox bench coach), Eric Wedge, Mike Maddux, Trey Hillman (Dodgers bench coach) and Tim Wallach (Dodgers third base coach).

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  • TheWrongGuy

    Davey Martinez… Interesting, another former CUB added to the list. I still like Sandy Alomar Jr., his father was also a former CUB coach.

  • Tony_Hall

    Congrats to the Pittsburgh Pirates and Tampa Bay Rays on getting out of the 1 game Wild Card game and making a full playoff series that their fans deserve. Alex Cobb was good last night and it was fun seeing DeJesus leading off and playing LF for a playoff team. And you have to be impressed with how good of a come back Marlon Byrd has had, hitting a Home Run in a playoff game after a very good season. Good for Marlon.

    I have to say, the Wild Card games were great made for TV baseball. Creating a way to have the excitement of Game 163 every year is great and gives the Division winners a distinct advantage.

    My predictions for the Divisional Round

    St. Louis over Pittsburgh
    Atlanta over Los Angeles
    Detroit over Oakland
    Tampa Bay over Boston

    • SuzyS

      You may or may not be right in your predictions, Tony…Tampa is hot….However based on heart, not necessarily brains, I’m going with:
      Pittsburgh over St Louis, (a real reach)

      Atlanta over LA
      Detroit over Oakland
      Boston over Tampa

      • triple

        I’m going with heart over brains as well Suzy!

        Pirates over Cards
        Braves over Dodgers
        A’s over Tigers
        Rays over Red Sox

        • SuzyS

          May the hearts always win…whomever they might be!!!

          • cubtex

            I don’t think the Red Sox will lose to TB. They have too much offense for the Rays.

          • SuzyS

            I’m with you…and Boston does have my heart…Thanks!

  • Tony_Hall

    There are many candidates out there that are qualified. I am not sure how people, who have not interviewed the possible candidates can say how bad they would be based on that they don’t like the name or know nothing about the person. Some of the best managers weren’t household names or known to be great managers until they got a chance to manage or even received a second chance to manage.

    I hope we don’t get to all these names, as I want Girardi and think he wants to manage the Cubs.

    • SuzyS

      I’d like Girardi too.

      Contrary to a lot of reports, my gut tells me Sveum would still be the manager if Girardi’s contract didn’t come up.

      If we can’t land Girardi, there is a lot of “names” that might do…and I have no idea who would do the job best.

      I think Ricketts really wanted Girardi….The thing I like about this FO….If they identify something they really want…they go directly after it.

      Girardi is high risk, (to land), high reward. The Cubs have rocked the boat to go after him…I hope we get him.

      • J Daniel

        I have been stating for a few days now but I believe you will get your wish. The back channel stuff we know is common. I believe Joe wants to manage the Cubs and the Cubs want him. If both truly want each other it will happen. If Joe decides to stay with the Yankees that will happen today or by the weekend.

        • K_Gripp

          We will find out soon. Joe Girardi will have to have made the decision that he wants to manage the Cubs because the Yankees are going to put on the press to keep him and they have the advantage.

  • 07GreyDigger

    The Girardi Watch. Nice Neil!

  • Neil

    From Kaplan: MLB source on Girardi. “well the Cubs are behaving like a major market team. If they get a chance to talk to him they just might land him.”

    • cubtex

      that is nice to hear.

      • J Daniel

        It is nice. We are all suffering through the nonsense of the last two … I mean hundred seasons. Think about the suffering of TR, Theo, and all else involved. They are competitors and don’t like the losing either. But it is part of their plan. I know we can continue to debate their plan … but it is their plan.

        I will also say this about TR based on his experience with Theo. I think if he really wants something, feels it will better their plan, and has a chance to get it, he is going to get it.

        In this case the decision will come solely down to Girardi. There will be no other issue as they will give what it takes to get him.

        • cubtex

          I really think Ricketts didn’t envision this bad of a 2 year stretch. This is currently a 5 year plan.

          Ricketts is smart enough to know that unless they hire a manager who will add some excitement to the fanbase….expect more drop in attendance. Overpaying for Girardi is a smart business move.

          • J Daniel

            Regardless of how they have got here it would be a GREAT business and baseball move.

      • Ripsnorter1

        Note the conditional phrase in that sentence: “IF they get a chance to talk to him.”

        Fact: The whole thing is in the Yankees favor right now. They have control of
        the situation. If he leaves, it will be because the Yanks refused to give him
        something he wanted.

        I doubt it.

        • J Daniel

          Time will tell but IMO we will know later today or tomorrow. If the deal is not done quickly with the Yankees it won’t be done. If they want him, don’t want to lose him, and he wants to stay, it shouldn’t take long.

        • cubtex

          Like Joe said. It is what is best for his family. If his wife and kids want to go back to Chicago and this is his opportunity….he will go.

          • 07GreyDigger

            They all say that. It’s what he wants to do as a professional. You think he wants to stick around coaching a Yankees team with no young players run itself into the ground? Why wouldn’t he want to be the savior to win us the WS?

          • cubtex

            again Digger. Thank you for getting inside the head of Joe Girardi and let everyone know what makes him tick. They all don’t say that. Many managers in the game today don’t have kids in school. Joe does. I believe 100% that is a factor in his decision.

          • 07GreyDigger

            Well duh. The ones who don’t have kids wouldn’t say that, but most GM’s, players, coaches all have the same trained, ambiguous, media speak going for them.

            Girardi is doing the same. Not really saying anything and tailoring his message to keep his image clean. Do I think his family plays a role in this decision? Of course. But I do I think it’s the determining factor? No. That’s just me. It’s all about the benjamins and the glory. It’s sports.

          • cubtex

            we know it is all about the Benjamins in your case :) Not everyone feels the same way as you.

          • J Daniel

            maybe … but a majority of decisions are a result of how many Ben’s are involved … especially with players … or why would anyone want to play in some places …

          • cubtex

            of course. who is arguing against that? I am only talking about Joe Girardi here.

          • 07GreyDigger

            Let’s say Girardi wanted to stay in NY and not move his family. He would have re-upped already. But to resign, I bet he wants more MONEY, right? And he’s going to leverage the Cubs and the Nationals to get it.

            Not all about the benjamins huh? This is a silly argument by the way.

          • J Daniel

            REALLY silly!

          • cubtex

            ridiculously silly!

          • J Daniel

            Correct … it is completely up to him. Jim Bowden initially was saying if he wanted to leave NY it would be for Washington. If he leaves NY it will be for the Cubs.

            Again, IMO, he will be leading Cubs next year. Could be a ploy to get more out of Yankees but I don’t think he needs it. I know it is nice to have leverage.

        • DWalker

          Bingo, I think he stays with the Yanks without the cubs ever getting to talk to him. IF he doesn’t, then I wonder if there will be issues with the Yanks filing a grievance over back channel communications.

          So, that brings up the question, Whats the real Plan? Girardi is obviously plan A, but whats plan B? Plan A is actually a certified long shot, and they know it even better than we do. Hard to believe they don’t have something in mind. Either they are back channeling enough to think Plan A will work, or they have someone else in mind.

        • Tony_Hall

          Actually it is all in Girardis hands. If the Yankees dont give him permission, he can just wait until November 1st

        • SuzyS

          I’ve always considered Girardi to have an astute baseball mind…
          There are things the Yankees cannot give him…ie a young talented team “on the rise”.

          The Yankees have the capability of throwing more money than anyone at a problem…but they cannot change from a old and breaking down talent base to a young and rising talent base overnight.
          It’s still baseball…and baseball takes time.

          The Cubs can’t guarantee that their young talent base is going to make it….However, they have a ton of flexibility to make the necessary moves to bring us a champion…more importantly…their stated goal is to win the world series.

          So Rip…I disagree with you….The Yankees do not control the situation…They control the mechanics of how it might play out…But not the outcome….Girardi controls that…he’s got to make up his mind…what he wants.

          • Ripsnorter1

            So far, the Cubs are not a young, talented team on the rise.

            Castro and Rizzo are not “on the rise” with Team Theo coaching.
            Sure, Sveum has been fired, but really, does anybody on planet earth
            believe that Sveum was acting alone in coaching Castro into the dirt?
            I distinctly remember that it is Theo Epstein promoting “the Cubs’ way.”

            IMO Sveum is simply the fall guy for Team Theo. The guys in the Ivy League
            suits with the big, big contracts aren’t taking the fall. Let some cheap stool
            pigeon eat it for them. I can hear Bugs Bunny saying it for them: “So long, sucker.”

            I sure like the way Theo said that, now that Sveum has been fired,
            he’s sure to find success in another organization.

            HAW HAW!

            No, Suzy, it’s been dark, and it’s even darker now that it was last year.
            There has been just this one bright spot: Baez, but of course, he’s not even
            in the ML just yet.

        • 07GreyDigger

          I wonder if the politics with the ARod situation have something to do with Girardi wanting to make a change. Or that ownership and baseball operations are far from being on the same page.

          Granted our media market is a circus, but not to the extent NY is. Also, Ricketts isn’t the type of owner to make personnel decisions like the Steinbrenners. Maybe Girardi wants somewhere where he has more say and isn’t going to under quite the microscope he is in NY.

          • J Daniel

            Don’t think he cares about the scope. I think he cares about winning and will be in a tough spot with the Yankees. Also, the allure of winning with the Cubs, along with a lot of Benjamins, is very enticing. We all know that next year still is not going to be the greatest. But after that I think things will be moving forward. I look at it in a different way … what a GREAT opportunity ahead with the Cubs,

          • SuzyS

            Agreed. Although nothing is guaranteed…(re: winning).

            There’s another point to ponder…How do you think the Cubs will do with 2 stars at the helm? Meaning…do you think Theo and Joe would work together well???

          • J Daniel

            Nothing is guaranteed but IMO they will start to be contenders in 2015 and stay in the hunt for 10 years. Paul, I hope you see a couple of titles in that stretch.

            I don’t think “Two Stars” will be an issue whatsoever. In fact, I think it would be a great marriage.

          • 07GreyDigger

            I’d be super excited if they hired Girardi. I’m just curious if he wants to manage a team a couple of years away or would be more interested in the Nationals who are about as turn key as the come.

  • 07GreyDigger

    I just saw on the Tribune that NY has denied Girardi permission to talk to other teams.

    • RickinMSP

      Not really a big deal unless there is a need to get the manager in place quickly. Girardi’s contract ends in less than a month and he can talk to anyone he choose without regard to what the Yankees think.

    • J Daniel

      Actually, I believe, that is good news. A line in the sand has been drawn. If Joe really wants to talk to the Cubs, Nationals, or anyone else, and it is denied, he can wait. He does not need to worry about getting a job. There would be other teams that would fire their guy to hire him. Do you think the Reds wouldn’t want to talk with him if he waited until Nov. 1?

  • SuzyS

    Ned Yost just added Sveum to his coaching staff with the Royals. The ole boy network is alive and well.

    The Royal’s will feature an all-bunting offense this upcoming season.

    On a serious note….I wish Sveum well!!!!

    • 07GreyDigger

      Guess Sveum wasn’t as big of a dolt as we all portrayed him to be. Got a job DAYS after being fired.

      • cubtex

        ummmm. he is a coach in charge of infield instruction and his in game responsibilities will be determined at a later date.

        Fast forward 10 years from now and Sveum will still be a coach and will never manage a mlb team again.

        • 07GreyDigger

          I’ll take you on that bet.

          • cubtex

            101 losses 1st year
            96 losses 2nd year
            Fired by Theo where he wasn’t even judged by wins and losses in year 2 of a 3 year deal!

            Bet! I wish you would give me even odds and we were in Vegas :)

  • No Baseball In Indiana

    And I thought BCB had too many whiney regulars.

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