Talkin’ Cubs Live – Cubs vs. Dodgers – 08/28/13

Game One Hundred Thirty-Three: Cubs (56-76) vs. Dodgers (77-54)

  • Game Time – 2:10pm CDT
  • Coverage – TV: Comcast SportsNet – Radio: 720 WGN, XM Radio Channels 183/844
  • Location – Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

Edwin Jackson (7-13, 5.00/1.43/3.60) vs. Ricky Nolasco (5-1, 2.53/1.14/3.71)

The Cubs wrap-up their six-game road trip with the series and season series finale against the Dodgers this afternoon. The Cubs are 2-3 over the first five games of their last trip of the year out West and a win today would give them a .500 trip after giving away two games in San Diego.

The Cubs put together one of their better all-around efforts of the season behind Travis Wood on Tuesday. Wood held the Dodgers in check while the offense did what they could to put runs on the board. This afternoon figures to be more of the same with Ricky Nolasco on the hill and it will take Edwin Jackson picking up where Wood left off in order for the Cubs to take two of three at Dodger Stadium.

Anthony Rizzo, Brian Bogusevic and Nate Schierholtz are expected back in the lineup as well as Welington Castillo.

The final game of the trip all starts with Edwin Jackson

After an excellent run from late June through July, Edwin Jackson has reverted back to his early season form over this last four starts. Jackson has really struggled with his command after his eight-inning performance against the Brewers on July 31 in which he completed eight innings following nearly a one hour rain delay.

Jackson is a miserable 0-2 in his last four starts with a 6.95 ERA and a 1.86 WHIP. Jackson has given up 32 hits with nine walks and only 11 strikeouts over his last 22 innings.

Edwin Jackson missed the Dodgers at Wrigley earlier this month and is 3-1 in five career starts against the team that drafted him in 2001 (sixth round) with a 3.62 ERA and a 1.36 WHIP. Jackson is 4-3 in 11 games, eight starts, at Dodger Stadium with a 4.66 ERA and a 1.38 WHIP.

Dodgers Career Numbers against Edwin Jackson

  • Carl Crawford – 0-for-4
  • A.J. Ellis – 0-for-3
  • Mark Ellis – 2-for-9 with a double, a home run and two walks
  • Andre Ethier – 3-for-12 with a home run and a walk
  • Adrian Gonzalez – 2-for-9 with a home run and a walk
  • Jerry Hairston Jr. – 6-for-11 with two walks
  • Ricky Nolasco – 1-for-3 with a double
  • Nick Punto – 3-for-10 with a double and a walk
  • Hanley Ramirez – 2-for-11 with a double, a home run and two walks
  • Skip Schumaker – 3-for-16 with a double
  • Juan Uribe – 2-for-9 with a home run and a walk

Ricky Nolasco has already beaten the Cubs twice this season and is coming off an excellent outing against the Red Sox. Nolasco posted the only win of the series against Boston after tossing eight inning of shutout ball. Nolasco gave up only two hits, did not walk a batter and struck out six. Nolasco has been very good since his so-so outing against the Cubs at Wrigley Field.

Ricky Nolasco is 4-0 in his last five starts with a 2.08 ERA and a 0.99 WHIP. Nolasco has benefited from his change of scenery and has owned the Cubs since Jim Hendry dealt him to Miami in the Juan Pierre deal.

This afternoon will be Nolasco third start of the season against the Cubs. Nolasco is 2-0 in the first two with a 4.50 ERA and a 0.92 WHIP. For his career, Nolasco owns a 6-2 record against the Cubs in 10 games, nine starts, with a 3.19 ERA and a 1.13 WHIP.

Cubs Career Numbers against Ricky Nolasco

  • Darwin Barney (.234) – 2-for-13 with a triple
  • Brian Bogusevic (.340) – 1-for-2 with a double and a walk
  • Starlin Castro (.286) – 6-for-17 with a double
  • Edwin Jackson (.100) – 0-for-1
  • Junior Lake (.394) – 2-for-3 with two home runs
  • Dioner Navarro (.292) – 7-for-15 with two doubles and a home run
  • Anthony Rizzo (.252) – 2-for-4 with a double, a home run and a walk
  • Nate Schierholtz (.297) – 4-for-17 with a home run

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Quote of the Day

"Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again." – Bob Feller

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  • CubbyDenCritic

    I cannot image Edwin wanting to show his face after blowing that 6 run lead we gave him in his last game……I do believe I have a Nolasco Cubs rookie card somewhere……..must be with my Willis, Christenson, Guzman & Prior RC lot.

  • Neil

    Today’s lineup:

    Castro SS
    Barney 2B
    Rizzo 1B
    Schierholtz RF
    Bogusevic LF
    Lake CF
    Castillo C
    Ransom 3B
    Jackson P

  • Ripsnorter1

    Soriano just did what you asked about last winter. You wondered if he could repeat his 2012 season stats.
    At that time I said I thought he could hit 26 and drive in 85 plus. Currently he is at 28 HR and 84 RBI.
    He’s just 4 taters away from the 32 HRs he hit last year.

    • cubtex

      lol. If Tony was in charge, Soriano would have been released 3 years ago and would have ate his entire salary :)

      • roseyc

        Does anyone actually think that Soriano would have the same success here that he’s having with the Yankees

        • cubtex

          no chance. he got lucky.

          • Ripsnorter1

            He got lucky….to be traded to the Yanks where the games mean
            something….and to go to where he is wanted.

          • BosephHeyden

            Yep, that’s pretty much it. Now that he’s got something to play for, his hot streaks are going to be longer.

            I’ll also say this: with Soriano, Jeter, Mariano, and Ichiro, and the fact a number of us wanted (rightfully so) Girardi in 2007, it should be really hard to still hate the Yankees. But bringing A-Rod back after everything he’s done, even though they did try their best to rid themselves of him, manages to still make them very hateable.

      • Tony_Hall

        241/303/423 – 20 HR – 55 RBI’s – 2009
        258/322/496 – 24 HR – 79 RBI’s – 2010
        244/289/469 – 26 HR – 88 RBI’s – 2011

        2009 NEG 1.6
        2010 POS 0.5
        2011 NEG 0.2

        Years 3, 4 and 5 of an 8 year contract

        These were bad years and everyone knew it and his defense was a disastor. If he didn’t throw out runners he would have been a total negative in the field.

        If he was a young guy with those numbers you guys would have destroyed him like you do Castro and Rizzo.

        He has made a come back in his AGE 37 and AGE 38 SEASON….. Good for him.

        NOW MOVE ON PEOPLE. He is gone!

        • cubtex

          WAR? That is crazy that a player(whoever it is, not just Soriano) would be considered a negative or below a replacement player with 26 HR and 88 RBI. Do you know how stupid that sounds? I can’t believe anyone would follow this stuff.

          • Tony_Hall

            244 AVERAGE
            288 On BASE Pct

            Those are horrible numbers, to go along with his horrible defense still that year.

            I know you want everyone to forget the bad years of Soriano and just remember the 1st 2 years and the last 2 years, but those middle years were bad.

          • cubtex

            forget Soriano. I am talking about any player. It is complete idiocy to think that a player with over 25 HR’s and 88 RBI is a negative. Take Carlos Lee….even though he sucked as a defensive LF is not valuable to a team when he was the Astros most feared hitter in the lineup? You will never convince me a player like a DeJesus or Bogusevic could replace a bat like a Lee or Soriano. You cannot win like that. Take a look at the team the current team as evidence #1.

          • Tony_Hall


            No one is saying you can have a lineup full of DeJesus’s and win.


            But your middle of the order bats need to get on base more than 288 and need to be close to league average on defense or they need to hit more than 26 HR’s.

          • cubtex

            Try a little de-caf there Tony. I guess Brandon Phillips is a negative since he doesn’t have a high OBP. He only hits when runners are on base. You need to stop looking at computers and watch the game. You can learn a lot by how pitchers pitch to certain hitters. You can see who the feared hitters are and who the good ones are by watching.

          • Tony_Hall

            2009 – 329
            2010 – 332
            2011 – 353!!!!!
            2012 – 321
            2013 – 310

            He had OBP #’s Soriano could only dream about. Phillips is in his declining years. Wouldn’t want to sign him for 4 or 5 years. But this is what happens when players are 32.

          • cubtex

            If Soriano is declining….I hope Rizzo starts declining like that next year and the next several years!

          • Tony_Hall

            Soriano seems to have found the fountain of youth… age 36 and 37.

          • Ripsnorter1

            And check our Mr. Marlon Byrd…best year ever at age 35…
            that fountain of youth is called..>PEDS.

  • Dorasaga

    Now, what’s wrong with Logan?

    • cubtex

      He’s on the Josh Vitters plan. Play 1 game and sit for 6.Be relegated for pinch hitting duty. It is very very difficult to have success being handled this way.

      • 07GreyDigger

        This is a thing that makes me mad Tex. You say I always defend the FO, here’s one thing I won’t. Barney won a gold glove. Great. But Barney is hitting .217. Why wouldn’t you let Watkins get a look? Stupid.

        • Tony_Hall

          I agree. Watkins should be starting against RH’s and Barney against LH’s. That is a possibility for next year to start the year.

      • Tony_Hall

        Just because a player gets called up does not mean they have to play everyday for it to be good. Sometimes players just need to get some time around the major leagues, players and coaches and it will benefit them in the future, when they come up for good.

        Now, with that said, I would like to see Watkins play.

      • Theboardrider

        That is horrible. Why do they do that to young players? If I were Logan I’d go into Sveum’s office and ask to go back down where I can play. Total mismanagement.

        • Theboardrider

          But then again who am I to second guess a big league manager? I suppose there are worse places to learn then a MLB clubhouse.

    • Neil
  • Neil

    Sveum is ejected from the game in the first inning

  • Bredstik

    Looks like Puig was pulled from the game.

    • paulcatanese

      Anyone know the reason? I suspect he was mouthing off in the dugout, something to the effect of “how dare anyone challenge my checked swing?”.

      • paulcatanese

        I saw the reason Puig was pulled in the highlights, nothing further needs to be said except the guy is a true hot dog.

  • Dorasaga

    Time for RALLY CAP!

    • Dorasaga

      Oh well, it’s just another 96 mph moving fastball to end the game, for crying out loud…

      • cubtex

        Kenley Jansen is a stud! Would love to have a closer like that when the team starts to win.

  • Neil

    Cubs lost 4-0 to Dodgers on Wednesday afternoon – Edwin Jackson:
    4R, 2ER, 6H, 2BB, 5K in 6.2 IP (124 pitches, 81 strikes)

    Welington Castillo: 2-3,
    2B; Anthony Rizzo: 1-4; Starlin Castro: 0-3, BB; #Cubs offense: 0R, 3H, 2BB, 14K

    • Cloydtex

      Jeez look at that team line…3H, 2BB, 14K.

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