Rambling About the Cubs As the Dog Days Fade Away

Hello again, everybody, and a good Friday morning to each and every one of you.  September starts on Sunday, and mercifully, the 2013 Cubs campaign will come to an end in about five weeks.  It has ended up as another frustrating season for the Northsiders, but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting a little bit bigger and a little bit brighter.

So, with that, let’s do some rambling.

  • It has been a rough year, but every cloud has a silver lining, and Travis Wood has to be one of those.   Even after some rough starts, he is still sporting a 3.09 ERA.
  • Speaking of silver linings, she may be gone from our beloved town, but Ms. DeJesus will be running around the world in revealing clothing for the next nine months.  So that is cool.
  • Oh, wait? That is actually a real TV show? Not a bad idea at all. Next thing, they will have people running around naked on some deserted island trying to survive.
  • And back to baseball … really happy to see what Pedro Strop has brought the table.  If the Cubs really get ANYTHING from the Feldman deal, it is gravy.
  • Speaking of the trade, I truly believe Arietta will greatly benefit from an offseason of consistent work with Bosio. The skill is there, and I believe Bosio has proven to be very good at his trade.
  • Rusin has started eight games and has a sub-3 ERA. I know it is only eight games, but everyone had the same “wait and see” reaction to Travis Wood.
  • Fine, you’re right, we all still have a “wait and see” reaction to Travis Wood.
  • Alfonso Soriano is now the greatest baseball player to walk the face of the planet.  What he has done as a Yankee in the past month proves he is the GOAT.
  • Read what people have been saying lately about Sori, and think back to what just about everyone was saying two years ago.  If people do not think the current Cubs coaching staff is pretty darn decent … well, I can’t help you then.
  • Every player in the Cubs’ system is destined for super stardom, because every prospect always fulfills his projections.
  • Players shouldn’t be allowed to develop; they just have to produce form day one!  I mean, come one.  Immediate results are necessary.
  • And if they do not produce after 50 at-bats, they should be considered busts.  No one ever surpasses his minor-league numbers, no one.  Not even Hall-Of-Fame second basemen who manage the Philadelphia Phillies.
  • Classy move by Brandon Phillips the other night. Or the exact opposite. And I only saw a portion, so this may be unfair, but it appeared Dusty was laughing. Never thought I would root for the Pirates.
  • I know there is a great deal of concern about Anthony Rizzo’s season, but I take solace in Eric Hosmer.
  • Eric Hosmer came up and raked for four months his rookie campaign, and then had a “sophomore slump.”  It happens.  He is currently batting .294.  He hit .232 last season.
  • Rizzo’s first four months and following sophomore season pretty much mirror Hosmer’s, but Rizzo’s second season will actually be more productive with more homers and RBI. Sometimes it just takes time.
  • The “sophomore slump” has been around in sports for years. I will give The ‘Riz a pass right now and hold judgment for another 12 months.
  • However, I wish the “Senior Slide” could apply to Castro right about now because I am not feeling good on this topic. Let’s hope we can simply chalk it up to a down year.
  • No better way to end this rant … And speaking of second basemen who manage the Philadelphia Phillies … from all of us at Chicago Cubs Online:
  • Welcome Home, Ryno!

That is all I have for you on this glorious Friday morning.  I wish each and every one of you a happy, festive and safe Labor Day weekend.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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