Rambling as the Cubs Season is Almost Over

Hello again, everybody. We are here. It is the last weekend of the season. It has been another tough trudge through mud kind of campaign, and there is so much up in the air as we close the books on another year of baseball on the Northside.

This offseason is bound to bring changes to this team. From players to coaches to beer, things are definitely changing in and around Wrigley Field.

And it sure would be really friggin’ nice if Wrigley Field itself could start changing as well. So, with all that out, let’s get down to some season-ending rambling.

  • If you told me 14 days ago that Dale Sveum would be fired, I would have laughed it off. Now, I would probably bet that he will be given his walking papers.
  • Kind of hard to blame Sveum, given the players he has had. Theo even said it. However, when something reverses course and or someone pulls a 180, either of which appear to be out of nowhere, I always wonder what was said behind closed doors.
  • Remember when Ian Stewart went on a twitter binge about the man holding him down. I cannot even count how many men are holding him down now.
  • So, the clock has started. If Sveum is gone, you have to imagine that announcement is made on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning, correct?
  • And if that happens, then it becomes a big guessing game. Lately Girardi’s and Gardenhire’s names have been bandied about, but there are probably more out there.
  • My point is this: Unless you know you can land Girardi, I do not see why you make a change. I am a bit miffed by this now. Something must have been said. It just must have.
  • You see how Theo responds to certain comments. Gregg almost got cut for running his mouth last weekend. And I can’t say I blame Theo for certain moves.
  • Unless you truly believe Sveum is to blame for Castro’s and Rizzo’s respective regression, I don’t really understand the move.
  • However, I am not immersed in the whole “running a major-league baseball team” every day of my life. So I may be a bit disconnected.
  • Dioner Navarro hit .303 with 13 homers, 34 RBIs and a .367 OBP. I am not going to do the research, but those are probably the best numbers for a back-up catcher in the league.  Re … Sign … Him.
  • I say this because it has been two full years of hard-to-watch baseball. Next year needs to at least be entertaining, engaging and hopefully exciting at times. I expect .500 baseball.
  • Even if he wins his second straight Gold Glove, I will have a hard time supporting Barney. A .211 average just does not fly in the Bigs. His 2013 WAR is 0.4, according to FanGraphs, and -0.3 on Baseball Reference.  So his defense is just not making up for that average. Time to cut bait.
  • Junior Lake is going to finish the season his around .290 in 65 games or so. If you told me that in March, well, I would have taken it, but I would not have believed it.
  • Rizzo is going to end with 23 and 80 most likely, or something very close to that.  Not bad for your first full season.  I compared him to Hosmer before, and I think that is fair.
  • As a comment said, I know Hosmer benefitted from having George Brett around, but I think it is inaccurate to call this a bad season for Rizzo. He played top-notch defense, had very solid power numbers, given the current era, and was an extra-base hit machine. Time will tell.
  • I think Baez will be up by June. Bryant may be up at some point as well. No one really knows. However, the product on the field has to be noticeably improved.  Cubs’ baseball has not been enjoyable for five years.
  • My point being … the honeymoon is over for the front office. I know there never was one for many of you, but plenty of fans gave them a pass the first two years. They must put a competitive team on the field in 2014.
  • And that means they must do something in Free Agency this winter. I was all about Shin-Soo Choo until I saw a $100 million figure on Twitter today. Nope, not worth that.  Not even close.
  • I have thrown out a few things, but I will ask you to comment on two questions below.  First, in regards to Sveum, does he stay or does he go?  Second, if you could have one FA this offseason, within reason, who is it and why?
  • As the regular season ends on Sunday, I am left thinking about next Spring, and the eternal hope that surrounds all of baseball during that time of the year.  Let’s just hope next September feels much different than this one.
  • I always aim for 20 bullet points when it comes to Ramblings.  But 21 is half of 42.  So here is to the greatest closer of my lifetime, and seemingly, an even classier individual.  Congrats, Mr. Rivera.  You are a model of what is right.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts below.  I hope everyone enjoys their respective weekends, and until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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Quote of the Day

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