Kevin Gregg Blasts the Cubs, Could Be Released on Saturday

Updated 9:10am CDT , September 21Cubs Will Not Release Kevin Gregg for his actions on Friday

There is a pretty good chance that Kevin Gregg had a Friday afternoon he would like to forget.

After imploding on the mound and equaling a season-worst four runs allowed on just three hits, Gregg proceeded to blame his poor performance on the Cubs decision to use Pedro Strop in the closer’s role without telling him. Gregg said, through the media, that “professional courtesy would have been nice” and he “expected to be treated a little better than this.” Gregg blasted the organization that gave him a chance to close games for another summer after he did not make the Dodgers’ roster out of Spring Training.

Theo Epstein found out what Gregg told the media and called him into Dale Sveum’s office. Epstein said that Gregg apologized and went onto explain that Gregg misunderstood what Dale Sveum had told him. Epstein said he would decide on what disciplinary action he would take after he had a chance to sleep on it but did not rule out releasing Gregg on Saturday.

Gregg actually made the long hike from the Cubs’ clubhouse to the press box to issue an apology to the front office through the same media he used to air his grievances with earlier in the afternoon.

Kevin Gregg reached a $500,000 performance bonus on Friday when he finished his 50th game of the season.

After nearly two seasons without any public drama in the clubhouse, this is the third incident in the last week and this one is over saving games for a 90-loss team with eight games remaining against the Braves, Pirates and Cardinals.

Theo Epstein was not happy with the remarks that Gregg made in public and addressed the situation with the media after he and Sveum met with Gregg.

Epstein explained, “He ran to the media. That was his decision, I told him, as a man, I didn’t respect that.” Epstein added, “I told him how disappointed I was, given the way we’ve treated him this year and bringing him back to Chicago and showing faith in him. I think it took him a couple minutes to understand he had misunderstood Dale and he ultimately apologized to Dale and me.”

Kevin Gregg said that he understands where Theo Epstein is coming from and he realizes that he has an organization to run and look after.

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  • TheWrongGuy

    At the very least Gregg is man enough to apologize.

    • John_CC

      After getting called into the principal’s office … right. Man enough my butt. He had little choice if he wants to play again. I hope he gets cut, he better. I really dislike that bum.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Team Theo knows that Kevin Gregg has cost them a lot of
    losses in 2013. His 32 saves has easily prevented the Cubs
    from losing 100 games again this year, and that has moved
    them into the #4 draft slot instead of the #2 slot. Gregg is responsible
    for that. Gregg has 32 of the Cubs 37 saves this year. Marmol has
    2. Fujikawa has 2, and Blake Parker has 1. That’s all folks!

    Can you image how many more losses we would have had if
    Shawn Camp, Hector Rondon, James Russell, Villanueva,
    Bowden and/or Dolis had been our closer(s)? Gregg has blown 5 saves,
    but the rest of the Cubs’ bullpen has totaled 21, for a grand total of 26.
    That’s next to Houston/Arizona for worst with 28.

    Mr. Pedro Strop has no saves, but 3 blown saves. Looking at Mr.
    Strop’s career numbers, I see that he has 3 career saves, and 12 career
    blown saves. He has pitched well for the Cubs–2.78 ERA. Combined
    with his Orioles ERA of 7.25 in 22.1 IP, he has lower his 2013 ERA to 4.61.
    Here’s his combined stat line for 2013:

    54 IP..43 H..25 BB..61 K..2-5 record..4.61 ERA….1.24 WHIP

    Mr. Strop reminds me of Carlos Marmol in that he’s very effective
    in holding down the number of hits he gives up, but he walks more
    than 1 every 2 innings.

    Mr. Gregg has pitched well for your Cubs in 2013. I wish he had
    pitched this well in 2009…..

    • SuzyS

      Thanks Rip, Sometimes I just love your perspective!

  • SirGladiator

    Gregg started out awesome, then got bad, and now he’s turned into Zambrano. So sad. I hope he doesn’t get fired, he did so well for the team for a while. Let him finish the season, then if he doesn’t give us a sweet deal we can simply not bring him back. After this horrible mistake, he might be willing to come back for cheap next year, that’s not an opportunity we’d want to miss out on.

  • Neil

    Gregg is not being released