Cubs Expected to Announce Decision on Dale Sveum and the Coaching Staff by Monday

Dale Sveum will find out by Monday whether or not he will return for the final year of the three year contract he signed in November of 2011. Theo Epstein met with the media prior to Friday’s game in St. Louis and indicated that the evaluation process will be completed by Monday. Epstein said, “We owe it to everyone involved to get it done quickly and move forward. We’ll finish up the process by Monday.”

According to the Tribune, changes could be on the horizon for the player development staff as well.

The Cubs’ front office is expected to meet with Dale Sveum in Chicago on Monday and “there will be clarity on any coaching decisions” at that time. ESPN Chicago reported that Epstein was “adamant” that his previous comments “meant nothing significant.” The Sun-Times reported that the Cubs have not made a decision yet on whether or not Dale Sveum will be retained for next season.

Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are in St. Louis to continue their evaluations of the players and coaching staff. Epstein, Hoyer and Dale Sveum are conducting year end evaluations with the players.

Joe Girardi

Multiple reports on Friday indicated the Cubs are interested in hiring Joe Girardi and Joe Girardi is interested in talking to the Cubs about managing the team.

According to a report from Joel Sherman, he believes that the Cubs “are a real factor” for Girardi but he is being told by Yankees’ officials that Girardi is “very involved and engaged in discussing plans for next year.”

The Score’s Dan Bernstein reported on Friday afternoon that he has been “informed by Joe Girardi’s camp that he will listen” if the Cubs would like to talk to him. The Cubs are interested in talking to Girardi according to Bernstein.

A report from indicated that Girardi will talk to Brian Cashman after the season to discuss his future with the Yankees.

Questions have surfaced if Joe Girardi and Theo Epstein would be able to work together. Patrick Mooney asked the question and received two different responses.

“A source familiar with Epstein and Girardi predicted power struggles if they worked together, saying it would be an awkward fit at Clark and Addison. Other officials dismissed those concerns, and there is a feeling inside the organization that Girardi could be the right manager at the right time, someone with strong communication skills and a good feel for young players and handling a bullpen.”

Baseball America’s Northwest League Top 20 Prospects

Baseball America released their list of the top 20 prospects in the Northwest League from the past season. The Cubs’ young players dominated the list of the best prospects in the league.

Kris Bryant (1), Paul Blackburn (7), Yasiel Balaguert (9), Dillon Maples (10), Shawon Dunston Jr. (12) and Kevin Encarnacion (17) made the top 20 and the Cubs ended up having the most players on the list, two more than the Seattle Mariners.

News and Notes

Travis Wood reached the 200-inning mark for the season on Friday night and joined teammate Jeff Samardzija as one of only four pair of teammates to complete at least 200 innings this season. Wood and Samardzija joined the Phillies’ Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee, the Reds’ Mat Latos and Homer Bailey and the Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright and Lance Lynn as the only four teams in the NL with at least two pitchers on their staff to pitch 200 innings this year.

According to a report from Jerry Crasnick, Javier Baez changed agents and has hired KPS Sports. Baez was represented by B.B. Abbott of Jet Sports Management.

Theo Epstein is impressed by fans’ commitment according to a report from ESPN Chicago.

According to a report from Comcast SportsNet, team insiders quickly downplayed Brad Ausmus as one of the candidates to replace Dale Sveum if they decide to make a change.

What happened with Travis Wood made Dale Sveum want to puke according to a report from the Sun-Times.

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Quote of the Day

"Show me a guy who’s afraid to look bad, and I’ll show you a guy you can beat every time." – Lou Brock

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  • Ripsnorter1

    Scott Feldman finished the year 5-6 for the O’s, with a 4.27 ERA.
    Yesterday was his final start, and he looked like the old Scott Feldman:
    2.1 IP…8 H…8 ER…he wasn’t the positive force that could put the O’s into the Playoffs.

    Pedro Alverez has 35 HR and 99 RBI for the Pirates….maybe he can get that 100th RBI this

    Neil Cotts is 7-3 out of the pen for the Rangers….with a 1.13 ERA and 0.93 WHIP.
    Somebody say it: he had a great year.

    Speaking of the Rangers…Jeff Baker slugged .545 this year…11 HR and .360 OBP in 154 AB….
    somebody say it: “He had a great year.” And to think he was released twice last year….what did we get for
    this guy? Detroit complained and we just got cash and no prospects? Great job by Team Theo, right?

    After most people had given up on Carlos Marmol, the Dodgers acquired him in exchange for an overpaid reliever and have received better-than-solid relief from the former closer. 2.53 ERA as a Dodger. And after that first appearance, his ERA is 1.00. He’s given up 2 ER since July 25. And those on the CCO squawking about “he’s lost his slider for good” can rest assured that he hasn’t. I’ll say it again, like I said before his trade: his problem was SVEUM and BOSIO and TEAM THEO–they wanted him out. He doesn’t do it “the Cubs’ way.”

    • Tony_Hall

      Just think, if Pedro Alvarez was a young Cubs prospect, people would have run him out of town as a 24 year old.

      After hitting 256/326/461 with 16 HR’s in 347 AB’s as a rookie in 2010, he had a rough 2nd year.

      2011 – 191/272/289 – 4 HR’s in 235 AB’s

      191 average, a HR every 59 AB’s, no way he can bounce back from that….right?

      But players do need experience and can develop at the major league level

      2012 – 244/317/467 – 30 HR’s – 85 RBI’s
      2013 – 230/292/463 – 34 HR’s – 97 RBI’s

      Now, if you want to pick him apart can you? Of course, 180 K’s and followed that up with 185 K’s, low batting avg and OBP, but when you have a year like 2011, that is below Luis Valbuena’s type seasons, in Chicago, most fans would want you gone.

      Carlos Marmol lost his slider. He may have gotten it back, but no one in the dugout or FO calling pitches made his slider not break as much or made him not throw strikes. Sometimes the player is to blame and not someone else.

      We actually received a player for Jeff Baker and just because he bounces back and has a year that we all know he can have if he faces mostly lefties, doesn’t make it a bad move.

      Neil Cotts had a great year. Bullpens are tough to get consistent production and numbers because of the smaller amount of innings they pitch.

      Amazing in talking about Feldman you failed to mention what a brilliant move signing Feldman and then trading him at his high point and getting back Strop and Arrieta for him. Theo and Jed have made many good moves (and like all FO’s some bad moves), yet let’s talk about Jeff Baker and Carlos Marmol and somehow say they were bad moves. Hilarious.

    • Sonate

      Interesting points. Marmol pitched well whenever he was not in a save situation. He has a mental “block” about it for some reason. Sveum and Co. never understood this, but the Dodgers do. I don’t believe Marmol was ever in a save situation in the 20 games he pitched in with them.
      Baker? He’s great against lefties, as you know. Righties….not so much. Cotts, at age 33, caught lightning in a bottle. He will come back to earth next year.

      • Tony_Hall

        Marmol’s WHIP with the Dodgers

        1.546 WHIP and he finished 8 of his 21 games he pitches.

    • Tom U

      The Cubs reciecved RHP Marcelo Carreno from Detroit for Baker. Carreno was injured this season.

      • CubbyDenCritic

        “Marcello Carreno”…….wasn’t that a character in “The Godfather”?

        • paulcatanese

          Yeah, he got traded for the pastries, off the freeway:)

    • Neil

      Rip, why didn’t you mention the number of walks he’s issued while he has been with the Dodgers? He has walked 19 batters in 21 innings with 27 strikeouts. The big difference is the lack of homers he’s allowed. Those big parks help.

      From what I’ve seen, he’s not pitched much different with the Dodgers. His ERA just looks better.

    • Neil

      And you should really check your facts. Here is Marmol’s Basebal-Reference page. Check the numbers and compare.

    • Neil

      Lastly, you do know what they ‘fined’ him, right?

  • SuzyS

    Gee…Arrieta and Strop for Feldman??? The O’s got hosed!!!

    • CubbyDenCritic

      Didn’t do too bad on Texas either.

  • Neil

    From David Kaplan this morning: As @csnmooney said last night and I heard yesterday as well, Brad Ausmus not on Cubs radar if they fire Sveum. People overreacted big time.

  • CubbyDenCritic

    You people talk about great seasons from Baker, Cotts, Marmol on other teams…….don’t forget about Soriano!
    For some reason, Cashman regrets of giving up Corey Black.
    A year from now, you will hear people here complaining about how we waived future MVP Koyie Hill.

  • TheWrongGuy

    Good report Neil once again! I hadn’t seen that Girardi was interested in becoming the manager. It is good to see that he is. The only remaining questions now are what is his price tag? And is the timing right for a change with this team?
    Seeing the article about Dale wanting to puke made look and read close on that one. But I would have to agree with him Travis Wood has had great season and to see it end that way is not good.

    • cubtex

      The Cubs have made we want to puke many times the last 2 years.

      • TheWrongGuy


    • Neil

      Thanks man. Girardi will be expensive.

  • cubtex

    Chris Archer pitching one of the biggest games for the Rays today. Hellickson was bad again yesterday. Hellickson has the 3rd highest ERA amongst starters in all of baseball.

    With a Rangers win and a Rays loss…it will come down to the last game of the year. Who says the extra wild card isn’t good for baseball???

    • cubtex

      2 1/3 IP for Archer today 5 hits 1 ER and the Rays are down 5-1. Quick hook. I noticed he had a high pitch count but I am sure Maddon did not trust the rookie. Not looking good for them. It is tough to throw Hellickson and Archer in key games like this.

      • cubtex

        Make that 7-1 Blue Jays.

      • Tony_Hall

        So with no knowledge of why he was pulled after 2 1/3 IP with 4 k’s and only 64 pitches and not having watched the game, you are implying it is a trust issue, due to being a key game.

        My first thought with no knowledge of what happened would be an injury of some sort, to pull your starting pitcher in the 3rd inning with only 64 pitches and having given up just 1 run, but I am not watching the game or following it, so I am just guessing….

        • cubtex

          I am listening on my cell phone at the race. Gave up 3 straight hits in the 3rd. Gave up 1 run. Maddon yanked him with 2 on and one out. They were hitting him hard.

        • cubtex

          Does that answer your question?

          • Tony_Hall

            Not really, there has to be more to it.

            Did hits look as sharply hit as they sounded?

            3rd inning
            Jose Reyes – Single to the pitcher

            Brett Lawrie – Single to shallow right center

            Adam Lind – single to shallow right

            Sierra struck out swinging

            So after an infield single, and two shallow singles to and then a SO, you are saying he was being hit so hard that Maddon had to yank him, after the K.

          • cubtex

            why do you always argue? lol. I get the Blue Jay broadcast on mlb radio. Reyes hit a hard shot off the pitcher base hit. The broadcast team called it a sharp line drive in right with Reyes running. 1st and 3rd no out. Lind’s hit was also called a line drive into right for a base hit. He struck out the next guy….I believe on a 2-2 pitch or 3-2 pitch and was yanked. It was a trust issue. you always want to argue. Aren’t line drives into the outfield always shallow???? hahahaha.

          • Tony_Hall

            Why are you posting info about Archer? You want him to fail and you want to point it out.

            Why is that?

          • cubtex

            I am shocked that the Rays would throw him and Hellickson in key games. I thought it was a huge mistake….and once again…I am right! lol.

            On another note..I would rather see the Rangers and Indians playing in the wild card game.

          • Tony_Hall

            So easy to be right on things when you only point things out after the fact.

            So Maddon should have just skipped his next 2 SP’s and pitched who? His other 3 SP’s would not be available.

            Please tell me today, who is going to pitch well next week in the playoffs and whose teams should not pitch so we can see how often you are really right.

          • cubtex

            Archer last 5 starts. 4.88 ERA averaging under 5 innings per start.

            And you know how bad Hellickson has been this year.

            How hard was that to predict???

            You need to follow baseball a little closer. Success and failure leaves clues :)))

          • Tony_Hall

            So you don’t want to tell me the future pitchers that should and should not pitch, because then you could be wrong. Wait until next weekend and tell me which teams pitched the wrong guys then, you are good at that.

            Archer has pitched more this year then he has before, and that is the issue. If they weren’t in a playoff push, he would have already been done for the year. But they are and Archer and Hellickson were next to start, the other guys were not available. And before you say they should have rearranged the rotation, teams are also having to balance having to play Game 163 and then possibly having to follow that with a playoff series. No matter how you do it, Archer and Hellickson would be pitching in a big game at some point.

          • cubtex

            wow! you are grasping at straws. Archer threw around 157 IP last year and he is around 175 this year. What a huge increase. They really pushed his pitch limit to the pedal this year.

          • cubtex

            Rangers won today. Rays look like they will lose.
            Rangers have Darvish going tomorrow. Rays have M Moore.

            I like the Rangers chances.

          • Tony_Hall

            I don’t know how anyone could know who wins a Rangers/Angels game when they both wear RED. That is hard to watch.

            So we have 2 predictions on you going way out on a ledge and picking the Rangers and Darvish over the Angels and Vargas. I think even Angel fans agree with this one.

            And you are taking Todd Redmond and the Blue Jays over Matt Moore and the Rays. I will take Moore and the Rays….you should love the Rays, Ray.

            Cleveland and Jimenez or Diamond and the Twins…keep in mind you said the Twins would win at least 1 game this weekend.

          • cubtex

            the Twins can still win today. 0-0

            The Cards are supposed to pack it in now according to you since they won the division and the Cubs should win the next 2 games…so I guess it won’t matter if the Twins win. I still say the Twins win one of these last 2.

          • Tony_Hall

            I never said the Cardinals will pack it in, but the Indians were, for sure going to play to win all 3, to make the playoffs, the Cardinals might not need to, as they are in, just playing for home field, which can be decided today.

          • Tony_Hall

            One example on the Cardinals, if they needed 2 wins to make the playoffs, Carlos Beltran would be playing, but he is not so that he can rest his wrist for the playoffs.

          • Tony_Hall

            Or maybe he was hit hard in the 2nd.

            Goins GO to 2B
            Langerhans BB
            Thole SO swinging
            Pillar SO swinging

            No maybe the hard hits were in the 1st inning.

            Reyes GO to P
            Lawrie Single to Shallow center
            Lind SO swining
            Sierra Single to left
            Gose GO

            NO extra base hits, swinging K’s, and shallow singles and infield hits, doesn’t sound like he was being hit hard.

          • cubtex

            see below. you are a piece of work!

          • Tony_Hall

            Keep in mind he was in the minors most of last year and pitched just 10 innings after Sept 8th.

          • cubtex

            does his arm turn into a pumpkin after September 10th?

          • Tony_Hall

            Not much pitching being done in September until you pitch in the majors.

          • Ripsnorter1

            He lost his slider! Maddon was calling his pitches,
            and he was fining him for every shake off. Archer got
            mad, and Maddon pulled him!


          • Neil

            Why was Archer being fined? That doesn’t sound like Joe Maddon

          • Ripsnorter1

            It’s all a joke. “LOL”

            I posted it because I was comparing Marmol (“lost his slider/coach
            calling his pitches/shaking off the catcher”) to Archer as a joke.

  • cubtex

    Neil or Tom….Maybe I missed it…but did the Cubs ever receive any return for David DeJesus? Or was it only the cash relief?

    • Neil

      Nothing official, but it appears to be cash relief only for DeJesus. In other words, a straight waiver claim.

      • cubtex

        Thanks Neil. I didn’t hear anything about it so that is what I was thinking.

        • Neil

          You’re more than welcome

  • Denny Pratt

    I have a problem with the Cubs not going ahead with the renovation of Wrigley Field. By not applying for building permits, it tells me one thing. Ricketts doesn’t have money to do it. Daddy probably said no and he couldn’t line up enough sponsors

    • Tony_Hall

      Have you been following any of what has gone on with this process? If I was Ricketts I wouldn’t start one thing until it is all approved. Otherwise you have no leverage and it all goes back to Tunney.

    • TheWrongGuy

      The longer the process of approvals takes the more money Ricketts would have to spend. 2-3 year renovations will be cheaper than 4-5 year renovations.

  • cc002600

    so where is bruce Levine going ? I heard him saying his goodbyes at end of his show today but didn’t hear the beginning. Are they going to continue the “talking Baseball” show with someone else ? I hope

    • Neil

      He did not say. Hinted at a reunion with David Schuster. Fred did not come back after the break about the continuation of the show.

      • Ripsnorter1

        Do you want Bosio back?

  • Ripsnorter1

    Texas went 17-2 vs the Astros this year.
    Will they make the playoffs tomorrow?